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									Dry Shampoo – time saving hair care!

What do women want? Most individuals would agree that this is a million dollar question without remote
possibility of getting an answer. Today’s women want to feel good about themselves; they want to be
confident, smart and savvy. And along with it, they want to be beautiful. Beauty is not skin deep, it comes
from within, from the core. But modern women hardly have any time for themselves. Some would say that
sometimes they hardly find time to wash their hair. What you need is an instant solution. I suggest trying
the Label.m Dry Shampoo.

The shampoo creates a refreshing effect between the regular shampoos to get rid of the extra oil. As the
shampoo uses natural rice starch, it will give you a rejuvenating look and your hair will feel soft and
bouncy. Professional stylists have been responsible for this miracle product. Toni and Sascha Mascolo
who have been responsible for quite a few innovative hair formulations have invented this magic formula.
You now have the magic formula in your hands which will bring back your hair to life. And your lustrous
tresses will be your crowning glory literally.

Before using the shampoo, read the instructions carefully. Shake the contents well before using it. The
bottle should be held upright and should be kept 4-6 inches from dry hair. The shampoo should be
applied evenly taking special note of the roots of the hair. But be careful and see that the shampoo does
not enter the eyes or the clothes. If you possess beautiful tresses, you should know how to take care of it.
Like Della in Gift of the Magi, this is your most prized possession. Even poets have failed to find
adjectives for the cascading tresses.

Another product from the same line is the Label.m shine mist spray. You may apply it after the Label.m
Dry Shampoo. This works great for all types of hair. This resembles a weightless mist which adds to the
shine and luster of the hair. Moreover this mist spray is known to protect the hair from the damaging
effects of UV rays. Now you can feel the smooth silky softness of the hair. When you apply the mist hair,
you should put the can 10-12 inches away from dry or wet hair. The spray should be applied mainly on
mild lengths. You will fall in love with your hair again!

I feel Label.m does wonders to the hair and I recommend this brand to my clients. I’ll address more in my
next posts!

Melanie Adams Journalist/Writer at Rigona.com

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