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Lewisham Community Engagement Working Group

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									Stronger Communities Partnership Board                           26 January 10
                                                                        Item 5

Lewisham Community Engagement Working Group

Draft Terms of Reference

1. Background
In November 2009 the Stronger Communities Partnership made the decision
to develop a network of working groups that will:

   A. Provide opportunities for broader participation.
   B. Support the achievement of its aims and objectives.

Working groups will provide support by giving more in-depth attention to work
around the Partnerships key aims than is possible within the context of the
Partnership’s Core Group meetings.

2. Aims & objectives
The Working Group will take a proactive role in supporting the Stronger
Communities Partnership in contributing to the Sustainable Community
Strategy’s priority outcome – “Empowered and Responsible: where people
can be actively involved in their local area and contribute to supportive

The specific focus of the group will be on achieving the aim to “empower
citizens to be involved in their local area and responsive to those who live
there” and supporting achievement against the Local Area Agreement
indicators to:

 Increase the percentage of people who feel they can influence decisions in
  their locality
 Increase engagement in the arts
 Increase use of public libraries

It is also important to note that community engagement has a cross cutting
agenda which impacts across a broad range of other service areas and
indicators such as participation in sport or dealing with local concerns about
anti-social behaviour

3. Membership
Membership will be open to representatives of any organisation working in
Lewisham. Representation will particularly be encouraged from voluntary
and community sector organisations involved in supporting and facilitating
community engagement at a borough wide or local community level, statutory
services seeking to promote community engagement and housing providers.

4. Meetings
The Working Group will meet approximately 6 times per year
    Stronger Communities Partnership Board                        26 January 10
                                                                         Item 5
    5. Chairing arrangements
    The chair will be elected on an annual basis by the Working Group

    6. Accountability & Structure
    The Working Group will report regularly to the Stronger Communities
    Partnership as required and by raising agenda items. The wider context in
    which the group operates is shown in the following diagram.

                                      Lewisham Strategic
      Other Strategic

             Community             Volunteering           Community
             Engagement              Strategy              Cohesion
            Working Group         Steering Group         Working Group

 Community                                                              Environment for
  Premises                   Stronger Communities                        a Thriving 3

Working Group                     Partnership                           Sector Working

              Lewisham              Change Up              Compact
              Time Bank            Working Group         Working Group
            Steering Group

    7. Review
    These terms of reference should be reviewed bi-annually or as required

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