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									Hydrogen Fuel Cell Standards
     Delivery Database

   Hydrogen Fuel Cell Portal Conference

                     Presented by
                     Bob Feghali
    Vice President, Business Development and CIO


 Database Overview
 Browse Standards by Subject
 Search for Standards
 Document Delivery

                  Hydrogen Standards Delivery Database
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Database Overview

 Standards will be classified using the National

 Browsing and searching will be done against only the
 classified records

 Documents will be delivered electronically, when
 available, otherwise in hard copy

                    Hydrogen Standards Delivery Database
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Browse by Subject

 Browsing will begin from the high-level categories

 Starting from a high-level category, users will drill
 down to lower levels and to individual document

 Browse listings will be actively produced ensuring the
 user sees the most up-to-date listing of documents for
 any category.

                     Hydrogen Standards Delivery Database
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Search for Standards

  Searches will be performed only against the sub-set of
  data categorized as being part of the hydrogen fuel cell
  Searches can be done against document numbers, title
  words, template categories, and the full record,
  including the abstract (where present).
  Search results will be ordered by developing
  organization, and then by document number.

                     Hydrogen Standards Delivery Database
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Document Delivery

 Documents will be delivered electronically when
 Documents can be purchased in several ways:
   “By the drink” (pay as you go)
   Site license
 When documents cannot be delivered electronically,
 hard copy ordering information will be provided.

                    Hydrogen Standards Delivery Database
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