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									                                            HOME-START MERTON
                                            227 Western Road, Merton Abbey, SW19 2QD
                                       Tel: 020 8646 6044 Mail: admin@homestartmerton.org

                                            REFERRAL FORM
 Please note that ALL referrals must be made with the consent of the family
 Have you discussed this referral with the family prior to completing this form? YES / NO
 This form will be held in confidence but may be shown to the family if requested.
 If a CAF has been completed would you please attach a copy to the referral form
FAMILY NAME:                                                                        Date:
Name of mother / partner                                                            Main carer YES / NO

Name of father / partner                                                            Main carer YES / NO
        ASIAN                   BLACK             CHINESE or other                     WHITE                 MIXED
                                                  ETHNIC GROUP
Indian                     Caribbean              Chinese                      British
Bangladeshi                African                                             Irish
Other Asian                Other Black            Any other Ethnic             Other White               Any mixed
background                 background             Group                        background                background
Please specify:            Please specify:        Please specify:              Please specify:           Please specify:

Registered Disabled: YES / NO
   Names of Children            Date of birth     Nursery / School      Sp. Needs        Reg. Dis.        Child Pro. Reg.
                                                                         Yes / No                            Yes / No
                                                                         Yes / No                            Yes / No
                                                                         Yes / No                            Yes / No
                                                                         Yes / No                            Yes / No
                                                                         Yes / No                            Yes / No
          Please note the family must have at least one child under the age of five years.
REFERRER:                                              AGENCY:

TELEPHONE:                                                        DATE OF REFERRAL:

Family Doctor:                                       Health Visitor:
Address & Telephone:                                 Address & Telephone:

Other Agencies Involved:
                                                                        PLEASE TURN OVER

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY                                                      FAMILY No:                  /
Date Coordinator visited and assessed:
Date volunteer matched/start of support                       Name of volunteer:
Date of vol. withdrawal:
Final closure date:           Code:                HV           Grp: Family/ Y.Mums/Fathers              MOS
               Home-Start Merton, a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No 5359862
           Registered Charity No. 1108937          Registered office: 227 Western Road, Merton Abbey, SW19 2QD
So that we can offer the family the most appropriate support, and match the most suitable volunteer, please complete the following. There is ‘no points system’,
i.e. we do not prioritise on number of outcome categories ticked. This information also helps us to evaluate the outcomes of our support.

I hope that Home-Start                  Tick if                           If you have ticked please tell us why this is a need
will help meet the needs              appropriate                                  and how it might be addressed
the family has in the
following areas:
Feeling isolated

Using other services /
facilities in the area

Parent(s) emotional health /
well- being

Parent(s) self-esteem

Parent(s) physical health /

Child(ren)’s physical health
/ well-being

Child(ren)’s emotional
health / well-being

Managing the child(ren)’s

Being involved in the
child(ren)’s development

Stress caused by conflict in
the family

The day to day running of
the house

Managing the household

Coping with the extra work
caused by multiple birth /
multiple children under 5
Other (please describe)

          Would you have any concerns about the personal safety of a visiting volunteer? Yes / No

Please add any background information which will be useful ( include any health problems, special needs,
any known violence, language difficulties, large animals)

                            Please return this form to The Home-Start Merton Office, address overleaf

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