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					Job Description

Curriculum Leader Media Studies

The role of the Curriculum Leader is crucial in developing the ethos of achievement
within the Curriculum Area, in harmony with the aims and ethos of the whole school.
Curriculum Leaders are key to the success and development of the school, and the
raising of student achievement.

Curriculum Leaders must ensure that targets for improvement in the Curriculum Area
are set and met, through positive approaches to curriculum development, the
planning and preparation of schemes of work, the monitoring of learning and
teaching across the Curriculum Area and the support and development of staff.

Curriculum Leaders form a vital part of the middle leadership team. Curriculum
Leaders need to have a good knowledge of educational issues and are expected to
keep up to date with, lead on and work in conjunction with the Faculty Leader on
improving pedagogy and practice where it is relevant to the Curriculum Area.


The aims of the post of Curriculum Leader are to…

       Promote the development of the Curriculum Area
       Ensure that learning is the core purpose of the Curriculum Area
       Foster high achievement and excellence within the Curriculum Area ensuring
        that students are encouraged and supported to aspire beyond their personal
       Support the professional and personal development of staff


Responsibilities in relation to staff are to…

monitor the effectiveness of, and have oversight for, the work of members of the
Curriculum Area (where relevant)

ensure opportunities are provided for the professional development of staff, ensuring
that they are up-to-date with developments in the subject Area in order to improve
the quality of learning and teaching

support the performance management of staff

be responsible for the support and supervision of staff

define, with the Senior Leadership Team Mentor, the role of staff with Teaching and
Learning Responsibility Payments within the Curriculum Area (where appropriate)

supervise the work of Newly Qualified Teachers and student Teachers within the
Curriculum Area, in co-operation with Senior Leadership Team member(s) and other
staff such as the Leading Learning Co-ordinator, subject professional tutors and the
Professional Co-ordinating Tutor
establish clear procedures for consultation with staff in the Curriculum Area, in line
with the consultative procedures of the faculty and school

advise the Headteacher in matters concerning staff replacements, including the
drafting of advertisements and selection criteria

ensure when a colleague is absent that work is set for classes needing cover

liaise with relevant visitors to the school and ensure they have adequate
documentation, briefings and programmes for their visits

ensure that staff support and uphold the school's aims and policies

plan and prepare a working staff handbook for the Curriculum Area or contribute to a
faculty handbook as appropriate, advising on procedures, policies and practices


Responsibilities in relation to students are to…

have oversight of the learning of all students within the Curriculum Area working with
the Faculty Leader as appropriate

ensure that staff within the Curriculum Area create an ethos in which students feel
safe and learn effectively

ensure that rewards policies are applied in line with Faculty and whole school policy,
so that students are praised and rewarded for good work

ensure that proper assessment procedures are set up in line with faculty and whole
school policy and monitor the quality of those assessment procedures, school reports
and other such communications across the Curriculum Area

ensure that structures are developed to deal with underachievement, poor behaviour
and attendance where this affects learning, in line with Faculty and whole school

make contact with parents as appropriate in line with Faculty or whole school

liaise with Year Leaders on the needs of individual students and produce coursework
deadline planners

liaise with the Faculty Leader Learning Support and have oversight of the
identification of school action learners in line with the SEN Code of Practice, and
disseminate relevant student information, including the use of IEPs

Liaise and guide support staff as appropriate to ensure the needs of students are met

oversee the allocation of staff to teaching groups and liaise with the Senior
Leadership Team and Faculty Leader to ensure the effective delivery of the
Curriculum within whole school constraints
oversee the organisation of suitable student groupings, particularly where there is
setting within the Curriculum Area, and ensure that proper group lists are compiled
for input onto the administrative computer systems

liaise with the Exam Officers and Teachers’ Assistants to ensure all aspects of
internal and external exams are managed effectively

provide opportunities within the Curriculum Area for the development of student

ensure the provision of extended learning opportunities within the Curriculum Area,
ensuring that any subject visits are organised in line with faculty and school journey


Responsibilities in relation to the Curriculum are to…

ensure that suitable schemes of work are planned and prepared and take account of
internal and external developments and requirements as well as school policies and
aims so that the Curriculum is effectively delivered to students of all abilities

monitor and evaluate schemes of work and update as appropriate

initiate Curriculum discussion and ensure that there is constant review of teaching
approaches and subject content, in line with the National Curriculum, exam syllabi
and other external requirements, so that students can progress within school and
when they leave

oversee the use of baseline data within the Curriculum Area, in conjunction with the
Senior Leadership Team member responsible for Assessment, Reporting and

oversee the analysis and dissemination of relevant student data, and use this to set
realistic but challenging targets for staff and students

provide information, as necessary, to the Headteacher, parents, teachers and
governors about the work of the Curriculum Area, student progress, and exam results


Responsibilities in relation to resources are to…

plan and administer Capitation income and expenditure in conjunction with the
School Business Manager, ensure its effective use and ensure that the school gets
good value for money in all its purchases

be responsible for monitoring the use of all Curriculum Area classrooms, negotiating
with premises staff on relevant issues

monitor the quality and effective use of classroom displays and liaise with the
Teachers’ Assistants as appropriate
ensure that all staff have the equipment and resources needed for students to learn
effectively and ensure that equipment and resources issued are properly used and

be responsible for good Health and Safety practice within the Area

Role Specific

undertake self evaluation and review as appropriate in line with whole school self
evaluation and review processes, including annual review of the subject Area SEF

manage and monitor systematic forward planning for the Curriculum Area in line with
the School Improvement Plan including developing a Curriculum Area Improvement

ensure there is a commitment to equality of opportunity for staff and students within
the Curriculum Area in line with whole school principles

promote the work of the Curriculum Area through parents’ evenings, assemblies,
cross curricular opportunities and links with the community

Be prepared to participate in and organise assemblies as part of the faculty.

undertake any other duties that can reasonably be expected by the Headteacher to
ensure the effective running of the Curriculum Area and whole school middle
leadership functions

May 2009