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                          District Interview Template
This document is designed as an informal guide to the questions that you will be asked during
your initial WISE Project interview. These questions will give you a sense of what is being
asked and the level of detail we are looking for.
We appreciate your time and mental effort in doing the interviews with us and we look forward
to working with you on this exciting project!

About Your District
Awareness of WISE in your district (scale of 1- 10)
What is your summer availability?
Designated WISE contact person (plus contact info)
Secondary WISE contact person (plus contact info)
What is your aggregation point?
How many students enrolled?
Number of schools?
Number of Servers?
 - Do you support TCP/IP connectivity between your servers?
 - Do you have servers dedicated to each product category?
 - Operating system(s)
 - Version(s)
 Number of Clients?
 - Operating system(s)
 - Version(s)
What preparations do you need to make to implement this project? (best answered after
application questions below!)

About SIF
Awareness of SIF in your district (scale of 1-10)
Are you interested in Horizontal SIF?
[Agent information will be gathered per application below]
What applications is it your priority to build agents for?

About Your Applications
For each Product Category you want to answer the following questions:
- Product(s)
        o Version
        o Is there an agent and which version of SIF does it support?
        o History: how long have you had it? Why you chose this product?(If known)
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        o Upgrade plans and vision
 -   The product categories are: (feel free to suggest additional categories to us if we missed
     some!!) You may not have products or applications in every product category. This is a
        o SIS
        o Gradebook
        o Standards Tracking
        o Directory (for account creation and enterprise directory)
        o Food Services
        o Transportation
        o Library
        o Special Education
        o Health
        o Financial
        o HR
        o Student Assessment

More information on WISE will be posted on the Wyoming public page for WISE as well:
If you have any questions please call or write John Woller, the WISE Project Manager:
John Woller jwolle@educ.state.wy.us (307) 777-3656

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