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									Item 4                                                                 Appendix A8

                            14-19 Learning Pathways

1.       Background

1.1      The directorate supports and advises the 14-19 Network, which is the
         local partnership body leading on extending the range of available 14-
         19 learning pathways.

1.2      The Network produces an Annual Network Development Plan (ANDP)
         which documents longer term strategic priorities for the Network, as
         well as the main activities and actions for the current financial year, i.e.
         2008/09. The value of the current plan is around £800k. The Plan
         focuses on five strategic priorities which are to:

         i)     Extend and improve the range of quality learning pathways
                across the borough through increased harmonisation of
                timetables and the expansion of vocational and academic
                options at all levels.

         ii)    Strengthen complementary curriculum arrangements by
                introducing a more centrally co-ordinated approach which is
                linked to the development of the Studio 34 Skills Centre.

         iii)   Drive forward „learning coach‟ developments through training
                and the awarding of capacity grants.

         iv)    Introduce a borough-wide approach to quality assurance

         v)     Increase the profile and provision of bilingual and Welsh medium
                learning opportunities in the borough.

1.3      Every year the ANDP is assessed by a panel consisting of
         representatives from WAG, Estyn and the Sector Skills Councils
         before it is formally approved. Through the ANDP, the Network
         implement‟s WAG‟s national policy on 14-19 and we are required to
         move forward across all of the six elements of the Learning Pathways
         Guidance II. These elements are:

         i)     Individual learning pathways;
         ii)    Wider choice and flexibility;
         iii)   The learning core;
         iv)    Learning coach developments;
         v)     Personal support;
         vi)    Careers advice and guidance.

1.4      Bridgend is the first 14-19 Network in Wales to produce a „Learner
         Entitlement Statement‟ to underpin its work in relation to 14-19

Item 4                                                              Appendix A8

         developments. This document has been endorsed by all learning
         providers in the area and has been shared with all other Networks
         across Wales via the WAG.

2.       Achievements

     Individual learning           New Work Focused Learning Pathway
             pathways               introduced in September 2007. Motor
                                    Vehicle Level 2 course for 14-16 year olds
                                    via a partnership between Ynysawdre
                                    School and Bridgend College.
                                   NVQ Level 2 Children‟s Learning &
                                    Development Care Course being delivered
                                    through a partnership between
                                    Heronsbridge School and Bryntirion
                                    Comprehensive School.
                                   Studio 34 Programme piloted in 2007/08
                                    for 12 post 16 learners. New cohort in
                                    place for 2008/09 and the course will be
                                    delivered out of the Studio 34 building at
                                   Arrangements in place to improve the
                                    organisation and delivery of
                                    complementary curriculum pathways
                                    across the borough.

     Wider choice and              14-19 Option Menu produced and
            flexibility             analysed.
                                   Uniform Option Booklets for post 16
                                    learners in the borough for the first time in
                                    Spring / Summer 2008.
                                   Developments underway in partnership
                                    with Careers Wales On-line to provide
                                    course information on-line in 2008/09.
                                   Introduction of co-ordinated timetabling
                                    arrangements post 16 via an Option E
                                    provision, which focuses on courses in
                                    care, construction, creative arts and
                                    modern foreign languages.
                                   The refurbishment programme on the
                                    Studio 34 Skills Centre is now complete.
                                   Ogmore, Ynysawdre and Archbishop
                                    McGrath joint post 16 option menu is
                                    expanding and extending choice for
                                   School-College Post 16 Curriculum

Item 4                                                        Appendix A8

                              Partnership currently in its fifth year. Over
                              1,000 learners have benefited from this
                              provision which includes AS, A2 and
                              vocational courses including an industry
                              standard accountancy course.
                             WBQ currently offered in 4 centres; this
                              provision to be extended to 6 centres from
                              September 2008 onwards.

   The Learning Core         Audit of Learning Core activity and
                             management arrangements planned for
                             Spring 2009.
                             Leadership courses in place for more able
                             and talented post 16 learners which involve
                             training, placements with local businesses
                             and presentations to chief executives.
                             All schools, the Youth Service and BAVO
                             registered to deliver health and safety
                             qualifications to 14-19 year old learners for
                             the next three years via the British Safety
                             Post 16 Compact Scheme in place to
                             encourage progression to employment,
                             training and / or Further and Higher
                             All key stage four pupils undertake work
                             experience and a range of other work-
                             related activities via our Education Business
                             Increased emphasis on accreditation for all
                             learners in all settings.

   Learning coach         Extensive range of training induction
          developments     available, together with the national training
                           programme, which leads to formal
                           accreditation through WAG working in
                           partnership with five Welsh universities.
                          Capacity grants awarded to various settings
                           in 2007/08 and 2008/09 to allow staff time to
                           develop their roles and support young
                          Learning Coach Network in place to support
                           Learning Coaches during and following their
                          Independent Review of Learning Coach
                           work commissioned which highlights the
                           emerging models across the county
                           borough. Report to be produced at the end
                           of August 2008.

Item 4                                                              Appendix A8

      Personal support              Good links with Careers Wales (Mid
                                     Glamorgan & Powys).
                                    Youth Gateway programme in place.
                                    Information and advice provided through
                                     the Youth Service, BAVO and Extended
                                     Entitlement Forum.
                                    Individual personal support provided
                                     through the Learning Coach capacity grants
                                     awarded to a range of non-formal settings.
                                    Multi-agency support available via the
                                     Children & Young People‟s Framework

      Careers advice and             14-19 Annual Learning Pathways Careers
            guidance                 Convention delivered annually since 2004.
                                     Over 40 exhibitors; 1,500 learners annually.
                                     Bridgend Record of Achievement provided
                                     for all year 11 learners.
                                     Progress File materials embedded in all
                                     Work underway on Careers Wales On-line
                                     Marketing materials including bi-lingual
                                     banner boards in place to inform learners
                                     and their parents of the work of the Network
                                     in the borough.

3        Quality

3.1      A key issue for the Network is ensuring that all learners experience
         quality provision. Hence a Quality Board has been established in-line
         with WAG guidance and a Quality Champion appointed. A county
         borough-wide self evaluation exercise involving all partners is
         underway, with a number of smaller scale pilot projects:

         i)     supporting Ynysawdre and Ogmore schools to review their joint
                post 16 curriculum provision;
         ii)    reviewing the data and performance indicators as they relate to
                four key curriculum areas i.e. Care, Construction, Creative Arts
                and Modern Foreign Languages;
         iii)   the production of written formal protocols to underpin cross
                country curriculum developments and collaborative provision.

Item 4                                                             Appendix A8

3.2      The outcomes of these exercises will be used to inform the ANDP for
         2009/10, which needs to be produced by January 31st 2009.

4.       Challenges

            A Learning & Skills Measure has recently been proposed by the
             WAG, which will set demanding targets for the LEA and the
             Network in respect of its “local curriculum” for 14-19 year old
             learners by specifying the number of academic and vocational
             courses to be made available to all learners.

            Capacity within the Children‟s Services Directorate, schools and
             Bridgend College to manage such extensive strategic change and
             to deliver a substantial and significant programme of activities
             involving such high numbers of learners and a wide range of partner

            Sustainability in the long term of the national Learning Pathways
             agenda and the related programme of activities post the Annual
             Network Development Grant for 2009/10. The indicative budget for
             2009/10 is £813,709.

Lead Officer: Kath Durbin


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