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Module Number:

Module Coordinator(s)
Andrew Pendleton/Steven Toms

Credit value and student workload
60 credits

Contact hours:                  10 hours
Dissertation preparation:       100 hours
Private study:                  490 hours

Open:                           1,500 word dissertation proposal
                                20,000 word dissertation
Closed:                         None

The dissertation is a research-based activity involving sustained private study over a
three-four month period, culminating in submission of a dissertation of not more than
20,000 words.

Learning outcomes
Successful completion of the dissertation will demonstrate that students are able to

         Undertake a significant research project
         Apply knowledge of research philosophy and methods
         Undertake empirical research involving collection of primary data (where
         Undertake secondary analysis of existing data and information (where
         Critically analyse significant bodies of literature in the chosen topic area
         Prepare and write a well-presented and substantial analytical report

In preparing the dissertation proposal and the dissertation itself, students will typically
be required to cover the following:

         Critically engage with the relevant literature in the chosen topic area
         Engage with the key issues and questions arising in the topic area
         Consider appropriate research methodologies and the philosophies of enquiry
          underpinning them.
         Collect and analyse data (where appropriate)
         Extrapolate key findings from data analysis and relevant literatures
         Consider the contribution of the dissertation to scholarship, policy, and

Teaching materials
Self-study using a variety of forms of literature (journals, books, reports etc) plus
primary data, secondary data etc as appropriate.

Assessment structure
A dissertation proposal (1,500 words) is to be submitted (typically early in Term 3)
before the dissertation can be commenced. The dissertation is to be not more than
20,000 words including the bibliography but excluding appendices. Appendices
should not be unduly long, and should not contain information that more properly
belongs in the main body of the dissertation.

Indicative Reading
None specified but students should have read core items for Philosophy and Process
of Management Research and Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods.