PFI Street Lighting bidding round conference by lpe53845


									               3rd Street Lighting PFI Bidding Round

                              9 October 2009

RHH & Conference Centre, Greycoat Street, London SW1P 2QD
10.00   Registration and Coffee

10.30   Opening remarks
              Purpose of the day
              Street lighting programme aims

        Mostaque Ahmed, Divisional Manager Regional and Local Major
        Projects, DfT

10.40   Authority benefits
              Operational delivery
              Benefits realisation and authority expectations

        Malcolm Dawson, Stoke MBC

11.00   Delivering a high quality Expression of Interest
              Key submission issues
              Evaluation methodology
              Programme timetable

        Jens Reinke, Street Lighting PFI Programme Manager, DfT

11.20   Questions for the Panel

        Malcolm Dawson, Mostaque Ahmed & Jens Reinke

11.35   Coffee

11.50   The procurement process in action
              How the procurement process works in practice
              Issues to consider on Joint Procurements

        Rob Dawson, Oldham and Rochdale Project Manager

12.10   Support for Local Authorities
              Sector procurement pack
              Project support, Training, Network Groups and Gateway Reviews
              Key factors for success

        John Reed, Transport Sector Manager, Local Partnerships
12.30   PFI market developments
              PFI Credit system
              PFI Support Guide

        Simon Oliver, Local Government PFI policy, DCLG

12.50   Questions for the panel

        Rob Dawson, Simon Oliver & John Reed

13.05   Lunch

13.50   The Contractor perspective
              Project readiness
              Standard setting and effective bids

        Vincent Ladougne, PFI & Development Director, David Webster

14.10   Sustainable development
              EU standards
              Technological issues

        Jens Reinke, Street Lighting PFI Programme Manager, DfT

14.20   New DfT guidance on economic appraisal
              Introduction to MOSLAR changes

        Steve Grayson, Transport Economic Appraisal, DfT

14.35   DfT project assurance and approvals
              Street Lighting PFI market
              DfT process and approvals
              Project Review Group (PRG)

        Colin Goodwillie, Corporate Finance, DfT

14.50   Questions for the panel

        Colin Goodwillie, Steve Grayson, Vincent Ladougne & Jens Reinke

15.05   Closing Remarks
        Mostaque Ahmed, Divisional Manager Regional and Local Major
        Projects, DfT
          Today’s presentations and delegate list will be displayed on the DfT
          web site following the seminar: Please access this information at:

Information sources and contact points

Department for Transport

     1)       Street Lighting Stage 1 Value for Money Assessment
     2)       New approach to appraisal             ( )
     3)       Programme comparative data

     Contact:        Jens Reinke, Regional and Local Major Projects,
                     Department for Transport, 3/16 Great Minster House, 76
                     Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DR

                     Tel: 020 7944 6344

Department for Communities and Local Government

             Programme comparative data

HM Treasury

     1)   PRG Process and Code of practice (

Local Partnerships (joint venture of the 4ps and Partnerships UK)

     1) Project advice, training and street lighting network group
     2) Gateway Reviews
     3) Joint Procurement or Procuring Jointly
     4) Street Lighting Procurement Pack
Contact:   John Reed, Local Partnerships

           Layden House, 76-86 Turnmill Street, London EC1M

           Mobile Tel: 07771 590 860

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