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									                     Blaine Boys & Girls Club
                  Sports Sponsorship Program
 Sponsor name: __________________________________________________

 Contact person: _________________________________________________

 Address: ________________________________ City: ___________________

 State: ________ Zip: ________ Phone # : _____________________________

 Email address: ____________________________________________________

 Authorized Signature: ______________________________________________

             Sponsorship                                              Payment
____ $500 Team Sponsorship Tackle               ____ Check payable to Blaine Boys & Girls Club
      Football 2009                                     ____ Charge my Credit Card

____ $250 Team Sponsorship                        Card # ________________________________
      Flag Football 2009                                     Exp: ______/______

____ $250 Team Sponsorship                        Signature: _____________________________
      Basketball 2009/2010

 As Boys & Girls Club sponsor you will receive the following:   Send payment to:
    Receipt for tax-deductible donation                         Blaine Boys & Girls Club
    Sponsor name on team shirts                                 635 8th Street
    Sponsor name on game and picture schedules                  Blaine, WA. 98230
    Special Sponsor plaque with team picture
    Sponsor name in Bellingham Herald, Record-Journal, The Northern Light, and on

      Note to sponsors: Parents/Guardians of Boys & Girls Club members have agreed to hold the
     Boys & Girls Clubs of Whatcom County, its agents, employees and officials, while acting within
       the scope of their duties, not responsible for all causes of actions, demands and claims.

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