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Fact sheet for visually impaired users of Woodbrooke Library


Fact sheet for visually impaired users of Woodbrooke Library

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									Fact sheet for visually impaired users of
Woodbrooke Library.

In order to improve access to our library, we
have provided a number of enabling features
which are described in this fact sheet.

1. There is a book magnifier machine
(Andromeda) on the desk in the library lobby.
This can both enlarge text and change the
colour/contrast on screen. Press the red
button on the right of the front panel to switch
it on. A 'quick start guide' and fuller
instructions are kept by the machine. Audio
versions of these can be provided on request.
Demonstrations can be arranged by

2. The library catalogue is available over the
internet at
Readers with their own computer equipment
adapted to their own needs can access it

3. There is a laptop computer with basic text-
to-speech and screen magnification software
available for loan within Woodbrooke. This
can be used to access the catalogue as well
as to read electronic versions of course
handouts supplied by tutors. Please let the
Librarian know in advance if you wish to
borrow this.

4. Library staff (when on duty) will be glad to
assist in finding books and, for example,
making photocopies of extracts which can be
taken away to be used in text scanning
equipment at home.

Please remember, however, that although
access to the library is twenty-four hours a
day, staffing is not! Normal library staffing
hours are Monday – Friday 9 – 5. It is helpful
if you can let the Librarian know as far in
advance of your visit as possible so that we
can try to arrange for assistance to be
available. If you are coming for the weekend
and can notify us in advance, we may be able
to arrange for a Friend-in-Residence or other
volunteer to be available during the free time
from your course to help you find material.

Ian Jackson

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