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									Information Systems Administrator
       Position Description
          NSW newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service
                             JOB DESCRIPTION PROFILE
Information Systems Administrator

Selection Criteria:

   • A superior working knowledge of IT activities, including Microsoft
     Windows Operating Systems, Local Area Networks, TCP/IP networking
     in a small but complex environment and detailed understanding of the
     configuration and operation of Microsoft server products.
   • Degree in computer science or relevant industry qualifications such as
     MCSE, CCA, CNE, Projects
   • Advanced knowledge of Novell Netware, Groupwise, Microsoft
     Exchange 2003, Windows 2000/2003 Server, including Active
     Directory, WINS, DNS, DHCP and Group Policies.
   • Advanced knowledge of Citrix MetaFrame XP/3.0; including Web
     interface and Secure Gateway.
   • Intermediate knowledge of application re-packaging using WISE and
     Visual Studio.
   • The ability to implement a disaster recovery plan and develop a
     business continuity plan
   • Develop and manage a robust data backup and retention strategy
   • Ability to write VB scripts, HTML pages.
   • Able to manage Cisco routers, Firewall knowledge of Checkpoint, ISA
   • Exceptional customer service orientation — able to identify and
     understand client needs and ensure a result to client’s requests. Able
     to quickly build rapport with clients.
   • Good verbal and written communication skills — skill in gathering client
     requirements and the ability to write user-friendly documentation. The
     ability to translate technical IT concepts and issues for clients.
   • Excellent analytical and organizational skills — ability to plan and
     achieve a variety of tasks. Able to set priorities for client requests and
     deal with a number of issues concurrently.
   • Good problem-solving skills — ability to identify problems and their
     cause and develop solutions to meet client needs.
   • Teamwork — possessing a good team spirit and demonstrating self-
     management and flexibility in taking on new challenges.

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                       Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006
  • Extensive experience in the analysis, planning, design, implementation
      & monitoring of data communications LANs in a complex organization.
  • Ability to prepare submissions, business cases & technical reports.
  • Knowledge of MS 2003 product suite; including Active Directory,
      Outlook 2003, Word, Excel, PowerPoint server installations.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Operation Manager (MOM)
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft ISA 2000, SharePoint
  • Previous experience in the migration from:
         o NetWare to Windows Server 2003
         o Windows NT/2000 to Windows Server 2003
  • Knowledge of Citrix Presentation Server
  • Able to manage email services and web-hosting servers.
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with VB and .NET
  • Able to manage service continuity and disaster-recovery processes.

Responsible to:
     State Medical Director of NETS or delegate

Wages and Conditions:
     Health Employees’ Computer Staff (State) Award: Computer Manager
     Grade 2)

Hours of Duty:
      38 hours (plus some on call)

Performance Review:
      Will be undertaken by the State Medical Director (or delegate) after the
      first three months of service; then annually or as required.

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                      Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006
'NETS' is the statewide clinical service for medical retrieval of critically ill
newborns, infants and children in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. NETS
sends life support and equipment and specialist teams to offer an ICU
standard of care in the referring hospital; and then moving the patient to a
hospital where definitive care can continue.
NETS services extend beyond patient transport in that NETS provides a point
of clinical triage for patients too sick for normal ambulance transfer between
hospitals. It connects clinicians in referring and receiving hospitals in a
telephone conference to discuss the best treatment and appropriateness of
transfer or retrieval. This extends to obstetric cases when maternal transfer no
longer seems possible and a neonatal retrieval is inevitable.

The Information Systems Administrator is responsible for the PC LAN
administration at NETS, support of remote users and development of IT
infrastructure based at NETS. This includes NETS’ users and clinical users of
the services of NETS across more than 200 health facilities. Various unique
services are supported by the LAN, including IP-based conference bridging
and voice recording servers. Responsibility also includes the overall
management of the design and implementation of: SMS gateway, statewide
contact management, clinical databases, image processing and remote
access. The Information Systems Administrator is responsible for the
administration of users on all PC and communication systems, including
troubleshooting any PC system hardware and software issues.
A high level of autonomy is expected since this is currently a solo role. In
order to meet the objectives of the position, some tasks will be out-sourced
(eg. web-side development) and this process will need supervision and tasks
will need to be integrated into the NETS infrastructure.
The position includes timely preparation of business cases and, where
necessary, tender documents, for development of services in TeleMedicine,
clinical data sharing between health facilities and portable information
There are interactions with IT services at central, Area, regional and individual
health service level which require leadership by the person in this role. An
ability to develop, document and advocate for proposals for new IT policy and
strategic planning is required.
The position also includes supervision and management of additional
information technology staff employed at or contracted to NETS and other
duties as specified.

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                       Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006

                  1. Information Technology Administration

1.1 Install, test and maintain multiple PC server hardware and operating
1.2 Develop and maintain backup, data recovery and integrity procedures.
1.3 Develop and maintain Disaster Recovery Procedures and ensure 100%
    server availability.
1.4 Develop, maintain and implement efficient and up-to-date system
    management techniques.
1.5 Develop and/or select specialized software. Work with third party
    suppliers to adapt off-the-shelf products to NETS’ specialised needs.
1.6 Set up and maintain users on network with the appropriate user and file
1.7   Establish and maintain wireless connectivity for internal and external
1.8 Manage the development of an integrated DBMS solution for NETS and
    its client network.
1.9 Install and test new and updated PC client connectivity and application
    software, as required.
1.10 Monitor system usage and performance, and maintain PC server
1.11 Investigate and implement new PC server products.
1.12 Provide advice on PC server issues, as required.
1.13 Work with NETS Biomedical Engineering support and maintain aspects
     of communications systems not covered by manufacturers’ contract.
1.14 Document and keep up to date all system procedures.

         2. Systems software administration/production services

2.1   Maintain an inventory and failure log of devices (PCs, servers, hand-
      held devices, PC-phones, other PC-connected devices and printers.
2.2 Coordinate repairs to information devices
2.3 Write and maintain user batch processes on the information systems.
2.4 Install and upgrade applications and packages.
2.5 Complete migration from Novell to Microsoft server environment.

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                       Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006
2.6 Pending completion of migration, update the NDS tree with new objects
    such as users, printer–related objects, etc.

                             3. Help desk/Client liaison

3.1 Telephone & email support complementing third party suppliers’ service
3.2 Develop self-directed packages to educate and inform users.
3.3 Recommend new technologies, as appropriate, to the service.
3.4 Undertake additional responsibilities within the information systems area
    as directed by the State Director, including applications analysis,
    systems administration and support/training activities.

                                        4. Teamwork

4.1 Assist other technical staff by providing IT–specific advice on biomedical
    and communications issues.
4.2 Collaborate with other technical services at NETS and NETS
    management in the development of new processes to improve the
    performance and effectiveness of the organization.

              5. Strategic planning and policy development

5.1 Develop strategies for innovative and targeted IT solutions to improve the
    effectiveness and efficiency of the NETS’ process within the larger
    statewide network of clinical care.
5.2 Document and present IT policy development and planning strategies to
   assist networked acute care.
5.3 Act as an advocate for appropriate, high-level solutions to complex needs.

                       6. Occupational Health and Safety

6.1 Demonstrate commitment to Health and Safety through personal
6.2 Maintain safety of self and others avoiding risks and cooperating with
6.3 Follow manager/supervisor’s reasonable instructions concerning health
    and safety in the workplace.
6.4 Participate in Health and Safety education and training.
6.5 Report any workplace hazards.

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                      Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006
6.6 Be actively involved in hazard identification, assessment and control
6.7 Develop an understanding as well as participate in the Numerical Profile
    of NETS.
6.8 Use safe operating procedures and material safety data sheets.

                   General Organisational Responsibilities

1.   I will comply with the policies and procedures as determined or varied
     from time to time by NETS and the Sydney West Area Health Service
     (SWAHS). These policies and procedures are set out in the NETS Policy
     Manuals and the SWAHS Human Resource Manual.
     It is my responsibility to keep up to date and seek information regarding
     NETS and SWAHS policies and procedures.
2.   I agree to comply with SWAHS policy in respect to Code of Conduct.
3.   SWAHS has a smoke free work place policy. I agree to adhere to this
4.   I will not at any time, except as may be required by law, either during my
     employment with the SWAHS or after my termination of employment,
     however so caused, disclose or use, other than in the proper
     performance of my duties, or with the prior written consent of SWAHS
     any confidential information belonging to, or concerning the business of
     SWAHS, its staff and customers or any related bodies corporate or
     affiliated entities, or its or their affairs which is acquired by me during my
     Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, any information
     (written, electronically conveyed or oral) of a professional, operational,
     technical, financial or personal nature which is not publicly available,
     except by breach of this agreement.
5.   It is a condition of my employment that I must not, without authority,
     directly or indirectly state that I am representing the SWAHS or its
     position in respect of any matter. Furthermore I must not directly or
     indirectly engage in any behaviour or activity which could by association
     cause the SWAHS public embarrassment, or bring SWAHS’ reputation
     into disrepute.
6.   SWAHS has an equal Employment Opportunity work place policy. I
     agree to adhere to this policy in the day-to-day conduct of personnel
     related duties.
7.   I agree to undertake an annual performance review.
8.   I agree to adhere to the Anti Discrimination Act in matters relating to
     relationships with patients, visitors and staff.

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                       Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006
9.   I agree to comply with the Infection Control and Occupational Health &
     Safety policies and practices of the SWAHS, as outlined in the
     respective resource manuals.
10. I agree to comply with the Uniform Policy of NETS & SWAHS.
As occupant of this position, I have noted this Position Description and agree
with the contents therein. I understand that other duties may be directed from
time to time and that I may be required to work in any area under the
jurisdiction of the Board of Directors of Sydney West Area Health Service.
I also agree to support the maintenance of the policies of the Sydney West
Area Health Service, the Department of Health and appropriate Legislation
and Statutory Regulation including the Service’s policy on confidentiality of
patient information or such other sensitive or confidential information that I
may come across in the course of my employment.
I have explained the duties and responsibilities of this position to this

State Director                                                                   Date

I have read this position description and I understand its requirements
and agree to fulfil its functions and responsibilities as outlined.

Please Print Name Here                                                           Date

Employee’s Signature                                                             Date

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                      Reviewed November 2005, Review due November 2006

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