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									                                                                     21st May 2009.

Dear Councillor,

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at 8 p.m. in the Council
Meeting Room on Wednesday, 27th May, 2009.

The agenda is appended.

                                  Yours faithfully,

                                  Philip Laughton
                                Clerk to the Council


   1.  Election of Chairman for ensuing year and signing of Acceptance of Office.
   2.  Minutes of Meeting of the Parish Council held on 20th May 2009.
   3.  Election of Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year.
   4.  Election of Standing Committees:
           a) General Purpose/Cemetery Management Committee
           b) Recreation
   5. Reports from Representatives on Outside Bodies
   6. Appointment of Representatives to Other Bodies:
           a) Leicestershire Association of Parish Councils
           b) Village Hall Management Committee
           c) Alex Neal Charity
   7. To approve Schedule of Meetings for the forthcoming year.
   8. Delegation of Powers.
   9. Granting of Chairman’s Allowance
   10. Awards for Services to the Parish.
   11. To approve and sign Accounts for Audit
   12. Wind Monitoring Mast Appeal
   13. Insurances renewal
   14. Planning Applications.

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