Thriving Healthy Sub-Group Chairs Meeting Minutes

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					                  Thriving Healthy Sub-Group Chairs Meeting Minutes
                              Committee Room 102, Hackney Town Hall
                                          8th May 2009
                                           10 – 12pm

Role          Name                         Role/ Representing                            Present       Apology
Chair         Lesley Mountford             Chair of Choosing health                             
                                           Implementation Group (CHIG)
Member        Jennie Negus                 Chair of Older People Sub Group                      
              Ann Saunders                 Chair of Learning Difficulties Sub-Group             
              Marian Goodrich              Chair of Mental Health Sub Group                     
              Mary Burkett                 Chair of People with Physical                                     
                                           Disabilities and/or Sensory Disabilities
                                           and Long-Term Illness Sub Group
In            John Knight                  Head of Options and Advice, Housing                  
Attendance                                 Needs, LBH
              James Palmer                 Head of Strategic Partnership                        
              Matthew Creamer              Partnership Support Officer, City and                
                                           Hackney PCT
              Ruth Murphy                  Graduate Trainee, Strategic Partnership              

Item    Item Discussed                                                                                Action
 1.     Welcome and Introductions
        Introductions were made and apologies conveyed.

 2.     Sub Group Review

        THCP Structure

        James Palmer presented an overview of key issues that had emerged from the
        review, in relation to the structure of the THCP sub-groups.

        There was confirmation from Chairs that the proposed Culture and Leisure Group              James
        should be established.                                                                      Palmer

        In light of the centrality of the Carer’s Group to the work of the partnership, there       Ruth Murphy/
        was general agreement that this group should become a formal sub group of                   Matthew
        Thriving Healthy and should be included in the sub-group review process.                    Creamer

        There was more uncertainty surrounding the future of the Vulnerable People
        Group. Whilst the Chairs agreed that the Vulnerable people Group had lacked
        focus in the past, the idea that the Core Strategy Group of the Supporting People
        Group could act as the formal sub-group to represent Vulnerable People was met
        with some concerns. Particularly, the CSG’s focus on housing and funding
        concerns were cited.

        It was noted that some groups, notable CHIG may have existing provision for some
        Vulnerable Groups. It was agreed that a mapping exercise of vulnerable groups
        and existing strategic provision should be undertaken before a decision can be
                                                                                                    Ruth Murphy/
        It was also agreed that a wider mapping activity was needed, in order to clarify the        (with Chairs)
        work streams below each sub-group. Also, as the role of lead officers was
        generally accepted as important to the workings of the sub groups, it was agreed
     that these would be identified where possible. It was agreed that this would be
     carried out and taken to the next sub-group chairs meeting.

     Resources for Sub Groups

     Concerns were raised about the level of funding available support roles within Sub     James
     Groups. James Palmer communicated that administrative support would be                 Palmer
     provided, although it is yet unclear how this would be divided between LBH and the

     Some chairs raised concerns that there also needed to be support beyond that of
     an administrative nature, but it was unclear where the funding for this would come     Lesley
     from. It was agreed that the issue of resources should be taken to the next Thriving   Mountford
     Healthy Board Meeting.

     Interaction between the Board and the Sub Groups
     A discussion ensued about the relationship between the Board and Sub-Groups.
     Concerns were raised about the THCPB having a top-down approach to the Sub-
     Groups. There was general agreement that there was a lack of symmetry between
     the priorities of the sub-groups and those of THCPB. Whilst it was accepted that
     the work of the sub-groups needs to reflect the themes fed down from THCPB, it
     was also agreed that each group had additional, often user-led focuses over and
     above these themes.

     It was suggested, and generally agreed, that communication between the sub
     groups and the Board needs to be improved and one of the key ways that this can
     be achieved is through individual reporting at the sub-group chairs meeting and
     subsequent feedback to the Board. It was agreed that a summary of THCPB
     meetings should also be provided to the chairs.

     Terms of Reference for Sub Groups
     These were accepted as appropriate and Chairs agreed that these should be              Ruth Murphy/
     incorporated into the existing Terms of Reference as part of the sub group review      Matthew
     process.                                                                               Creamer
                                                                                            (with Chairs)
3.   Sub-Group Updates

     Each sub-group chair present gave an update about their current work.

     It was agreed that these updates will be summarised in a separate paper which will     Ruth Murphy/
     be taken to the next Thriving Healthy Communities Board meeting following              Matthew
     approval from each Chair.                                                              Creamer

4.   Thriving Healthy Communities Board

     Update from March meeting
     James Palmer gave a brief update from the THCP Board March meeting. The
     meeting was the first meeting following the reviewed membership. Topics
     discussed in the March meeting included the Safeguarding Adults Committee, the
     Skills for Employment Strategy and the Sustainable Community Strategy.

     Key Issues to take to the next THCPB meeting
     It was agreed that the following key issues should be taken to the next Thriving       Lesley
     Healthy Communities Partnership Board meeting in June:                                 Mountford

           Sub Group Review: A progress update on the review will be presented to
    the Board. This will include the themes discussed above, particularly the
    flow of priorities between the sub-groups and the Board. The issue of
    resources (particularly in terms of lead officer support) will also be raised.
   Sub Group Updates: A summary of the current activity of each sub-group
    will be given, with the supporting paper discussed above.
   Flu Pandemic Planning: Given the recent outbreaks of Swine Flu, it was
    agreed that this issue should be taken to THCPB.

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