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									      Minutes of Residents Environment Action Group Meeting
           6.00pm, Wednesday 1st August 2007 at NBCA

No.   Item                                                          Action
1.0   Present
      Roy Sandison (Acting Chair)
      Louise Clarke
      Neil Day
      John Beasley
      John Whitmore
      Moria Buttigieg
      Sue Rosser

2.0   Apologies
      Lillian Cannon (Chair)
      Ben Cahill

3.0   Minutes of Previous Meeting
      The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as an
      accurate record.

4.0   Matters Arising
      Item 5.1: Moria reported that wheelchair users are having to
      go down the middle of the road instead of using the path
      through Jubilee park because no kerbs have yet been
      lowered for disabled access. The group decided that they
      needed to approach the Roads and Transport Group to find
      out if they can fund kerb lowering here. Roy asked that this
      be formalised in a letter and asked Louise to write to the
      Roads and Transport Group. No need to clear letter with the
      group first. Louise suggested that this is the type of thing
      that can be discussed at the Group Swap Shop sessions.       LC

      Item 5.3: Sue pointed out that the name of the development
      opposite Bridle Road next to Jubilee Park is Lawford Bridge

      Item 8.0: Roy pointed out that although the group had
      received budget breakdown of Action Group spending, only
      the committee members had received budget breakdown of
      RBC spending, Roy suggested that everyone else should
      like to see RBC’s spending also. Louise to provide more
      breakdowns for the Environment Group members.                 LC

      Item 11.0: Moria and others pointed out that the pathway
      running from York Street play area, opposite Rounds
      Gardens is currently very overgrown making it rather dark
      and unsafe for users. Louise to flag up with maintenance.     LC
5.0   Jubilee Park
5.1   Pathway

      Louise reported at the last Environment Action Group a
      range of alternative surfaces she had looked into for Jubilee
      Park – however all of which came at cost - the group asked
      her to clarify budget and other funding sources. Louise
      confirmed that this group has £2,123 to play with after
      commitments this year, the Health Education and Families
      (HEF) Group have been approached and asked if they could
      make a further contribution, to which they are very reluctant
      as they have other projects in mind and don’t wish for any
      more money to be spent on just one of the 6 open spaces
      and parks in New Bilton. Therefore the group are rather
      limited in alternative resurfacing materials.

      Louise reported that since the last meeting her and Ben
      have visited the other recreational ground that the group
      were originally advised to go and at Winfield Rec in
      Hillmorton. The surface here is solid like concrete, as it
      should be. Rather than spending any more reNEW money
      on rectifying the footpath, Louise has contacted Stephen
      Beasley and asked for the path to be made good and
      finished to the same quality and standard as that at Winfield
      at no extra cost to reNEW. Stephen agreed to rake the path
      one last time and make a decision as to whether it needed
      totally relaying or just the top few mm replacing on 16th
      August. Louise to report the outcome of this decision back      LC
      to the group at their next meeting.

      The Group decided to write a letter of complaint to the
      contractor to show their dissatisfaction with the pathway and
      they way it has been dealt with so far. The group nominated     Lil C
      Lillian Cannon to put this letter together.

5.2   Benches

      It was decided by the group to go with the brown, recycled
      plastic material for the benches in Jubilee Park – Louise
      provided a sample to pass around for those that had not
      been able to attend the last meeting. Having spoken to
      Stephen Beasley, it was decided that concrete for the
      benches could go in regardless of the finish of the path; the
      path will then have to be extended to reach them. Louise to LC
      mark on grass chosen locations for the benches and            LC
      arrange for concrete bases to be laid with the WSU. Louise
      confirmed that the 2 benches and 2 picnic tables have
      already been ordered with an anticipated delivery time of 4-6
      Louise wanted to confirm with the group the amount of park
      furniture being ordered. The group confirmed that they
      would like two notice boards; one for Jubilee Park and
      another for Addison Road Park, Louise to investigate if they
      are available in the same recycled plastic material as the
      benches. All agreed that these boards need to be of
      medium size, and not the equivalent of those at Caldecott

      Louise reminded the group that the original Project
      application form reserved budget for another 4 benches and
      2 notice boards. The Group have not done any research as
      to where these are needed or where they would like them to
      go, apart from wanting two in Addison Rd Park (but these
      locations need to be confirmed by the group as there are
      already some there). Otherwise the group are still happy to
      purchase the above as and when necessary to donate to the
      New Bilton Friends of the Parks Group to allocate. Louise to
      pass the good news to the next Friends of the Parks Group
      meeting. Louise to ask Stephen how much recycled plastic     LC
      is too replace.

5.3   Welcome sign

      Louise reported that Stephen had said he would fund a
      welcome to Jubilee Park sign. He asked the group to put
      together some words and decide how they want the sign
      presented, e.g. with images, artist impressions or a map as
      to the features of the path. The Group nominated Lillian as
      the best person to put this short piece together. Louise to    Lil C
      ask Lillian to write this up.

5.4   Stephen also informed Louise that the weeds were being
      cleared from Jubilee park this week and that the pile of
      mulch would also be removed.

6.0   Rubbish Bins
      Louise reported that most of the bins had now bin installed,
      with the exception of those that alternative locations have
      just been found for. Louise also reported that Broxap were
      coming to secure the reNEW logo’s to the bins tomorrow
      morning (2nd August).

7.0   Rubbish Amnesty
      Louise fed back that the last phase 7&8 of the Rubbish was
      hugely successful, although extremely hard work with 717
      houses being covered, culminating in 25tonnes of rubbish.
      As a result and due to the lengthiness of the process, the
      final two phases of the amnesty due to take place on 13th
      September, will now take place on in two separate phases
      Phases 9 – Thursday 13th September
      Phase 10 – Wednesday 3rd October

      It was pointed out that there ought to be some kind
      mechanism to monitor the progress of the Amnesties and
      record how successful they are. Something for the group to
      consider.                                                         ALL

8.0   Projects and Priorities
      Louise pointed out to the group that it is important that they
      have some project ideas to make funding commitments
      against and set targets for next year and beyond. Louise
      made a few suggestions to spark some discussion:
          Looking into the possibility of tree lining some of the
            streets with new tree pits to make the area greener.
            Louise to do more investigation as to feasibility of this   LC
            for next meeting. Roy expressed concerns that
            elsewhere trees have been removed due to roots
            disturbing the road.
          Weeding the streets – as this is a service that the
            Council no longer provide, Louise to investigate
            possibility of acquiring this service either from RBC or    LC
            an external firm.
          Another Rubbish Amnesty for year after next (or
            planned further apart – with tough enforcement
          Working with Landscape Architect Neil Collet on
            gateway improvements to the area with tree and
            shrubbery planting. The group expanded on this and
            suggested that they would like New Bilton to have a
            separate image and feel, almost like a ‘village’ as
            people pass through and enter it.

      Other ideas discussed by the group:
          Street cleansing – the group feel that they will never
             get people to move their cars from the street at any
             one time to allow the road sweepers through, simply
             because there is not enough off-road parking and as
             a result the group feel that the cleanliness of the
             streets is being compromised. They discussed a
             smaller road sweeper or hiring someone to sweep
             the streets by hand from the reNEW budget,
             combined with promoting pride in the area and
             encouraging people to sweep their front door steps
             like they used too. Louise to speak to Steve Hollis
             and try to get hold of New Bilton Street Cleaning          LC
          The Group also discussed the possibility of
             producing a leaflet to advertise the green spaces in
              New Bilton and their usage in partnership with the
              Friends of the parks Group.

       Roy as acting Chair asked everyone to go away and               ALL
       consider future projects that this group might consider
       investing in and come back to the next meeting with ideas.

9.0    AOB
       Louise reported back that the previous discussion of part-
       funding the refurb of the play area in York Street is now
       being considered by the HEF Group.

       Louise informed the group that the reNEW Committee have
       decided to put together a reNEW Newsletter, this is likely to
       be a quarterly magazine, dedicated to reNEW updates and
       project progress. Each Action group Chair has been asked
       to write a brief article about their achievements so far and
       what their project aspirations are for the future. Louise to    LC
       contact Lillian and ask for this.                               Lil C

10.0   Date of Next Meeting
       Wednesday 29th August 6.00pm at NBCA

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