1.        Location of colleges/ research centres where staff may be engaged.

          i)        Teaching Institutions:- Colleges

                    a)   College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati
                    b)   College of Veterinary Science, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad.
                    c)   NTR College of Veterinary Science, Gannavaram, Krishna District
                    d)   College of Fishery Science, Muthukur, Nellore District
                    e)   Dairy Technology Programme, College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati.


                    a) Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Palamaner, Chittoor District
                    b) Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Madakasira, Anantapur District
                    c) Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Garividi, Vijayanagaram District
                    d) Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Venkatramannagudem, W.G.District
                    e) Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Mahabubnagar
                    f) Animal Husbandry Polytechnic, Karimnagar
                    g) SKPP Multipurpose Agricultural Polytechnic, Ramachandrapuram

          ii)       Veterinary Research Stations:

                    a)   Livestock Research Station, Palamaner, Chittoor District
                    b)   Livestock Research Station, Lam Farm, Guntur.
                    c)   Livestock Research Station, Garividi, Vijayanagaram District
                    d)   Buffalo Research Station, Venkataramannagudem, West Godavari District.
                    e)   Livestock Research Station, Mahabubnagar
                    f)   AICRP on Pigs, College of Veterinary Science, Tirupati
                    g)   AICRP on Forage Crops, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
                    h)   Dairy Experimental Station, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
                    i)   AICRP on Poultry Breeding, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
                    j)   Poultry Experimental Station, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad
                    k)   Livestock Research Station, Mahanandi, Kurnool district

          iii)      Fisheries Research Stations:

                    a) Fisheries Research Station, Palair, Khammam District
                    b) Fisheries Research Station, Kakinada
                    c) Fisheries Research Station , Undi, West Godavari District

     2.         Subjects in which candidates can apply.

         Animal Genetics and Breeding
         Animal Nutrition
         Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology and Obstetrics
         Clinical Veterinary Medicine
         Livestock Production and Management
         Livestock Products Technology
         Poultry Science
         Veterinary Anatomy and Histology
         Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension
         Veterinary Biochemistry
         Veterinary Biotechnology
         Teaching Veterinary Clinical Complex
         Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
         Veterinary Microbiology
         Veterinary Parasitology
         Veterinary Pathology
         Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
         Veterinary Physiology
         Veterinary Public Health
         Veterinary Surgery and Radiology
         Fishery Science

      3. Selection criteria if more than required applications are received.

                 The candidates will be selected based on their OGPA both at UG and PG
                  level. Preference will be given to the candidates with Ph.D degree and
                  with a pass in National Eligibility Test conducted by ICAR.
                 Weightage will also be given to experience also.
                 If qualified veterinarians are not available, pure science candidates in
                  subjects like Bio-chemistry, Genetics, Fisheries would also be considered

      4. This is not a job offer. The University will contact the candidates as and when
         Teaching Assistants are required.

      5. The candidates may send their details in the following format.


           Administrative Office: Regional Library Building: Tirupati 517 502

                        Bio-data of the candidates for being considered
                                    as Teaching Assistants
                                 (purely on temporary basis)                             PHOTO

 Subject :__________________________________________

 1.       Full Name in Block Letters                 :

 2.       Father’s Name                              :

 3.       Guardian’s Name & relationship             :

 4.       Profession of father/husband/guardian                :
          and if in service, designation and office

 5.       Date of birth, as given in S.S.C./S.S.L.C/H.S.C.
          Matriculation certificate                            :

 6.       Place of Birth :                               District :            State :

 7.       Nationality     :                              Religion :

 8.       Social Status                                        : OC/SC/ST/BC

9         Address for communication :
                       Permanent Address              Present (Mailing) Address(with e-mail

12.        Particulars of Previous Academic Record :

                                   Period of   Marks(%)
 Examination passed
                                    Study       /OGPA        Board/College/ University

      Intermediate (10+2)


13.        Specialization at M.V.Sc Level         :
           (Indicate title of thesis also)

14.        Specialization at Ph.D Level           :
           (Indicate title of thesis also)

13.        Particulars of Medals/Prizes received at B.Sc. level in
           NCC/NSS/Sports/Games/Cultural/Literary activities :
           At international/Inter sate/Inter University level
           (Enclose Certificates)

14.       Work experience
        (Please give all details from beginning to till date)

      Date : - - - - - - - - -                                            Signature of the Candidate

      6. Certificates to be enclosed.
i)      Memoranda of marks or transcript (all years) obtained at the Ph.D, M.V.Sc,
        B.V.Sc&A.H, other degree 10+2 (Intermediate) and 10th class examinations.

ii)     Copies of Degree certificates of Ph.D/ M.V.Sc/ B.V.Sc&A.H / any other degree

iii)    Social Status Certificates in case of candidates belonging to BC/SC/ST issued by the
        competent authority.

iv)     Certificate towards Prizes / Medals in NCC /NSS/Sports/Games/Cultural/ Literary
        activities at International (Representing Nation)/National level (Representing State)
        Inter-University level etc. if any.

v)      Date of birth certificate (S.S.C Certificate)

vi)     Certificates for claiming work experience

7.     Contact persons.

        Registrar                         : +91-877-2248894      Telefax : 08772248986

        Dean of Veterinary Science        : +91-877-2249786      Mobile: 09989051543

        E-mail: 1.