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					 Richard Trevithick.
       This fact sheet is based one of
the most famous engineers in history,
Richard Trevithick.
   Who was Richard Trevithick?           1801:
       Richard Trevithick was a                  Richard Trevithick produced
very famous engineer who invented        a large road steam engine that he
the very first steam engine. He is       used to take seven of his friends on
very famous and we celebrate his         a short journey. It was known as
achievements on Trevithick Day!          the Puffing Devil.
What was his childhood like?             1803:
       Richard Trevithick was born               Richard Trevithick travelled
in Illogan in 1771. He went to           to London and showed several
Camborne School and was more             leading scientist his invention,
interested in sport than academic        including the legendary Humphrey
learning.                                Davy. After many failed attempts,
Where did he work after he               Vivian&West agreed to finance
graduated from school?                   his experiments. Soon he was
       Richard Trevithick worked         exhibiting his new steam engine in
for his father at Wheal Treasury         London. However, due to some
Mine, where he made a number of          difficulties, Vivian&West
important improvements to the            withdrew from the project.
Bull Stream Engine.                      1804:
What happened next in his life?                  Richard Trevithick soon
       Due to his growing talent,        found a new sponsor in Samuel
he soon got promoted as head             Homfray who was the owner of
engineer at the Ding Dong Mine           Pennydarren Iron Works. A while
in Penzance. He worked hard all          afterwards he produced the first
the time he was there.                   steam engine to run successfully on
When did he start his work on            rails. It managed to haul ten
steam engines?                           tonnes of iron, seventy passengers
       He produced the first steam       and five wagons from the
engine that worked in 1976.              ironworks to Merthyr-Cardiff
                                         Cannel. It reached speeds of five
                                         miles an hour. However, it only
made three journeys, because every           Richard Trevithick was a
time the cast iron rails broke. Due   very famous man and people from
to this fact, Samuel Homfray          Camborne will always remember
abandoned the project. Richard        his achievements on Trevithick
Trevithick was then employed by       Day.
Christopher Blackett, who owned            By Courteney and Sophie
the Wylam Colliery in
       Richard Trevithick returned
to Cornwall and developed a stem
engine he called the Catch Me
Who Can. Soon after, he developed
a circular railway in Euston
Square that was open to the public
for one shilling each. It reached
speeds of twelve miles per hour.
However, the rails broke and it
had to stop. He found another job
with a company where he was paid
six pence for every ton he lifted
with the steam dredger.
       Richard Trevithick accepted
a job as an engineer at a mine in
Cornwall. Soon his engines became
Richard Trevithick’s Death:
       Richard Trevithick died in
Dartford on the 22nd April 1833
from extreme poverty. His fellow
workers managed to raise enough
money to pay for his funeral. He
was buried in Dartford

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