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Shropshire Mammal Group invitees

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									                Shropshire Mammal Group meeting
                    Inaugural meeting on 16th March 2009 at The Shirehall, Abbey
                                 Foregate, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ND.
                                         19:30 until 21:20

Provisional chair: John Mackintosh

Alan Reid; Allan Dawes; Caroline Uff; Malcolm Monie; Pete Boardman; Tammy Stretton; Helen
Trotman; Peter Boardman

1.     Remit for the group.
       a) Species/groups to be covered
       It was agreed that all mammals would be covered. Joint meetings can be
       held with the Bat Group and with other groups such as the Water Vole group
       and Badger Group. This arrangement seems to well in Staffordshire.

       b) Officers and Membership - casual or formal?
       A formal structure for the group seemed to be the preferred option. The Bat
       Group have benefited from a more formal set up. Staffordshire have a more
       informal set up which works well for them. Staffordshire Mammal Group has
       in the region of 120 individuals on their mailing list.

       Action: John Mackintosh – produce a draft constitution for the group,
       perhaps using standard examples available.

       c) Funding & publicity
       A small membership fee was thought to be important to help define the
       ‘membership’, to provide a level of commitment, and to help cover minor
       costs of the group.

       Affiliation to The Mammal Society would include some public liability insurance

       Action: John Mackintosh - Details of membership fee and publicity to
       be raised as an agenda item at the next meeting.

       d) Position on various issues, e.g. welfare, hunting, reintroductions
       It was felt that the group should provide scientific advice only and not get
       drawn into developing public position statements on issues such as hunting or
       control of pest species. The Mammal Society has statements available on its
       web site that could be used or modified if deemed necessary
       []. Staffordshire reported that this
       problem is rarely encountered but specific people could be identified in the
       group as ‘experts’ for any press enquiries – they could also ensure that any
       publicity mentions the need for records from the public.

2.     Relationship with other organisations.
       a) Local groups and organisations, e.g. Shropshire Bat Group,
       Whitchurch community Water vole Project, Shropshire Wildlife Trust
       or SCC (or unitrary authority!).
       Dan Wrench offered the support of the Shropshire Biodiversity Partnership
     and the Shropshire Ecological Data Network. This support could be in the
     form of:
          Meeting room provision
          Assistance with publicity – both to public and within the Shropshire
            biodiversity community
          Maintenance (but not authorship) of the Mammal Group web site on
            the Natural Shropshire web site
          Addition of species records to the Natural Shropshire web maps or
            training to do so
          Assistance with funding bids
     Action: Dan Wrench – provide training on updating Mammal Group
     web site on Natural Shropshire ( to
     allow an ‘editor’ to update the site.

     As previously mentioned, relationships with other groups will be developed in
     time and the group will seek to hold joint meetings where objectives overlap.

     Derek Crawley mentioned that support from County Council can come from
     several different departments.

     b) County Mammal Recorder
     John Mackintosh is the current County Recorder for mammals and provisional
     chair of this group. Ideally the County Recorder will have a key role within
     the Shropshire Mammal Group.

     c) National organisations such as The Mammal Society, NBN, etc.
     As previously mentioned, affiliation with The Mammal Society may be worth
     while as this would confer some level of public liability insurance cover,
     amongst other things.
     Action: Simon Poulton – Investigate benefits for, and mechanism of,
     affiliation with TMS and report at next meeting.

     In Staffordshire all species records are passed to ‘Staffordshire Ecological
     Record’ who then pass these to the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) for
     display on their web maps.

3.   Activities.
     a) Meetings - frequency and location
     A wide range of views were expressed on this issue. Staffordshire meet once
     a month and only have outdoor meetings. The consensus for this group
     seemed to be that a mixture of indoor and outdoor meetings would be most
     valuable. Jim Jones suggested that some formal training could also be
     provided to assist maintain quality standards for those with Dormouse
     handling licences for example.

     The group was asked who would want to get more involved with this group.
     John Mackintosh agreed to chair for the time being; Simon Poulton, and Clive
     Dean offered to assist with further development of the group and Clare Jowett
     offered to take minutes at the next meeting.

     Action: John Mackintosh, Simon Poulton, Clare Jowett and Clive Dean
     – meet to arrange a programme of field and indoor meetings.

     Action: Dan Wrench – publicise meetings programme once developed.

     b) Field visits - subject and frequency
     See above.
      c) Mammal recording and a County Atlas?
      Derek Crawley provided examples of publications from Staffordshire and
      recommended that securing an ISBN number is worth the extra effort for any
      potential Shropshire publications.

      Any records for mammals, including road kills, should be sent to John
      Mackintosh. The Shropshire Wildlife Trust is also acting as a hub for the
      collation of records and will assist with digitisation of records if necessary but
      all validation of records will be done by the County Recorder.

      Currently only Brown Hare, Dormouse and Water Vole are mapped on Natural
      Shropshire [Otter has been added since]. We will be adding more species to
      these maps which will emphasis a large gap in knowledge for many species.
      A great opportunity to get out there and start sending in records!

4.    Surveys & Monitoring
      a) Local, e.g. mustelids
      b) National, e.g. harvest mice (TMS), small mammals (TMS), dormice
      (Jim Jones, PTES), hedgehogs (TMS), brown hares (TMS), polecats
      Simon Poulton was keen for the group to get involved with Harvest Mice
      surveys. Derek Crawley mentioned how useful specific training on finding
      Harvest Mice nests can be as prior to training he couldn’t seem to locate

      A national monitoring programme for small mammals is being rolled out this
      autumn and a Hedgehog survey is also being launched by TMS. A UK Brown
      Hare survey may also be launched.

      It would be useful to obtain data from previous national Hedgehog surveys.

      Action: John Mackintosh – talk to national hedgehog recording
      scheme to acquire Hedgehog data – or ask SWT to do so.

      Jim Jones gave a presentation on the ‘hedgerows for dormice’ project.
      [This presentation is now available from the Shropshire Mammal Group web
      site at:]

      Jim is keen to use additional records for Dormice to assist in their project.
      Funding is available for hedgerow planting within their Dormice hotspot areas
      but we need to make sure these targets areas are correct by providing PTES
      with better records. For further information please visit the PTES web site
      ( or contact Jim direct.

      Action: Dan Wrench – Pass Jim’s request to The Shropshire Wildlife
      Trust to arrange for a data exchange agreement.

5.    AOB.

6.     Date, time & place of next meeting
To be announced by email.
 List of invitees and others new to list:
 Those shaded grey attended the first meeting. Please pass on details of others who
 may be interested to John Mackintosh, Lawton Cottage, Stanton Lacy, Ludlow,
 Shropshire, SY8 2AL.

                                       Shropshire Bat
Adrian     Bayley       Secretary      Group
                        Wildlife       Forestry  
Alan       Reid         Ranger         Commission
                                       British Trust for
Allan      Dawes                       Ornithology, etc
                                       Shropshire Bat
Andrew     McLeish                     Group
Andy       Law          Ecologist      SLR Consulting
Caroline   Uff                         National Trust
Clare      Jowett                                
                        Community &              
                        Conservation   Countryside
Clive      Dean         Officer        Service, SCC
                        Biodiversity   Biodiversity
Dan        Wrench       Officer        Partnership
                                       The Mammal
Derek      Crawley                     Society
                                       Shropshire Bat
Eileen     Bowen                       Group
                        Farmer near                        The Lawns, Northwood, Wem, SY4
                        Wem with                           5NP
                        Water Voles
Eirene     Craney       and Hares
                        Biodiversity   Shropshire
                        Support        Biodiversity
Fran       Lancaster    Officer        Partnership
                        People and               
                        Wildlife       Shropshire          uk
Helen      Trotman      Officer        Wildlife Trust
Jim        Jones        for Dormice    PTES
                        Mammal         Shropshire Bat
John       Mackintosh   recorder       Group, etc
John       Mason                       Group, etc
                        County         Shropshire Bat
John       Morgan       Recorder       Group
Kate       Thorne       Ecologist      Churlton Ecology
                                       Community Water
Malcolm    Monie                       Vole Group
                                       Shropshire Bat
Mike       Worsfold     Chair          Group
Pete       Boardman                    Training Project
Peter      Boardman                    Otter surveyor      3 Mayfield Park, Shrewsbury, SY2 6PD
Rob        Mileto       Ecologist      EcoTech
Rob        Thorne       Ecologist      Churlton Ecology
Robert   Fryer                               
                    Planning and             
                    Species        Shropshire
Robin    Mager      Officer        Wildlife Trust
Ross     Jones      Ecologist      SLR Consulting
                    Biodiversity   Environment         simon.cuming@environment-
Simon    Cuming     Officer        Agency    
                                   The Mammal
Simon    Poulton                   Society
                    County         Shropshire County
Sue      Swales     Ecologist      Council
                    Centre         Preston Montford
Sue      Townsend   Manager        Field Centre
Tammy    Stretton                  Wildlife Trust

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