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					Pre-qualification of panel for Regen SW sustainable
energy research projects
1. Introduction
Regen SW, the sustainable energy agency for the south west of England, is inviting
expressions of interest from consultancies to join a panel of approved firms for sustainable
energy research projects.

Initially, the panel will be invited to tender for a project to explore new drivers of demand in
the market for energy efficiency products and services in the south west. It is envisaged that
this project will take place from November 2008 to mid-January 2009.

Prequalification onto the panel would also enable consultancies to tender for future projects
let by Regen SW that involve researching the economic, strategic or policy context of the
energy efficiency and renewable energy sectors in the south west. Membership of the panel
formed through this prequalification process would be intended to stand for two years.
Regen SW reserves the right to undertake an earlier review of organisations’ membership.
The panel would not be prequalified for technical projects arising during this time. Technical
projects will be commissioned through a separate tender process.

2. Background
Regen SW is core funded by the South West Regional Development Agency (South West
RDA). Until April 2008, Regen SW focussed on supporting renewable energy in the south
west, but since then its remit has extended to include providing business support to the
energy efficiency sector and championing energy-demand-reduction initiatives in the region.
It helps develop all aspects of the sustainable energy industry in the south west by giving
independent advice to decision makers; acting as a sounding board for developers;
supporting demonstrator projects across a range of technologies at both micro and utility
scale; and stimulating an informed public debate about sustainable energy.

3. Draft scope of initial energy efficiency project
In 2008 Regen SW commissioned a study that estimated the size of the region’s renewable
energy and energy efficiency sub-sectors in terms of fulltime employees and gross value
added1. We are now looking to commission consultancy work that will help us understand
the energy efficiency sector in greater depth.

This initial energy efficiency project will be designed with two main objectives:

    1. Identify and analyse the drivers of demand in the energy efficiency market in the
       south west.

    2. Explore the opportunities for south west based suppliers to respond to emerging
       demand within the energy efficiency market.

Potential tasks

Further specification of the tasks involved will take place as the full project brief is developed
and before the panel is invited to submit tenders. At present the following key tasks are
likely to be included within the project brief:

Task 1: Through a research and interview approach, analyse the current demand for energy
efficiency products and services; the main drivers of growth in demand; and the potential
size of the resulting growth in demand. Interviews should capture the views of a
representative cross-sector sample of large energy using firms in the south west firms.

Task 2: Through analysis of the procurement processes and contracting arrangements of
energy users and investigation of the role of intermediary advisory firms, explore the
potential for south west energy efficiency firms to meet the demand created by the
significant, new drivers identified in task 1.

Outputs and timescales

The outputs of tasks 1 and 2 should be presented through a concise report that is suitable
for publication and includes a two page executive summary. It is anticipated that this project
will begin mid-November 2008 with the final report expected for mid-January 2009. The
report will be used by Regen SW as the basis for an event for energy efficiency businesses
in February 2009.

 The Economic Contribution of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Sectors in the South
West of England, DTZ, April 2008. Downloadable from

4. Information required to support expressions of interest
If you wish to submit an expression of interest for prequalification to the panel, please supply
the following information:
1. Details of your firm
    a. Full name, address and website of your organisation
    b. Company/charity/other registration number
    c. Name, job title and contact details of lead contact
    d. A brief description of the services that the firm provides
    e. Details of the type of organisation (private limited company; partnership; UK public
       limited company, UK registered branch of overseas company; other)

2. Experience
    a. Up to six short CVs for staff typically involved in this type of work
    b. A minimum of five and maximum of ten brief descriptions of the firm’s experience on
       projects of a similar nature
   CVs and examples should demonstrate that the firm has experience of survey, interview
   and analysis work of both a quantitative and qualitative nature. Examples of particular
   knowledge looked for include an understanding of:
             energy efficiency issues
             renewable energy issues
             the energy efficiency and renewables markets in the south west
             government sustainable energy policy

3. References:
    a. Please give the following details for two referees:
              customer organisation and contact details
              date of contract commencement and completion
              a brief description of the contract

4. Completed questionnaire on organisation information and policies
    a. Please fill out the brief questionnaire attached as Appendix 1 and sign the
You don’t need to provide supporting documents, for example accounts, certificates,
statements or policies with this questionnaire; however, we may ask to see these documents
at a later stage in the process. Please answer every question. If the question does not apply
to you, please write N/A. If you don’t know the answer, please write N/K.
5. Evaluation of expressions of interest
Expressions of interest will be assessed according to the scoring system set out in the
evaluation matrix at Appendix 2.

The panel will be formed from the firms with the top five scores on the evaluation, provided
that they also score a minimum of 30 points and meet the additional requirements set out in
the questionnaire at Appendix 1.

6. Details for returning an expression of interest
If you wish to apply, please send your expression of interest and supporting documents
addressed to Hazel Evans by 27 October 2008 either by email or post at the address below.

Regen SW
The Innovation Centre
Rennes Drive
Exeter, Devon

For more information and hard copies of the information contact Hazel Evans on 01392 474
370 or

Please note: Regen SW will not enter into discussion with non-selected potential suppliers,
or justify its decision. Regen SW will provide feedback if requested. Potential suppliers are
deemed to have accepted these conditions by the act of submitting their expression of

Appendix 1: Questionnaire
4. Please provide concise answers to the following questions:

   a.   What was your organisation’s turnover for the last two years:

        2007-08: £

        2006-07: £

   b.   Has your organisation met all its obligations to pay its creditors and staff during the
        past year? (If no, please provide brief details.)


   c. Please supply the name, branch, address and contact details of your organisation’s
      bank (which should be authorised to provide a reference for your organisation if

   d.   What is your current level of insurance cover?

        Employer’s Liability: £

        Public Liability: £

   e.   Have you had any contracts terminated for poor performance in the last three
        years, or any contracts where damages have been claimed by the contracting
        authority? (If yes, please provide details.)


   f.   Does your organisation have a written health and safety at work policy? (If no,
        please explain why.)


g.     Does your organisation hold a recognised quality management certification, for
      example BS/EN/ISO 9000 or equivalent, or do you have an appropriate quality
      management system? (If no, please explain why.)


 h.    Does your organisation have a written equal opportunities policy, to avoid
       discrimination? (If no, please explain why.)


 i.    Does your organisation have an environmental management system? (Please
       give brief details.)


 j.    Please identify if any of the members of your organisation's personnel, who would
       potentially be directly involved in this work, have been employed by Regen SW?
       (If yes, when and in what capacity?)


 k.    Please identify if any of your organisation’s employees, who would potentially be
       directly involved in this work, are related to any Regen SW employed staff? (If
       yes, please give details.)


I declare that, to the best of my knowledge, the answers submitted in this prequalification
questionnaire and supporting documents are correct. I understand that the information
will be used in the evaluation process to assess my organisation’s suitability to be invited
to tender for Regen SW’s requirement.



Name, position and contact details:

Appendix 2: Evaluation matrix for assessing expressions of
Section   Scoring                                                                Section

1a-e      10 points will be given for organisations with key staff permanently     10
          located in the south west region.

          (See office and lead contact’s address. To view the boundaries of
          the south west region go to

          Other information in this section is for information only.

2a        Each CV will be scored out of 5 for relevant qualifications and          15

          Points will then be awarded as follows:

                2 points for each CV scoring 5 out of 5.

                1 point for each CV scoring 4 out of 5.

                0.5 points for each CV scoring 3 out of 5.

                0 points for each CV scoring 2 or under.

          An additional 0 to 3 points will be added to the total depending on
          the range of skills and knowledge demonstrated by the collection of
          CVs as a whole. (1 point for minimal combined skills and
          knowledge ranging to 3 points for a high range of combined skills
          and knowledge)

b         Each example of the firm’s experience of similar projects will be        25
          scored out of 5 for the relevance of the skills, knowledge and
          experience demonstrated.

          Points will then be awarded as follows:

                2 points for each example scoring 5 out of 5.

                1 point for each example scoring 4 out of 5.

                0.5 points for each example scoring 3 out of 5.

                0 points for each example scoring 2 or under.

          An additional 0 to 5 points will be added to the total depending on
          the range of skills and knowledge demonstrated by the collection of
          examples as a whole (1 point for minimal combined skills and

       knowledge, ranging to 5 points for a high range of combined skills
       and knowledge)

  3    Referees may be contacted in certain cases as part of the pre-         For info
       qualification process.

4a–c   Turnover and financial information will be used as appropriate to      For info
       confirm that the organisation has the capacity to take on tenders.

  4d   Insurance details will be used as appropriate to confirm that the      For info
       organisation has adequate coverage for tenders issued.

4e–i   These questions are answerable on a yes/no basis. Where                Pass/fail
       applicants give an answer that requires further details, the details
       provided must be judged to offer a satisfactory explanation as to
       why the organisation does not have the policy in place.

4j-k   These questions are designed to flag up any potential vested           Pass/fail
       interests occurring due to personal relationships; in cases where a
       relationship exists, further investigation will be undertaken to
       confirm whether a potential vested interest is present.


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