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									Lifesign Steering Group Videoconference, 5th February 2002

Participants: Jeremy Atkinson, Andrew Dalgleish, Kate Lloyd Jones, Greg Newton-Ingham, John
Mahoney, Richard Hackett, William Garrison, Kerry Shephard, Roger Ottewill, Gayle Calverley, Gabriel

1.   Apologies

2.   Minutes of the previous meeting

     Add: It was agreed to pursue a suggestion by KS to evaluate metadata with a particular application
     („Brain in Situ‟) at UoS,

     Typo: Delete first occurrence of “potential” under item 10.

     Minutes approved with the above amendments.

3.   Matters arising

     ALT-C conference details: WG reported that the presentation is available on the website.

     Expressions of interest: GC has passed on details known to her.

     Website development: RH still to report on staffing resource requirement.                       RH

     Server deployment: WG/AD to liaise on IT strategy, including any requirement to locate equipment at
     UoG.                                                                                       WG/AD

     New production: JM has circulated details of potential material.                               JM

4.   Progress Reports

     i.       Content

     JM referred to BBC productions which he has circulated to the Steering Group. Agreed that JM and
      G N-I should liaise about rights clearance issues.                                              JM/GNI
     Agreed that details of the BBC productions need to be circulated more widely for academic comment,
     and that KS/GJ need involvement in prioritisation of the applications and their potential to elicit
     evaluation data.                                                                              JM/KS/GJ

     JM reported that he is currently digitising the ViewTech material.

     Potential new production list, based on expressions of interest, has been circulated. KS to offer
     support.                                                                                       KS/JM

     KS has completed an application proposal concerned with the re-engineering of a video on back pain.
     The report has been passed to the Project Manager (AD) for approval, in accordance with the agreed
     prioritisation process. Agreed that rights clearance aspects should make use of the MAAS mother
     licence, where appropriate. AD will circulate the proposal and consider approval.           AD

     JM confirmed that content-related workpackage milestones are on track.
      ii.    Evaluation

    KS had provided a written progress report and he highlighted the completion of a written case study
(Larkin, blood pressure), an extensive evaluation of Lifesign resources with first year Biological Sciences
nurse trainees, and various other expressions of interest. KS expressed concern that, although most
individual workpackages (including WP9) are meeting their milestones, there is a risk of not achieving the
overall aims of the project.

   GJ‟s report anticipated improved input from UWIC to the project as a result of a recent appointment
(Ian Kerton) of an Evaluation Officer. Noted retirement of Geoff Bond in the summer. There have been 2
Expressions of Interest at UWIC – the results of a study with Applied Sciences students will be available
shortly. There have also been EoIs in the School of Care Sciences at Glamorgan, initiated by AD and to be
developed further by UWIC.

It was agreed that the project timescale and funding allowed for the possibility of evaluation to take place
in the autumn of 2002.

Noted that there has been a potential Expression of Interest from Portsmouth (Bob Jones) – KS is in

Noted that Portsmouth are working on providing quantitative data on accesses to streams by analysing web
logs.                                                                                        WG/JM

Noted the importance of putting streaming applications within an evaluation context and the need to view
evaluation as a coherent set of processes that are inherent in the project.

  iii       Cataloguing

A written report detailed the project working documents that had arisen from KLJ‟s research on metadata
issues and standards (WP4). KLJ continues to monitor relevant metadata developments. A paper intended
for publication, based on the completed literature review, is currently in draft.
 In terms of WP5 (Cataloguing resources), detailed metadata has been provided for all of the HHMI
material and most of the Shotlist streams. A key aspect of WP5, evaluating search and retrieval with users
was at risk of non-delivery. It has been suggested that some existing evaluation programmes (e.g. the Brain
in Situ) may lend themselves to this aspect of metadata development.

Portsmouth and Glamorgan will continue to collaborate on developing a single database of metadata for the
video streams (KLJ enhancing and standardising metadata content), but there is also a need to use
individual case studies (such as the Brain in Situ) to explore detailed issues.             KLJ/JM/KS

WP6 is significantly at risk. A Specification of Requirements document for software development has been
provided to Talis, and this will form the basis for a forthcoming meeting. In particular, we will aim to look
at the usability and suitability of existing product development in the company.

GN-I noted possible alternative approaches for integrating with the DNER such making use of OAI
developments or the outcomes of the JAFER project.                                         AD/KLJ

 iv         Website and Resource Database

Noted that Glamorgan had previously suggested an advisory role for KLJ on usability and accessibility
issues for the project website. RH to comment on this and to follow up the action from the previous
minutes regarding the provision a costed web development plan – in particular so that appropriate resources
for Nipan Manier‟s input can be agreed.                                                                RH
On accessibility issues, flagged by a paper from KLJ, AD to liaise with the Programme Manager (Caroline
Ingram) to explore possibilities for additional funding.                                             AD

v            Adherence to Project Plan

Noted a number of general project management issues:

Evaluation of the project itself will be required.                                  AD/KS/GJ

Equipment expenditure to be completed this financial year.                           AD/WG

Dissemination – ongoing.

Budgeting – AD will summarise the position in the bi-annual report.                   AD

Final report – noted the importance of being proactive in documenting all activities, outcomes, etc to make
the final report easier to produce.                                                   All

5.    Biannual Report

AD is in the process of writing this. Input from project members may be sought on the details of outcomes,
publications/publicity, and future plans. Progress reports recently provided would greatly assist the process
of producing the report.                                                                               AD

6.    Meeting Reports

DNER All projects Group – attended by AD, JM, GC. Significant focus on interoperability and
continuation strategies – AD has circulated a report.

Moving Image and Sound Cluster Group – attended by JA and WG. Included a presentation on collection
level description. The TRILT project is alpha testing a resources database.

7.    Possible Future Bids

There has been some e-mail discussion by some of the Group about possible responses to calls for future
JISC-funded projects (FAIR/X4L). Agreed to share thoughts more widely.                        GC/AD/JA

Noted that UoP are involved with an IWF bid.

    8. AOB

GN-I informed the Group about the Internet Streaming Media Alliance, which will aim to promote the
adoption of open standards.

Publicity leaflets – colleagues at other partner sites confirmed to JM that they had adequate supplies.

9.    Date of next meeting

To be confirmed. Agreed that it would be held at Glamorgan.


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