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									SIB – Issue 423 – 07 July 2009
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All Schools selected for the TellUs4 survey – All Headteachers - For Action
(For those schools selected by 10 July 2009)

Tellus 4 Survey

If you are a selected school you will have been written to recently by NfER and DCSF (and
you may have been contacted by Julie or Michelle by phone). Additionally you should have
received a curriculum pack to support the TellUs work. The Tellus 4 Survey is designed to
gather the views of children and young people in years 6, 8 and 10 on their lives, their
schools and their local areas. The survey provides a really important source of data for
children and young people’s views and is used to inform and shape policy development
both at a local and national level.

The survey is due to be undertaken in the autumn. Nationally, insufficient schools have yet
signed up to meet the target sample for Tellus4. Rose Collinson and colleagues would
greatly appreciate it if selected schools were able to sign up - by 10 July – via the link
below. You will then be asked to enter the following information:
1. enter the number of pupils who will complete the survey in Oct/Nov 2009 and
2. select two additional questions from the Q bank if you wish to

You will receive anonymised results for children in your school as well as the anonymised
information that we will receive.

If you need any further advice or help, please contact: or

Your assistance is really appreciated in this matter.

Tellus4 portal:

All Schools – All Headteachers - For Action

Anti-Bullying Week

Information is now available about this year's anti-bullying week via the link below.

Child exploitation and online protection (CEOP) pages can be accessed from the
‘thinkyouknow’ website via the link below (basic advice on general cyber-safety).
Training on e-safety for staff and pupils is available from Well-Being Services, contact
Nicola Nash via email:
More information on Medway's anti-bullying strategy and action plan can be accessed via
the link below.

CEOP website:
Medway anti-bullying information:

All Schools – All Headteachers – For Action

‘Hot Weather’ Procedures’

Information on ‘hot weather’ procedures can be accessed via the link below. It is imperative
that schools prepare a hot weather plan should temperatures soar. The implementation of
additional measures may be required to control the effects caused on staff and pupils
through excessive heat exposure:

The guidance above includes a sample risk assessment and information on how to manage
pupils in hot weather.

Hot Weather information:

All Primary Schools - All Headteachers and Teachers - For Action

Summer Activities Booklet

Medway Council has led on coordinating an exciting programme of activities for children
and young people over the summer holidays. Previous feedback from parents about the
programme has been very positive. The action-packed booklets are currently being printed
for all primary children; delivery to schools will be completed before term finishes. Could
you please ensure that each of your pupils receives a booklet to take home for the summer.
The full list of activities can be accessed via the link below.

List of activities:

All Secondary Schools - All Heads of Year and SENCos - For Action

Summer Activities for Young People in Medway

Medway Council has led on coordinating an exciting programme of activities for children
and young people over the summer holidays. Previous feedback from young people about
the programme has been very positive. Regularly updated details of an action-packed
summer programme are available on Mixitonline and booklets will be available in youth
centres, leisure centres, libraries, museums, at country parks and through Connexions.
Please inform pupils to visit the website for further details using the link below.


All Schools – All Headteachers - For Action

Draft SEN Policy/Strategy

Medway LA wish to consult with schools on the draft SEN Policy/Strategy which has been
developed in partnership with a range of Heads, a Governor Representative, Health
colleagues and Local Authority Officers.

The LA recognise that there are still gaps including a clear costing of the plan. However, the
LA would be delighted to receive your views on:
    Additional Gaps
    Priorities
    General principles of the document
    Views on the specific actions
    Any way your school would wish to be more involved in ongoing SEN developments.

The document can be accessed via the link below to the Schools Forum under the Local
Authority Communications section.

Any comments should be returned to Rose Gardner either by post to Children and Adults -
Learning and Caring, Level 4, Gun Wharf, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR or e-mail by the 18 September 2009.

Draft SEN Policy/Strategy:

All Schools (with NQTs) – All Headteachers, Induction Tutors and Newly Qualified
Teachers - For Action by 13 July 2009

Newly Qualified Teacher Assessment Reports

Please note that the Summer Term deadline for completing Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT)
assessment reports is 13 July 2009. For most NQTs, ie. those who commenced full time
induction in September 2008, this means their third and final assessment report is due
Completed, signed and dated assessment reports must be returned before the end of term
marked FAO: Caroll Williams or Alan Stone, Children & Adults, Advisers Section, Gun
Wharf Level 4, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR or emailed to

Copies of the recently revised and updated assessment forms can be found on the
Council's website at the links below.

Information available at Schools Forum site:

All Schools – All Headteachers - For Information

Swine Flu Update

Whilst currently there have been no confirmed cases of swine flu in our own schools across
Medway, you will be aware that we have had some suspected cases of swine flu in schools
across Medway (and a confirmed case in a local private school), given below is the newly
agreed guidance between the PCT and the Health Protection Agency on what to do if you
have a suspected case and what to do if you should have a confirmed case within your

Suspected: "If a headteacher has only a suspected case they do not need to contact the
HPA. The child should obviously be kept at home but the HPA will contact the school if
there are any issues that require further action. Many of the suspected cases are
subsequently not confirmed and so no further action is necessary

Confirmed: If a headteacher has a confirmed case, the HPA will contact them if they need
to take any further action with respect to other children or the school as a whole. If the
Headteacher is concerned at this point they can ring the HPA and ask for advice."

Additionally, the HPA will provide Headteachers with a letter to parents and staff if they have
a case in their school, which becomes confirmed. This should help alleviate concerns from
staff or parents.

Please contact Julie Ince at Medway Council, tel: 01634 331114 or email if you have suspected cases or any other queries regarding this

Further useful information and websites and numbers are listed below.

Links and contact numbers:

Kent Health Protection Unit -01622 713059 or 0845 425 1757
NHS Direct 0845 4647

Swine Flu Symptom checker is available on:

For more information regarding Swine flu on NHS Choices

For Swine Flu Information leaflet from Dept of Health

For an update on Swine Flu

All Schools – All Bursars and Finance Officers – For Information

Monthly Accounting Reports for June

The monthly accounting reports for June can be accessed via the link below.

Accounting reports:

All Schools – All Staff - For Information

Bigfoot Theatre Company

Information on the latest workshops offered by the Bigfoot Theatre Company including
Change4life, Anti- Bullying and Black History Month can be accessed via the link below.

For more information, please contact Mark Waite, Director, Bigfoot Arts Education West
Kent Ltd. Tel: 0845 838 8828 or mobile: 07817 772409 or email mark@bigfoot-, or visit the website via the link below.


All Secondary Schools - All Staff - For Information

Youth Service Bulletin – Issue 34 (3 July 2009)

Issue 34 of the weekly Youth Service Bulletin (19 June 2009) can be accessed via the link

Issue 34:

All Infant, Junior and Primary Schools – All Headteachers – For Information

Marie Curie Cancer Care

Fancy getting your hands dirty? Marie Curie Cancer Care is inviting all children aged 3-11 to
get their hands dirty this autumn by growing their own daffodils for the charity’s Mini Pots of
Care fundraising activity.

Mini Pots of Care is a creative and educational project for schools and groups where
children can learn about science and nature as well as the work of the Marie Curie Nursing
Each child will receive their own pot and daffodil bulb to plant in the autumn term. The
children will then care for their flower over the winter months to reflect the work of Marie
Curie Nurses who provide free care to patients with terminal cancer and other illnesses in
their own homes.

In spring, when the daffodils bloom, the children have fun painting their pots before taking
them home to someone they care about in return for a small donation to help fund Marie
Curie Nurses. Free detailed lesson plans supporting Key Stages 1 and 2 of the National
Curriculum as well as activity resources for youth groups are available to download from the

Distribution and delivery of the kits to schools and groups is free of charge. Register by
August 31 and receive your free planting kit before the end of September. Further
information can be accessed via the link below or call 08700 340 040 to register.
Registrations for 2009/2010 close on 2 October 2009.


All Infant, Junior and Primary Schools - All Primary ICT Subject Leaders – For

The Medway Primary ICT Scheme of Work Toolkit

This Medway toolkit, written by a group of Medway primary ICT subject leaders, has been
created to support schools in strengthening the breadth, depth and progression in the ICT
curriculum across the primary phases. It provides support for delivering the curriculum from
Foundation Stage to transition units between Year 6 and Year 7.

The toolkit is divided into three sections: ‘Medway Primary ICT Scheme of Work Toolkit’
document (including curriculum map, progression sheets, units of work from Foundation
Stage to Year 6/7 transition, advice on level five and a user guide for the Medway ICT
tracker), Medway ICT Tracker and Resources folder.

You can download the entire toolkit, or sections of it, by clicking on the link below. This link
takes you to a 'Primary ICT' table, where you will find a row and link to the toolkit.

Medway Primary ICT Scheme of Work Toolkit:


All Infant and Primary Schools – All Infant and Primary Headteachers and Foundation
Stage Leaders – For Information

An Introduction to working in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Date: Friday 17 July 2009
Time: 9.00am -16.00pm
Venue: Professional Development Centre, Bligh Way Strood, ME7 2EW

This course is for Newly Qualified Teachers and experienced teachers new to/returning to
the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The course will:
    Develop practitioners understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage.
    Support practitioners to consider the key elements of an enabling environment.
    Sign post practitioners to further CPD opportunities offered by Medway Early Years
      and Childcare Learning and Support Team

To book a place please contact Kim Turner, tel: 01634 338529 or email


All Secondary Schools – All Science Technicians – For Information

Medway Triple Science Technicians Network - Biology Meeting

Date: Monday 13 July 2009
Time: 1.00pm – 3.00pm (lunch provided)
Venue: Rainham Mark Grammar School
Cost: No charge to Medway Schools [Cancellation fee applies]

Details and booking form available on the Medway Council website at the link below.

Details and booking form:

All Schools – All Staff – For Information

Prospects 492

Prospects 492:

All Schools – All Staff – For Information


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