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									              Deputy Head Appointment – Birchgrove Comprehensive School

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        The position arises from the appointment of Mrs Sally Speedy to the
         headship of a secondary school in Powys

        The successful candidate will be part of a strong senior leadership team
         consisting of Head, two deputies and an assistant head

        The school has developed over recent years, a very successful approach
         to teaching & learning via multiple intelligence techniques. The standard
         format for planning schemes of work and lessons is four phase across the
         entire curriculum in both key stages. To support teachers, there has been
         a high quality focus on CPD in relation to teaching methodologies and
         significant investment in the learning environment e.g. interactive
         whiteboards, Boardworks etc.

        The school is embarking on phase 2 of this learning focus with the delivery
         of a key skills, project based curriculum course, called Connect 3 in year 7
         as part of the core provision.

        The key duties relate to the quality of teaching and learning, assessment
         and self evaluation; a significant proportion of the role will be working
         closely with the head teacher to ensure the successful implementation and
         future development of our learning focus and the overall quality of
         teaching & learning, assessment for learning and self evaluation.

        The successful candidate must have an enthusiastic, committed and in
         depth understanding of accelerated learning and teaching; be able to lead
         initiatives with a motivating and pupil centred approach and ensures
         through self evaluation and quality assurance.

For a copy of the school prospectus please send a stamped addressed envelope to
the HR Schools Team, Room 1.4.2, County Hall, Swansea, SA1 3SN

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The school has two Deputy Headteachers who are members of the School Leadership
Group. As a member of the team, the Deputy Headteacher will be expected to give
positive leadership and contribute to all aspects of school life. The Deputy Headteacher
will, in addition, have a developmental role which will contribute to the achievement of
the aims of the school, in particular, ensuring that quality teaching and learning takes
place. The functions and responsibilities of each Deputy Headteacher are inter-related
and have some common elements.

Person Profile

The post has arisen due to the promotion of the previous post holder to the headship of
the school.

The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate:
      Successful teaching experience at all levels.
      Excellent leadership, management and inter-personal skills.
      A commitment to comprehensive education and to the achievement of the highest
       standards for all children.
      Vision, energy and enthusiasm.
      The ability to manage change in order to build upon the achievements of the school
       and to ensure its continued development.
      Empathy with pupils of all backgrounds and the ability to work closely with pupils of
       varying aptitudes and abilities.
      Successful managerial experience at a senior level.

The post will offer considerable opportunities for a self-motivated person to enhance
his/her personal, professional and career development. The successful candidate must be
capable of working as part of a team and be able to offer and receive support within the

The responsibilities of the Deputy Headteacher can be split into those of a general nature
and those of a specific nature.

General Responsibilities

      To make a contribution, as a member of the School Leadership Group, to the
       determination of school policy.

      To have a significant input into the determination of academic and business
       objectives which form part of the School Improvement Plan.

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      To exercise leadership skills so as to communicate the vision of the school, promote
       shared values, establish a positive work ethic and set high standards of expectation.

      To have a qualitative overview of whole school development through the school
       monitoring, evaluation and review process.

        i. Negotiate targets for improvement.
       ii. Support staff in the development of strategies to meet targets.
      iii. Use the results to evaluate specific developments.

      To participate fully in the day-to-day life of the school, including responsibility for
       the welfare and discipline of the pupils, taking assemblies, interviewing parents and
       counselling pupils.

      To participate fully in extra-curricular activities e.g. school concerts and productions
       and Home-School Association events.

      To have a teaching commitment.

      To deputise fully for the Headteacher when required.

Specific Responsibilities

To be negotiated on appointment as part of a review of roles and responsibility within the
School Leadership Group.

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