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					     Shaw Trust is a national organisation whose aim is to enable disabled and
       disadvantaged people to achieve their potential in work opportunities.

                                JOB DESCRIPTION

                           EMPLOYMENT ADVISER
                           Shaw Trust Employment
Main Purpose

The post holder will be responsible for generating client volumes and assisting
clients with preparation for employment, matching skills and experience to
appropriate vacancies and identifying new work opportunities focused specifically to
clients’ needs. To achieve predetermined service delivery targets.


The post holder will report to the Area Client Services Manager.


1.     To hold regular job focussed development sessions with clients on an
       individual or group basis providing job advice and support including
       assistance with CVs, application forms and interview preparation.

2.     To ensure clients receive job search training on a regular basis by identifying
       the most appropriate training provider be it internal or external and carry out
       regular reviews.

3.     To contact clients prior to and at post interview stages and actively market
       job-clubs, interview days, and work-tasters to clients.

4.     To maintain a good understanding of local vacancies in order to be able to
       effectively match clients to suitable vacancies/work placements and market
       clients to employers.

5.     To implement job start set up through direct arrangements with client and
       employer as per contractual agreements.

6.     To work closely with other members of the regional/ area employment teams
       to accurately understand the needs of clients and participate in regular area
       case conferences to ensure smooth handovers to the In Work Support team.

7.     To establish, develop and maintain an in depth knowledge of the local labour
       market, current benefits systems and entitlements, programme provision of
       relevant agencies and opportunities relating to employment access.

Employment Adviser                                                     February 2006
8.     To undertake other duties and responsibilities as required to include Initial
       client contact and In Work Support duties

9.     To establish, develop and maintain effective working relationships with local
       employers groups, statutory, voluntary and private organisations to support
       both client referral, training and individual client support.

10.    To promote the service by representing the team at appropriate events and
       presenting the service aims and objectives, enabling awareness and
       engendering support.

11.    To work within a quality framework ensuring that services delivered meet the
       standards required of the contract, ISO9002 , Investors in People and the
       OFSTED Common Inspection Framework

12.    To maintain effective and efficient administrative procedures producing
       appropriate records and reports as required, including the updating of client
       details on CID (Customer Information Database) database.

13.    To operate and encourage a client focused culture to designated standards
       of service, ensuring client feedback is appropriately reported.

14.    To participate in training and undertake appropriate learning and
       development, as identified through regular appraisal and reviews with line

15.    To effectively manage the use of a client support budget within
       organisational guidelines.

16.    To undertake other duties and responsibilities as required to include Initial
       client contact and In Work Support duties

The post holder must maintain the confidentiality of information about clients, staff
and other Trust business. The work is of a confidential nature and information
gained must not be communicated to other persons except in the recognised
course of duty. The post holder must meet the requirements of the Data Protection
Act at all times.

Health and Safety
Employees must comply with the provisions of ‘The Health and Safety at Work Act
1974’ and must take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and of
other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions whilst at work.
Employees are also required to co-operate with their employer to enable them to
perform or comply with any statutory provisions. The Trust’s efforts to promote a
safe and healthy working environment can only succeed with the full co-operation of
its employees.

Employment Adviser                                                      February 2006
Equality & Diversity
The Trust has an Equality and Diversity Policy and it is the responsibility of all staff
to comply with this. The key responsibilities for staff under this Policy are set out in
the Trust Code of Conduct.

This job description is intended to provide a broad outline of the main duties and
responsibilities only. The post holder will need to be flexible in developing the role
in conjunction with the line manager. The post holder may be asked to carry out
any other delegated duty or task that is in line with their post.

Employment Adviser                                                       February 2006
                               PERSON SPECIFICATION

                              EMPLOYMENT ADVISER
                              Shaw Trust Employment



             Relevant previous experience of working in the recruitment/employment
             Proven track record in successfully matching clients to jobs.


             Ability to seek out and develop recruitment opportunities.
             Ability to encourage, persuade and motivate at all levels.
             Flexibility to cope with the varying demands of the role.
             Ability to problem solve and respond appropriately to a variety of
             Ability to manage and support a number of clients and achieve targets for
             Good interpersonal, communication and presentation skills.
             Ability to work on own initiative and as part of a team.
             Good organisational skills.
             IT knowledge or a willingness and aptitude to learn.

Other Requirements:

             Positive attitude to disability, health problems and employment problems
             Willingness to travel inside the designated work area and occasionally
              outside for meetings, training etc. with possible overnight stays.


             Good understanding of the local and national labour market and
              employment issues.
             Current knowledge of welfare benefits and issues.
             Experience of working with disabled and disadvantaged groups.
             Previous experience of delivering training
             Understanding of marketing/ promotion activities
             Knowledge of local area
             Welsh Speaker

Employment Adviser                                                      February 2006

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