Being a good Committee Member
Whatever the organisation, certain skills are required by the committee members if they are
to play an active and meaningful role at committee meetings. To be an effective and good
committee member is not always easy. It requires commitment and skills that have to be
learned. What should be the attributes of a good member of a committee?

An effective committee member is:

1.      Regular in attendance at meetings - arrives punctually.

2.      Well-prepared. Arrives at meeting with agenda and relevant papers.

3.      Able to contribute to discussion in a relevant and constructive way.

4.      Well-briefed and well-informed about the various items on the agenda to be
        discussed. Prepared to take the lead occasionally on particular items on an agenda.
        An active, interested individual.

5.      Assertive without being aggressive, i.e. prepare to give an opinion / state a point of
        view without being 'domineering in the committee situation.

6.      Keeping in mind the ‘goals’ of the committee - keeping to the ‘formal’ agenda.

7.      ‘Supportive’ of the other members of the committee, in particular the Chair.

8.      Listening to all discussions during meeting and is attentive to all items on the
        agenda. Listening to views of others.

9.      Being prepared to take responsibility, be involved, serve on sub committees etc.

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