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									                                    From Colonel Ian Walton TD JP
                            MERSEYSIDE ARMY CADET FORCE
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M101 ACF

    See Distribution                                                               October 2008


    The Vision

    1.     Merseyside Army Cadet Force will become the number one youth organisation
    on Merseyside and the highest rated ACF County in the Brigade Area, regarded as a
    model of best practice. An Organisation that young people and adults want to join
    which is known for:

                          The quality of the young people it helps to produce.

                          To be recognised and respected in the community as a force for good
                           in the community.

                          The effective representation on Merseyside of the Army and its values.

                          It‟s honest, welcoming, respectful, „can do‟ and safe culture.

    Main Objectives for 2008/2009

    2.        The following is a summary of my main objectives for next year:

                         Continue the effective development of shooting in the County. All
                          suitable Adults without an ARD qualification should aim to obtain this
                          qualification in the year. In addition all Companies are to increase their
                          short and long range qualified Adults by at least 2 people each. Shooting
                          is a major reason why cadets join the ACF and is a major point of
                          difference between the ACF and other youth organisations.

                         I would like to significantly increase our AT capability by next Annual
                          Camp; by adding at least 4 new expedition leaders to the staff and at
                          least 2 Adults with suitable rock climbing or canoeing qualifications to
                          man the AT and DoE package at next year‟s camp with County staff.

                         Recruit Cadet numbers to around 800 from the current 700.

                         Continue to actively recruit Officers. Aim for 4 more in the year.

               Continue to focus on the externally recognised qualifications, DoE and
                BTEC. A sign of progress would be to achieve 20 silver passes and 30
                BTEC passes.

               Increase adult numbers to the established 190 by recruiting and retaining
                30 new staff.

               Develop a more proactive approach to community activities.

               Prepare for the cadet 150 celebration in 2010

               Stage a challenging and safe camp at Barry Budden in August 2009.

Review of Last Year’s Key Objectives

3.       The following summarises progress as at October 2008.

 Serial                     Key Objective                               Result
  (a)                            (b)                                       (c)
                Increase the shooting qualifications        Partially achieved, some
                of adults                                   progress made.
                Raise officer manning levels to 40          Not achieved. Numbers
                                                            have fallen in the year
                Increase AT capacity in the County.         Some progress but AT
     3                                                      activity has increased by the
                                                            use of external resources.
                Focus on externally recognised              Some progress on D of E
                qualifications. BTEC , and Duke of          and excellent progress on
                Edinburgh‟s Award                           BTEC with 50 awards in the
                Stage a 14 day camp at                      Achieved safely with
                Crowborough                                 success
                Raise cadet numbers to 900                  Not achieved the cadet
     6                                                      numbers have reduced.

     7          Work within our budgeted resources          Achieved

G1 Personnel and Administrative Matters


4.    A major challenge facing the County continues to be Officer under manning.
This will have a knock on effect on succession planning in the future. However, the
emphasis will still be on quality rather than quantity.

5.    Potential Officer Training and development will continue to be my responsibility
along with the Adjutant.

6.    I am keen that the activities of the Officers‟ Mess continue to develop and that
membership of this mess becomes an aspiration for suitably qualified Adult instructors.
There is little structured training available for Officers, post Westbury. All young

Officers will be encouraged to attend the relevant Officer training modules run by the
Brigade Specialist Training Team. In addition, in house training under the direction of
the Commandant and CEO will be staged.

Adult Instructors

7.      Well trained and motivated Adults are the bedrock of our organisation. The
process of selection, recently up updated will continue. The recruiting and selection of
around 60 new Adults this year is a major objective for the County. This will be aided
by the recently agreed regional recruiting campaign to be held in the North West in
February 2009. This will include TV advertising in the Granada region coupled with
locally arranged County activities under the command of the Adjutant.

8.      A Promotions Board system for all Adults has been established. This will
continue with two Boards per year in January and at Annual Camp. Promotions will
only be considered if the Adult has obtained the required qualification for the rank and
is doing a job worthy of the rank. The criterion for promotion is as follows and
recommendations for promotion by Company Commanders are to be based on the
criteria listed below:

             Is the person course qualified as per the ACF Manual?

             Is the candidate doing their current job well and can success be

             Does the candidate contribute to the Detachment, the Company and the

             Would the promotion of the candidate benefit Merseyside Army Cadet

9.     It has been the practice within the ACF that if an Officer is not available to lead
a Detachment which is the normal case in Merseyside, then the Detachment
Commander (DC) may be granted (if qualified) SMI rank. Following on from that if that
if a SMI steps down from a DC appointment he/she would be required to step down
from the SMI rank. Also, if an AI is granted SMI rank to hold for example a County post
normally held by an Officer and then stands down for whatever reason, he/she will
also revert to their previous rank held prior to taking up that particular appointment.
This has been the subject of a published protocol letter.

Permanent Staff

10.    There has been a progressive strengthening of the volunteer/ permanent staff
relationship which I hope will continue and to flourish.

11.    The Permanent staff has successfully implemented JPA and Westminster in the
last year. More changes are being considered with a view to enhance the Health and
Safety capacity of the organisation. Details will follow.

Senior Cadets

12.   As a general statement, not enough Cadets are staying the course and
reaching 4 Star level. Fundamentally I see this as a key measure of our success as an
organisation and training specifically for senior cadets will continue under the direction
of the CTO, in particular:

             More specific and challenging training in conjunction with local TA Units
              and 27CTT.

             The completion of a weekend FTX.

             Promotion of and preparation for SCIC, Master Cadet and Cadet
              Leadership Courses.

             Pre course preparation for 3 star cadres particularly weapons and

Padres Department

13.   With our 3 Padres we are probably among the strongest Counties in this
important area. We all benefit enormously from the Padre‟s pastoral input, particularly
at Annual Camp. Maintaining input at this level is a priority for us.

Cadet Numbers and Recruitment

14.     I would like to recruit up to a minimum of 800 attending Cadets on the
Westminster roll by the end of 2009. However, the principal is safety and quality not
quantity. We do need to bear in mind that establishment and funding is determined by
strength. I have asked the Adjutant to coordinate the recruiting of Cadets across the
County in association with Company and Detachment Commanders. The County has
available for general use two portable banners, one of them promoting Cadet
Recruitment and the other Adult Recruitment. These banners are useful for display in
schools and when bag packing. In addition there is an excellent leaflet and poster
printer package available at County HQ for the use of all. The recruiting caravan has
been refurbished to a very high standard. In addition a substantial cadet and adult
recruiting drive will take place in the North West in February 2009 including the re
running of the recent TV advert that was a success a couple of years ago.


15.   The number of functioning detachments has dropped to 30 from 33. It is
planned to reopen the 1 Rifles detachment in Bootle by Christmas 2008.

16.    The Broadway School detachment was moved to Newton Le Willows to in an
attempt to energise this group and to pilot a second detachment in one cadet centre
albeit on different nights. This experiment failed and a location to reopen this
detachment is a priority for 2 Company.

17.   A temporary location for the Liverpool Scottish detachment has been found
along with a location for a cadet building once funds from RFCA become available.
The band detachment has been relocated to Prescot and now parades on a Sunday.


18.    Priorities for the medical team are as follows:

                Ensure medical cover is available at camp, on County organised courses
                 and also at weekend training, specifically the summer weekends away
                 from Altcar.

                Review our current systems to suggest improvements particularly how to
                 store records and reducing the cost of Doctors notes for Cadets.

                Repeat the review the Cadet medical forms before Annual Camp with a
                 view to identifying Cadets with medical problems before going to camp.

                Recruit at least another one member of the team this year.


19.    In the financial year 2007/08 we again managed to work within our budgeted
funds without constraining training activities. The financial climate we work under
continues to be tight and I ask everybody involved in planning and authorisation of
training and events to continue to think “Value for Money” and to practice this concept.
In addition we do need to utilise all the resources given to us.

20.   Some progress has been made in the management of Detachment funds. I
have asked the CEO to review the position and propose the way forward to improve
the current system. We need to achieve a better system of managing detachment
funds whilst maintaining security and simplicity.

G3 Training

Training Programme 2008/09

21.       The outline Block Training programme is set out below.

  Serial                Activity                                      Details
   (a)                    (b)                                           (c)
   1             Annual Camp                     12 x days at Barry Budden
                 Company Weekends                4 in total. 2 in the winter held at Altcar, 2 in
      2                                          the summer held at other locations of the
                                                 Company‟s choice.
                 3 Star Cadres                   2 x 10 day Cadres at Easter and Annual
                 SCIC                            1 x course at Easter organised by 27 CTT
                                                 in addition to the centrally organised ones
      5          AIC                             2 x Courses.
                                                 2 x Courses organised by 27 CTT plus
                 ITC                             others available throughout the Brigade
      7          Senior Cadets                   2 x weekends
      8          Adult Training                  2 x days
                 Potential Officer Trg           4 x days
                 Officer training                1 x day
                 Competitions                    2 x weekends, CSAAM, Merseyside ACF
  10                                             Cup organised by 156 (V) Regt RLC plus
                                                 others organised on a Regimental basis

                                               e.g. Irish Guards, Rifles and Medics.
              BTEC                             Up to 2 x weekends as required and 1 x
                                               day at Annual Camp
  12          First Aid                        3 x weekends
  13          Outreach                         2 x Courses
              Adventurous Training             Development of AT instructors and
                                               expedition leaders a priority.
  15          DoE                              Practices and expeditions as required.
  16          AT Expedition                    1x week

Annual Camp

22.    A 12 day Annual Camp 2009 will be held at Barry Budden. In outline it will be
similar to 2008 model but the camp will start on Monday and finish on the Friday. This
will make attendance by adults more sustainable as the camp period will only impact
on the middle weekend instead of three.

             The 1 and 2 Star Cadets will spend 3 nights out of camp.

             Cadet numbers will be matched to AIs attending camp and their
              qualifications. The Senior Cadet Cadre requirements will be satisfied
              first. There will be a need to identify AI camp attendance earlier than

             1 Star Cadets wishing to attend Annual Camp should have attended at
              least 1, ideally 2 Company weekends and be 13 years or older. Barry
              Budden is a long way from Merseyside so returning home early will be
              difficult. This condition worked well at Crowborough

             We will make full use of the facilities at RM Condor.

             Additional time will be made available to complete the BTEC work at

             There will be a substantial shooting programme including the conversion
              of all personnel to the new Cadet Rifle.

3 Star Training

23.    I continue to be very keen that a high standard is set on this Cadre as a
gateway to the special programme being offered to Senior Cadets. The standard of
training of Cadets joining the courses in 2008 has been better than 2007. I will ask the
Training Major to again review pre-training for the course and the possibility of
applying a pre-course entry test. I am also keen that as many as possible of our KG VI
trained instructors are involved in the 3 Star Training compatible with maintaining a
consistent standard.

4 Star Training

24.    All Senior Cadet activities arranged at County level will be under the direction of
the CTO. He will be supported by the BTEC/ Outreach Officer, CFATO, AT Officer and
the RSMI. Support from Companies will be required. This programme will need to be
high quality so that junior Cadets aspire to be part of it, as per paragraph 12 above.

The qualifications for 4 star status in the County are as follows:

Either DoE Silver Award following successful completion of 3 Star,
Successful completion of 2 of the following subjects:

                Senior Cadet Instructors Course (SCIC)

                Master Cadet Course

                Cadet Leadership Course

                Infantry Cadre

                Signals Cadre


25.   One Outreach projects were organised in 2008 in partnership with Liverpool
Youth Offending Team. The programme has recently slipped due to our inability to
maintain a steady team. I am very keen that the programme is restored in 2009.


26.    We are making progress in this area.

In particular:

                There has been an improvement in the course qualifications of our staff.

                Access to ranges in TA Centres has been improved thus removing a
                 barrier to shooting. Also increased range usage has removed the threat
                 of their closure for the time being.

                A Cadet Team represented Merseyside at a Bisley meeting for the third
                 time with improving results.

Furthermore, I would like to see the following activity:

                A continued improvement in our qualified staff by everybody advancing
                 their qualification by at least one level.

                More shooting at Detachment and Company level. Companies and
                 Detachments are urged to enter the various small bore competitions that
                 are available.
               Bisley entry again at the 2 Cadet meetings. The target rifle season is in
                the spring running into July, starting with the Duke of Lancaster‟s
                competition and culminating in the Bisley meeting in the July. The Cadet
                GP rifle season begins with the Cadet SAAM in September culminating
                with the Cadet inter-services SAAM in the late autumn. It is great to do
                well in these competitions but I favour maximum participation by Cadets.

               With regard to weapons in general, we need to be aware and take into
                account the recent and current public concern about gun crime and
                possession of guns, particularly on Merseyside. We should not shy away
                from shooting as an activity, but neither should we go out of our way to
                over emphasise it given the current public concern.

               The County receives the new cadet rifle in June 2009. There will be a
                need to plan conversion courses for all personnel. Also our allocation of
                riles is considerably reduced so our method of working particularly at
                Camp will need to be reviewed. This reduction is balanced to some
                extent by additional DPs.

First Aid

27.     As a County we are well placed with regard to Adult qualifications and Cadet
participation. I do not want to lose any ground here so the CFATO is tasked with:

               Improving the numbers of Adult qualifications at CFA and FAW level.

               Continuing the policy of running a CFA on the penultimate AIC weekend.

               Maintaining the Heart Start programme.

               Training the County FA team to achieve the highest position in
                competitions both regionally and nationally.

There have been some changes in the National First Aid syllabus. These changes are
summarised below:

               1 Star Cadet‟s qualification is the Heart Start Programme.

               2 Star Cadet‟s qualification is the Youth First Aid Programme (previously
                Junior Life Saver).

               3 Star Cadet‟s qualification is the Community Active First Aid
                Programme, (previously the Life Saver Plus)

               4 Star Cadet‟s qualification in the County will be the FAW certificate.


28. The support for sport has once again been patchy across the Companies so I
would like a more County wide approach. Companies are to identify a Company
Sports Officer. The sports we are involved in are:

             Swimming (Boys and Girls)

             Tug of War (Boys only)

             X Country (Boys and Girls),

             Football (Boys and Girls)

             Rugby (Boys only)

29.    Girls Football is to be introduced at National level in 2008. Again this year I am
not going to appoint a Sports Officer, but continue to run with the Sports being lead by
the CTO. As per last year each Company and its Sports Officer will take responsibility
for organising one sports team to enter the Regional Competitions. 3 Company has
started by organising the Swimming. The CTO in conjunction with Sports Officers and
Company Commanders will nominate responsibility for the other sports.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DoE)

30.    I believe that the opportunity to be involved in this prestigious and nationally
recognised award is a major plus for our Cadets. We are making progress in re-
establishing this activity in the County, the following apply:

         The Training Major will continue the duties of DoE Officer.

         Companies are to maintain a DoE Officer.

         The quality of the award must be maintained and the standards understood
          by all.

         At least 4 more qualified expedition leaders are required as a matter of

Adult Training

31.     As a general rule Adults should endeavour to continually update and enhance
their Training and skills so they can play a full role in the ACF. Priority should be given
to attending the Frimley Park Courses as they are needed for promotional purposes as
well as instructional reasons. Frimley Park Courses take priority over Annual Camp
and over the other “fun style“ Courses. The Commandant at Frimley Park has made
more AI and KGVI courses available to Merseyside this year. He has promised to do
this on the basis that we maintain our record of attendance.

32.     Two Adult study weekends are planned for 2009. One run by 27 CTT will
concentrate on interesting ways of delivering training. The second will concentrate on
preparing Detachment Commanders for their duties along with other important topics
yet to be decided.

Potential Officer Training

33.   There will be four Training days in 2008/09 concentrating on preparation of
candidates for the Cadet Force Commissions Board.

Adventurous Training

34.     I would like the main emphasis for 2008/09 to be the development of Adult
instructors with useable AT qualifications. The AT Officer is specifically tasked to get at
least 4 further Adults with recognised AT qualifications in Rock and Canoeing activities
so that we can man Annual Camp 2009 AT package with our own staff.

35.    The Austria expedition in 2007 was a success. This was repeated in October
2008 with a climbing expedition for cadets and adults to Spain. I would like to develop
this into an annual event with the next expedition in October 2009, location to be
decided, probably Bavaria.

Initial Training Course (ITC)

36.    There will be two courses in the year organised and run by 27 CTT. There are
other courses run throughout the Brigade area, some over a series of weekends which
may be more convenient for some Adults.

Signals Activities

37.    I am very pleased with the way signalling has progressed in the County and I
would like the progress to continue.

Detachment Training

38.    Individual Detachments organise very successful weekend activities of their
own. I welcome these activities and would like them to continue and would urge more
Detachment Commanders to do the same. Authorisation of these activities is through
our normal M21 system, but please note all activities must be approved by the
relevant Company Commander and endorsed as approved on the M21

The Cadet 150 Anniversary

39.The Cadet Force can trace its formation back to 1860 so 2010 will be the 150th
anniversary. The plan is to celebrate this in an appropriate manner as follows;

      At County level by an enhance presence in the Liverpool Lord Mayor‟s Parade
       followed by a Drum Head Service at the Town Hall.

      At Company level a celebration/Party etc for Cadets , AIs and families

      Also at County level a Cocktail party for adults and guests.

The Cadet in the Community

40.  We can improve our Cadet in the Community activities and I would like to
enhance our activities in this neglected area. I am going to ask the Deputy
Commandant to work on the following topics:

      Continue to develop our relations with the 5 Local Government areas in the
      Provide a focus for Cadet 150 events in 2010.

      Identify some meaningful community activities that the Cadets can participate in
       the meet our Charter.

Pipes and Drums

41.     The Pipes and Drums have been formally closed down; it was making no
progress. In its place is a „Corps of Drums‟ platoon has been formed at Prescot, lead
by the new Bandmaster PI Sheedy. He will be under command of OC 2 Company.
The proposed flutes and bugles should be easier to master than bagpipes. The
intention/ objective is to have a good band presence at Annual Camp in preparation
for the Cadet 150 celebrations

G4 Matters

The Estate

42.    We have a good number of Detachments parading in TA Centres. I want all
Adults to understand the conditions that apply to the use of these centres. The ACF
are JOINT USERS of TA Centres. This means we have our own real estate such as
offices and stores. In addition we have the full use of the public areas in the Centres.
As a matter of courtesy, if Detachments parade on the same night as the TA then the
TA will have priority. At other times there is no reason why the facilities should not be
used by Cadets. If there is any problem with this either with TA staff or Brigade staff
(the caretaker) this must be reported to the CEO immediately. We must not give up
any real estate in TA Centres such as stores or offices. If this is threatened the CEO
must be informed immediately. I am not advocating conflict and the generation of good
relations will help all concerned.

43.    New permanent locations are required for the following detachments, Liverpool
Scottish, FRA and Broadway (Lancs). The intention is to relocate the Kirby Rifles to


Statutory and Mandatory Managerial Inspections and Checks

44.     With events that have unfolded of the past 18 months the „Chain of Command‟
has become even more focused on these vitally important obligations across all the
staff functions G1 to G9. We cannot pay lip service to these. Unfortunately our track
record of completing these checks in some cases is not as good as it should be. Listed
below are the subjects that remain extremely high profile that said there are many
others which are no less important:

      Weapons (Record of regular accounting by owner unit not holding unit)

      Ammunition ( As above)

      Fuel (Correct use of Fuel Cards and claiming for Travel Subsistence)

      Travel Warrants (Strict use and regular accounting of these documents)

      Cash (Recording of regular auditing of accounts at all levels)

      Admissibility of Pay (OCs checking and certifying all claims for PTDs)

We need to embrace managerial checks and complete them in a rigorous and timely
fashion. They are our immediate means of displaying that we are exercising
supervision over our organisation. I appreciate they each bring their own varying
decrees of difficulty to complete, but I cannot accept that as an excuse for them not to
be completed. I anticipate a significant improvement forthwith.

I Walton




Honorary Colonel
Commander 42 (NW) Brigade
SO3 G7 Cadets 42 (NW) Brigade
Colonel Cadets 42 (NW) Brigade
Chief Executive RFCA
Deputy Chief Executive RFCA
Commanding Officer 156 Transport Regiment RLC



All Officers
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All Permanent staff



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