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									CODE: MS1304B


As required by the module this group project was assigned to our
group comprising of 3 people as based on considering it suitable as
such in terms of effort and abilities required for it. This is based on
the idea that academic work does not have to be a solitary and
personal attempt. It is appropriate to spend sufficient time study in
library but it is a crucial part of every student to work with other
people. It would help to build a student’s personal and academic
development. Group working provides a variety of opportunities
available to students to work in both formal and informal ways. It
helps one identify the importance of communication and feedback
given to and received from other students.

We thus considered our group project an opportunity to share ideas
and experiences and learn from each other. Every member of a group
has responsibilities both individual and to the group as a whole.
Similarly, it is very important to consider how the group works and
what you want to get out of a group. It would help us realise what do
we need to do for the project and what we achieve by the project.
Therefore we laid sufficient importance on communication and
discussion to allow effective working in group.

We could remember a variety of activities from our previous work at
school as group. Cooperation and communication are essential. Group
working is more than just listen and learn but involves an interactive
participation. This is similar to doing job as teamwork. Skills at
working in groups are valuable flexible skills they can be taken over
not only to your everyday life but also to the all important working

Groups can be organised in many different ways. Some are highly
formal with clearly defined roles and agendas and organised timetable.
Others may be loose with less strict timetable. Our project was based
on lectures and academic work. So we decided to plan timetable and
focus our studying on the topics to be covered in the project. We met
on a number of occasions as planned and brought our individual study
work on the project for discussion and group work. We frankly
discussed its presentation and layout regarding various issues
involved including media, content, application, etc. We spent sufficient
time on considering everyone’s contribution for the project and
selected key issues to be included. We had deduced that working in
group would require thought, planning and preparation. It would be
beneficial to have a positive attitude and awareness of group attitude.
With self-control it could be achieved as that would allow us more
control over how we organise ourselves. It helps to build the practical
and administrative skills. Listening is a crucial part not only of the
interaction that goes on in groups. In that sense, listening should not
be regarded as something passive, but rather as an active part of the
communication process. Effective group listening and thinking can
prove a source of intellectual and social inspiration. Appropriate
consideration was thus given to what was said by us and notes were
taken. As stated earlier, an important benefit of group work is the
opportunity to share ideas and experiences. This allows an important
process of giving and receiving feedback. Feedback is the main way of
letting the speaker know that you are listening and understanding.
Feedback should be precise, justified and constructive. In group work,
the direct feedback can be greatly beneficial. It can also be greatly
destructive if not given in a supportive and constructive atmosphere.
Different situations impose different demands on a group. It is likely
that an individual would be called upon to use every one of the skills
listed above. Approaching group work with punctuality and discipline
helps to build the confidence of a group. Keeping above in mind, we
made effort to ensure that our group work was an opportunity to
learn, to develop and to have a good time. Successful groups are those
which develop positively, and their members also develop individually.

Many people who study groups have observed and described the
different stages that groups go through over a period of time. These
are meeting people (forming), when it is established (storming),
Working together (norming), contributing and achieving by group
(performing). We therefore considered our responsibility for trying to
ensure the smooth development of the group. Keeping in mind the
needs of the group as a whole, not just your own personal needs
allowed us to do it in a responsive and responsible way. We avoided
behaviour in a disruptive or awkward way.

We kept time-record of all our meetings as required by project. We
summarised the objectives that were achieved at each of our meeting.
This helped us to keep track of what had been done in our previous
meetings and where we were in the process of completing our project
as planned. We handed the project in time before the deadline date
having finalised the project work.

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