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HTML Template by mimama


									                                HTML Template
You should follow this template when creating your news article. It is
important that the same format is followed for each article. Please do not
add or delete any items.


<TITLE>News Article</TITLE>
<BODY BACKGROUND=”paper.jpg”> Create an appropriate name
                                           for your newspaper.
<P>                                          ↓
<CENTER><FONT SIZE=+4>Title of Paper</FONT><BR>
<FONT SIZE=+1>Date</FONT></CENTER> ← Make sure your date is
<P>                                                        correct for the day/year of
<HR>                                                       your picture and article!
<FONT SIZE=+1>By, Your first name</FONT></CENTER>
<IMG SRC=”filename.jpg” ALIGN=LEFT WIDTH=50%>
Lead paragraph       ↑
<P>                    The filename for your picture will match
Next paragraph         your document filename; the difference will
<P>                    be the extension. For example, if your
Next paragraph         document filename is “abob.htm”, your
<P>                    picture filename will be “abob.jpg”.
Next paragraph, etc.
Type source 1 in correct format                 Book titles on the Web are in
<P>                                             italics . To italicize in HTML, use
                                                the codes <I> and </I>. For
Type source 2 in correct format                 example: <I>Rifles for Watie</I>

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