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									                      Resource 10a: Rio de Janeiro Fact File

Glossary of key terms used in resources 10a, 10b and 11.

Capital city




Crime rate

Basic services


Sugar Loaf Mountain


Industrial area

New town



Edge city

Security apartments

Slum clearance

Site and services      Provision of land and basic services (infrastructure)





                Resource 10a: Rio de Janeiro Fact File (continued)

List the key words under headings:




                     Resource 10a: Map of Rio de Janeiro

N.B. The broken line marks the urban boundary / city limits ( - - - - - - - - - -)

How can you tell the difference between the land and the sea?

What is the scale of the map?

What is the CBD?

What is the location 4 figure Grid Reference of the CBD?

Why is the industrial area located near the sea?

How far is the industrial area (‘P’)from the nearest favela?

How far is the CBD from the nearest favela? (measure from the ‘B’ of CBD)
         Resource 10b: Photographs of Rocinha and Barra da Tijuca

Write a short paragraph about these two places using the word bank below:

What sort of place is Rocinha?

What sort of place is Barra de Tijuca (‘Barra’ for short)?

Word bank:

Accessible                               New town
Clean                                    Poor
Dangerous                                Purpose-built
Dirty                                    Rich
Dual carriageway                         Safe
Environmental quality                    Skyscrapers
Favela                                   Slum
Flat                                     Steep
High building density                    Sterile open spaces
Hilly                                    Street lighting
Houses made of scrap materials           Unplanned
Infrastructure                           Urban planning

Which of these two places would you prefer to live in?

                 Resource 11: Stakeholders in Rio de Janeiro

Look at the opinions of the different stakeholders

Give each opinion a letter A, B, C etc.

Sort them into your personal order of priority:

 Put the one you agree with most at the top and the one you agree least
  with at the bottom of your list.

 Give reasons for the order of your list, referring to each stakeholder in turn.

 Using one word for each stakeholder, describe the FEAR each person has
  about the future for themselves and/or the city.

Priority    Letter                        Reason                      Fear (one word)

              Resource 11: Different Housing Strategies for Rio
What is meant by the word ‘strategy’?

What is meant by a ‘Do nothing’ strategy?

What do strategies 1 and 2 have in common?

Evaluate each strategy according to how well it enables Rio to continue
growing in a ‘sustainable’ way, meeting all housing needs with minimum harm
to the environment and maximum improvement to quality of life.

                               Advantages                 Disadvantages

1. Allow more new favelas
on outskirts of Rio

2. Allow existing favelas to
remain and grow unchecked

3. Construct planned ‘edge

4. Slum clearance

Using one, two or even all of the strategies listed, suggest your own plan for
meeting the housing needs of the people of Rio in the 21 st century. Make
sure you consider all the vested interests of all the stakeholders.

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