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					Antenatal care                                                                Antenatal visits
                                                                              Recent research has shown that a reduced number of antenatal checks is
                                                                              safe. It enables staff to spend more time with women who are having
Antenatal care is flexible to suit your needs. The options of care during     problems. Your midwife, GP or obstetrician may ask you to visit more
pregnancy and labour are:                                                     often. Please make extra appointments to see your GP or community
                                                                              midwife if you are concerned about your pregnancy at all. Before 20 weeks
Community-led care                                                            you should contact your GP for advice.
You can choose to have all your antenatal care with your general
practitioner (GP) and community midwife. However, it is not advised if you    Please contact your GP/midwife as soon as possible about the
have a medical condition, e.g. diabetes or epilepsy, or you had problems      following:
in previous pregnancies or labours. Transfer to consultant-led care may be
advised if problems arise at any time.                                        • Headaches.

                                                                              • Visual disturbances (flashing lights).
Consultant-led care                                                           • Feeling unwell.
Consultant-led care is advised if you have a medical condition, e.g.
diabetes or epilepsy or you had problems in previous pregnancies or
                                                                              • If you have contact with German measles or chickenpox.
labours. Even if not, you can still ask to see a consultant at any stage of
your pregnancy. You would normally be asked to see the consultant at
                                                                              • Excessive ankle swelling.
least twice during your pregnancy.
                                                                              • Discomfort passing urine.

GP only care                                                                  After 20 weeks please ring Delivery Suite about any of the following:
This is only offered by a few health centres or surgeries. Changes in GPs’
on-call arrangements mean that your own GP would be unlikely to be            • Unexpected pain.
available when you were in labour. Please ask your GP.
                                                                              • Vaginal bleeding.

Midwifery-led care                                                            • Fluid from the vagina.
An option of care provided by your midwife when GPs do not provide
antenatal care or when a woman has booked for a home birth without the        • If you are in labour.
support of a GP.
                                                                              • A reduction in the number of baby’s movements.

Home birth
If you would like to have your baby at home, please speak to your             Please contact the Antenatal Day Assessment Unit (ANDAU) if you
community midwife or GP. If your midwife or GP feels that a home birth is     are worried about your baby’s movements. Tel: 01535 292120.
not the safest option for you and your baby, you can ask to speak to a
Supervisor of Midwives. Please ring switchboard and ask for the               Please remember:
Supervisor on call.
                                                                              • Your midwife, GP or obstetrician may ask you to visit more often.
If you choose a home birth you still have use of the ambulance and            • You can make extra appointments to see your community midwife or
paramedic services, your GP and hospital facilities, if needed.                 GP if you are concerned at all.
The booking visit                                                                Please report to the reception desk in the Antenatal Clinic. An appointment
                                                                                 system operates and you will be seen according to appointment time and
This is usually the first antenatal visit you will have. You have a choice       not in order of arrival at clinic. It is important, therefore, that you try to keep
where this visit takes place. It is normally at your GP’s surgery or health      as close as possible to your appointment time.
centre. A home visit can be arranged if a need arises. The booking visit
may take up to an hour. A midwife will take time discussing and planning         It is also important that you bring with you the notes that your midwife has
antenatal care.                                                                  given you. All your care will be recorded in these notes.

                                                                                 Please make your next appointment at the reception desk before you
The midwife will explain the tests that will be offered to you in your           leave the clinic.
pregnancy, why they are done and how to get the results. If you need any
special tests (see page 6) they will also be explained and your permission       You will continue to have regular check-ups throughout the course of your
will be requested. These are some of the tests offered to all women:             pregnancy. These will occur either in the health centre/surgery or in your
                                                                                 home. Your GP or midwife or both will provide this care.

•   blood group, rhesus factor, antibodies and syphilis test;                    Future visits
•   full blood count (to check iron levels);                                     Please attend for antenatal visits as advised by your obstetrician, GP or
•   rubella antibodies (German measles);                                         midwife. If you cannot attend, please make another appointment and
•   fasting blood sugar level;                                                   inform the clinic, so that your appointment can be used and the staff know
•   hepatitis B;                                                                 how you are.
•   HIV;
•   haemoglobinopathies;                                                         Health advice for pregnancy
•   ultrasound scan at about 18-20 weeks.                                        Taking folic acid before pregnancy and during the first three months of
                                                                                 pregnancy helps reduce the risks of spina bifida. Please obtain a
                                                                                 prescription for folic acid 0.4mgs if you are not already taking it.
A detailed fetal anatomy scan is also offered and is best done at 18—20
weeks. It is a careful look at your baby’s head, spine, ribs and other           Detailed advice on food safety and a healthy diet will be given to you by
organs and is an estimation of the gestation (age) of your baby.                 your midwife.
Sometimes the scan may need repeating because of the way your baby is
lying or moving. You would be informed immediately of any problems               Do not take tablets or medicines in pregnancy before checking with your
detected.                                                                        GP, midwife, obstetrician or a pharmacist.

                                                                                 If you are healthy, moderate exercise in pregnancy is beneficial. Please
If you want more information about any tests, please speak to your               discuss this with your midwife, GP or obstetrician.
midwife, GP or obstetrician. After the booking visit you will be asked to
make your next appointment if you are under community-led care. An               To reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis in pregnancy use gloves to empty litter
appointment at the hospital or at a satellite antenatal clinic will be sent to   trays, avoid handling cat faeces, use gloves for gardening and do not
                                                                                 assist with lambing.
you if you are under consultant-led care.
                                                                                 Smoking in pregnancy

Consultant visits                                                                Smoking is harmful to you and your baby. If you or your partner need
Consultant clinics are held either in the antenatal clinic at Airedale or in     support to stop smoking, ask your midwife about the smoking cessation
satellite clinics at Keighley, Bingley, Ilkley, Skipton, Settle and Colne.       service.