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									Year 7 Geography Homework Country fact file.

Over the next 5-6 weeks you are going make a country fact file. The following tasks
are your homework each week in geography. Use the library, the internet and your own
initiative to complete each week’s homework. You will hand in your work at the end of
the half term. It is your responsibility to complete your homework each week and keep
your work safe.

Homework                             Tasks
Week 1                               Pick a country in the world e.g. Russia. Get a
                                     map of the country. Describe where is it
                                     located? Which countries border it? Which
                                     seas and oceans are next to it? Use compass
                                     points in your answer.
Week 2                               What are the physical (natural) features of the
                                     country? E.g. Mountain ranges, rivers, areas of
                                     outstanding beauty, the weather and climate,
                                     plant and animal species. Include pictures and
Week 3                               What is the Human Geography of your chosen
                                     country? Include places: Towns and cities.
                                     Population: the number of people that live
                                     there. Jobs people do. What is the currency of
                                     your country? What does the country buy and
                                     sell from other countries (imports and
                                     exports)? Include pictures and maps.
Week 4                               History of the country. Find out some key dates
                                     and events throughout history about your
                                     country. Include pictures of national heroes or
                                     important people. Say why they are important.
                                     You could draw a timeline.
Week 5                               What is the culture of your chosen country?
                                     Include the following:
                                     The food people eat.
                                     What languages do people speak?
                                     Ethnic groups (where people come from).
Week 6                               Use this week to put your fact file together
                                     and complete any work you have not yet done.
                                     Make sure your work is well structured and

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