A hot afternoon of football and Knebworth Panthers were away

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					A hot afternoon of football and Knebworth Panthers were away to Letchworth, a clash over
the years that has always been tight. End to end football between the goalies for the first few
minutes, then Knebworth got the ball on the floor and played the wide passes letting Jack
cross them in, but it looked liked being another of those games where we have all the
chances, but never convert. The Letchworth goalie was kept busy, but as ever against the
break of play Panthers were reliant on Sam, couple of spectacular saves just proving he is the
best in this league. Panthers were working the ball well, Michael and Patrick winning every
ball in the centre, and Angus up front pounding on the goalie, it was only a matter of time
before Angus found the net and we were off, soon to be a second. The team worked well
together, Jordan B up for every tackle, and Jazz holding the back four in line, balls being fed
forward, and crosses in to the box from Casey and Jack, picking up Rhami and Alex to get the
score line to 4-0 as we went in to the break.

Second half the Panthers kept the tempo up, and the manager Paul decided he wanted more
goals so left just three at the back, and piled the pressure forward. Lewis was just amazing
winning every ball down the right, and Grant as cool as ever winning the central challenges
with Michael. Against the run of play and with speed Letchworth broke, and a tackle by
Jordan B resulted in Letchworth being awarded a penalty, which they converted . Knebworth
were not sitting back on the score line and continued to pressure the Letchworth goalie,
Malachi almost converted a goal, Rhami and Lewis did, giving a final score of 1-6 to
Knebworth Panthers taking Knebworth to the top of division 1

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