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					                                                       Curriculum Map

Grade: 9-12   Subject or Class: Connections                      Teacher #: Karen L. Smith
                              September                                    October                             November
Content             -parts of the brain
                    -vocabulary cartooning
                                                             -emotional intelligence
                                                             -thinking styles
                                                                                                     -mind mapping
Or                  -multiple intelligences                  -textbook reading                         -short stories
                    -learning styles                         -vocabulary cartooning                    -mega-maps
Topic               -right brain/left brain                  -brain research project
                    -brain research project                  -assessment inventories
                    -assessment inventories

Skills              -class building
                                                             -cooperative teaming
                                                             -write expert questions
                                                                                                     -develop visual graphics reference
                                                                                                     -distinguish major/minor ideas
 Or                 -speed reading                           -speed reading                          -speed reading
                    -develop personal learning profile       -reflective thinking                    -reflective thinking
 Processes          -demonstrate group collaboration         -problem solving                        -problem solving
                    -process through reflection              -presentation skills
                    -exercise critical thinking
                    -notebook organization

Assessments         -label brain diagram
                    -write essay about self as a learner
                                                             -create personal study smarter poster
                                                             -increase w.p.m.
                                                                                                     -identify key information
                                                                                                     -show all components of mapping
                    -maintain 80% comprehension acc.         -maintain 80% comprehension             on a mind map
                    -increase words per minute by 100        -80% accuracy on vocabulary tests       -study/review for tests with
                    -demonstrate critical thinking in exit   -sequence steps of textbook reading     mapping
                    slips                                    -quizzes                                -80% accuracy on vocabulary tests
                    -80% accuracy on vocabulary tests                                                -increase w.p.m.
                    -notebook evaluation                                                             -maintain 80% comprehension

Major Activities/   -It’s All in Your Head
                    -Vocabulary Cartooning
                                                             -Emotional Intelligence
                                                             -How to Learn Anything Quickly
                                                                                                     -Mind-Mapping with Lana
Themes/Books        -What Smart Students Know                -What Smart Students Know               -Vocabulary Cartooning
                    -Reading Drills                          -It’s All in Your Head                  -Reading Drills
                    -Accelerated Learning for the 21st       -Vocabulary Cartooning
                    Century                                  -Reading Drills
Grade: 9-12    Subject or Class: Connections                 Teacher #: Karen L. Smith
                              December                                 January                  February
Content             -mind mapping
                                                         -graphic organizers
                                                         -writing styles
Or                    -newspapers                        -writing and research tips
                    -memory                              -test-taking strategies
Topic               -mnemonics

Skills              -research analysis
                    -listening and notetaking
                                                         -analyze your test taking skills
                                                         -discuss test types and directions
 Or                 -practice memory hooks               -match appropriate organizer to task
                    -demonstrate linking technique       -reflective thinking
 Processes          -speed reading                       -problem solving
                    -reflective thinking
                    -problem solving

Assessments         -show ability to memorize
                    information for tests
                                                         -construct a mega-map of Connections
                                                         class with key information and mind
                    -mind maps contain all components    map components
                    -can pick out key information from   -complete interactive semester exam
                    -maintain reading and vocabulary

Major Activities/   -You’re a Genius
                    -Power Learning
                                                         -Super Camp
                                                         -What Smart Students Know
Themes/Books        -It’s All in Your Head               -Mind-Mapping with Lana
                    -Vocabulary Cartooning               -Elements in Literature-graphic
                    -Reading Drills                      organizers
Grade: 9-12    Subject or Class: Lifeskills       Teacher #: Karen L. Smith
                           December                       January                            February
Content                                       -procedures/expectations
                                                                                    -gender bias
Or                                            -self-discovery/self-image            -stress management
Topic                                         -personal power principles
                                                                                    -generation gap

Skills                                        -group games
                                              -personal style inventories
                                                                                    -class discussions
 Or                                           -reflective journaling                -group collaboration
 Processes                                    -cooperative learning structures
                                              -essay writing
                                                                                    -media investigation
                                              -national teen surveys                -teenagers across the decades
                                              -interviews                              project
                                              -personal philosophy collage
Assessments                                   -maintain a planner
                                              -notebook evaluations
                                                                                    -define stess and personal
                                              -critical thought shown in written    -notebook evaluation
                                              work                                  -critical thinking
                                              -autobiographical poster              -project rubric

Major Activities/                             -Psychology for Kids
                                              -7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
                                                                                    -Fighting Invisible Tigers
                                                                                    -Boy vs. Girl—How Gender Shapes
Themes/Books                                  -Life Strategies for Teens            Who We Are
                                              -Personal and Social Responsibility   -Choices and Challenges
                                              -More Than a Label
Grade: 9-12         Subject or Class: Lifeskills                Teacher #: Karen L. Smith
                                March                               April                               May
Content             -social responsibility
                    -communication process
                                                     -stress management
                                                     -coping behaviors/strategies
                                                                                          -drug categories
Or                  -stereotyping/diversity          -trust                                   -alcohol
Topic               -listening skills
                                                     -gender issues
                                                     -character traits
                    -character traits                -overcoming adversity                -friendships
                                                     -integrity                           -chemical dependency

Skills              -gender collage
                    -essay writing
                                                     -identify personal stressors
                                                     -list positive attributes
                                                                                          -role playing
                                                                                          -mind mapping
 Or                 -research Habits of Mind         -discussion circles                  -simulations
 Processes          -self-esteem components
                                                     -research gender related issues
                                                     -famous person profile
                                                                                          -discussion circles
                    -webquests                                                            -investigate music/lyrics
                    -heroes investigation

Assessments         -stress mind map
                    -recognize communication road-
                                                     -describe behaviors of integrity
                                                     -apply integrity criteria to media
                                                                                          -classify drugs by category and
                    blocks                           -notebook evaluation                 -recognize crisis situations
                    -notebook evaluation                                                  -examine family roles
                    -rubrics                                                              -compare/contrast violence
                                                                                          -notebook evaluation
Major Activities/   -Innerchange
                    -Personal and Social
                                                     -Fighting Invisible Tigers
                                                                                          -Here’s Looking at You, 2000
Themes/Books        Responsibility                   -In Search of Character              -Get Real About Violence
                    -webquests                                                            -Understanding the Human