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									                                 Wales NSTS User Group Meeting
                                         29th June 2005
                                     Broneirion, Llandinam


Dave Humphreys                       Mold BSC
Kate Ratcliffe                       Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust
Martin Gibson                        Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust
Peter Morrison                       Pontypool BSC
Carol Rivas                          Pontypool BSC
Sandra Williams                      BSC Swansea
Mike James                           Velindre NHS Trust
Pauline Owens                        Health Solutions Wales
Phil Walters                         Health Solutions Wales
Rachel O’Gorman                      Health Solutions Wales

Item                                                                                          Action

1.         Welcome and Apologies

           Dave Humphreys invited everyone to the meeting and asked for the list of
           apologies which were as follows:

           Joyce Gillane               Gemma Davies
           Judy Lewis                  Robert Jones
           Colin Beechey               Marjorie Narbett
           Nicola Morgan               John Howes
           Jeff Pye                    David Hawes
           Jan Macnamara
           Carina Berry
           Lisa Vipond
           Michelle Davies
           Sally Barnes
2/3        Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising

           Mike James informed the group that Velindre had not yet started batch tracing as
           the previous minutes had stated.

           Martin Gibson stated that what he was trying to say on the bottom of page 2 was
           that the whole RADiS database, was traced using Surname, Forename and DOB,
           and if there was a single match, then patients' NHS number was returned. This
           number could belong to someone else (subject to that single match) if:

           1. Part of the details was incorrect for that Welsh patient on RADiS or 2. The
           patient was not resident in Wales.

           The remainder of the minutes were agreed for accuracy.
4.         Interim Welsh Demographic Service

           Phil Walters stated that as the NSTS service is being decommissioned in 2007,
           Wales needs its own demographic service. The IWDS has been implemented to fill
           the void left by the loss of the NSTS.
     PW handed out a briefing for the user members and he took them through the
     objectives of the project. These included secure patient search mechanism and to
     engage representation of users for the process, a factor which PW believed was
     very important. A huge emphasis was also placed on maintaining data quality.

     PW informed the group that the next stage is to produce a detailed specification on
     which to base the final solution. He informed the group that there is no budget
     assigned to this project as of yet. The plan is to take the initial scope and take that
     as the first costing. We also have the service scope and MG will circulate that to        MG
     the rest of the group.

     PW informed the group that they have finished negotiating the framework and are
     now in a position to progress forward. There is a meeting in Leeds on the 11th July
     concerning how to connect to PDS. A point has now been reached where a
     technical approach will follow.

     PW informed the group that the issues lie with data quality. There were 24, 500
     patients who were on the Exeter system but who were not on the AR and 38,000
     patients who were deceased on Exeter but were still on the AR system. PW
     informed the group that all of these errors have now been corrected.

     KR asked PW why there is a need to have a Welsh PDS. PW informed her that the
     PDS is paid for by Connecting for Health (CfH) which is an English sponsor. We
     would not be able to dictate what we wanted on the PDS. It is an access control
     system. The main concern is that there would be no control over the quality of data
     on the PDS if it is someone else’s database. It would also be very expensive to join
     the system. He also informed the group that we run things differently here than in
     England, for example, screening services and this would not suit NHS Wales in the
     long run. The home countries still understand that we must share information with

     PW informed the group that the technicians have ideas about what to produce, but
     we need user influence to progress. MG said that the history is very important and
     he would like to see that on the new system. It was also mentioned that not all the
     latest postcode updates were reflected on the AR. PW stated that if the Exeter
     system has the latest postcodes on it, so they will be able to transfer that
     information across.

     PW also informed the group that the IHC has a grand vision for user access
     control. It will be a much improved and expanded access control system than we
     have had previously.
5.   Terms of Reference

     PO informed the group that the terms of reference were based on the National
     User Group. It was agreed that they need a complete overhaul. It was agreed that
     this could not take place today as there is a possibility that the AR user group and
     the NSTS may amalgamate. PW took this opportunity to suggest a combined
     group of the NSTS and AR should be called the “demographic user group.” PW
     suggested having a limited attendance of users; he believes that thirty people at a
     user group will be too large.

     It was agreed that PW should inform IHC that there was agreement at the NSTS
     meeting to merge the group with the AR and rename it the Demographic User                 PW
       PW is also to liaise with Barbara Morris concerning the merging of the AR and          PW
6.     ATOS SLA Report

       PO informed the group that there was no significant change. There has been a
       slight improvement. Targets are still not being met on queries or updates. She
       distributed the Atos Origin report.
6.b.   National User Group

       MG wanted to update everyone briefly on the National User Group which had not
       been included on the agenda. Sue Millard gave a presentation which stated that
       there were lots of data quality problems with PDS – the idea is to go back to NSTS
       and remedy these. There are discrepancies between the CR and NHAIS and GP’s
       which are out of date. There are the occasional discrepancies around dates of birth
       between NHAIS and Central Register (CR). It was agreed that NHAIS would be
       the one to follow.
7.     Reports from Around the Principality

       MJ informed the group that they are about to start batch tracing.

       Swansea has been using the NSTS. There were questions over who the delegated
       authority was. It was thought that Sally was. MJ will confirm this.                    MJ

       DH informed the group that North Wales were using it. He expressed concern that
       since changing computers there is a problem with logging back on, but thinks this
       may be a query for their technical people.

       Pontypool has been online and has a few users. The only problem that occurs is
       the login time, i.e. if a person is logged out prematurely, there is a twenty minute
       wait before they can log in again.

       David Hawes sent ROG an update via email which stated that the usage of NSTS
       has been extended throughout Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHST. The IT Software
       Development team continue to run batch traces for patients recorded on their PAS.
       Continued batch tracing, coupled with regular (daily) on-line tracing has enabled
       them to populate over 85% of records on their ENTIRE PAS with a valid NHS

       They now have 20 users using the NSTS on-line tracing service, with
       haematology, radiology and biochemistry the latest departments to take up the
       service in order to seek to reduce the number of duplicate entries on their own
       systems. Plans to extend the service into other areas within the Trust are also
       under discussion.
8.     Membership of the committee

       This discussion had taken place earlier in the meeting.
9.     Election of Chair

       It was decided that DH would remain the chair for now, until the decision regarding
       the “Demographic User Group” was resolved.
10.   AOB

      MG suggested that another member of the group should attend the National User
      Group meetings.
11.   Date of Next Meeting

      Wednesday 14th September 2005
14.   Date of Next Meeting

      14th September 2005

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