Layout Template of the Contribution Abstract by mimama


									           Layout Template of the Contribution Abstract
                        To the Congress
                          A. Authora, B. Authorb, C. Authorc
                                   Institution a, Address a
                         Institution b, Address b, e-mail address
                                   Institution c, Address c

       The proceedings book will contain program and abstracts, and will be
distributed at the Congress to all registered participants.
       Authors must send an e-mail to, with the preferred
presentation, oral or poster, and the scientific sessions. Attach the file A.Author.rtf,
with the abstract in Italian or in English.
       The deadline for oral submission is April 30, 2005. The deadline for poster
submission is April 30, 2005, or May 8, 2005, if an attendance grant is required or
not, respectively. If necessary, the Scientific Committee will select the oral
       The abstract can include tables, figures, acknowledgments, and references.
Figures must be in black and white. The full length cannot exceed one B5 page,
182x257 mm2, with a blank margin of 2.5 cm at least, on all four sides of the page.
The font is Times New Roman, size 14 for the title, and size 11 for the authors and
the text. Title and authors are in bold, and the presenting author is underlined. The
spacing between lines is 1.

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