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                                                                     NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

                Admin Year End Instructions (June - September 2009)

Please read these instructions through carefully before you start your Year End process.

                                                                          Done     Date     Initials
STAGE 1            Preparation of new classes and
June/July          importing/entering pupil information
                   into the Admissions Roll
Page 3             Take regular routine backups!
STAGE 2            Proposals for new years and classes
                   [Backup:   'ProposedSept2009]

Page 5
STAGE 3            End of Year Process - making leavers
September -        leave and moving pupils up
First week of
new term           [Backup: 'PRE-YearEnd2009]
Page 7

STAGE 4            Transferring accepted admissions into
September -        Current Roll
First week of
new term           [Backup: 'NewCRSept2009']

Page 10
STAGE 5            Housekeeping: checking Admissions
From second        Roll and deleting unused classes
week in
                   Take regular routine backup
Page 11

Important notice about location of backup files: These notes recommend that a number of
the backups taken during the year End process are saved to C:\Keydata\Integris (instead of
floppy disc). However, if your current datafile is located in a different drive (eg: K) then replace
references to C:\Keydata\Integris with K:\Keydata\Integris.

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                                                                          NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

NEW Year End Instructions for July 2009/Sept 2009 - Nursery Schools

The Year End process MUST be undertaken as this process, when complete, will carry your
Admin system forward into the next academic year (2009/2010). This is an important feature of
Year End as the system academic year will affect any UPN numbers generated by your system.

Important Background Information
The procedures for Admin Year End can be done in FIVE stages, firstly,
    the import and/or data entry of information into the Admissions Roll relating to the new
       intake for September;
    the Setup Preparation (June/July);
    the Year End update itself (at the beginning of September);
    the Transfer of Admissions into the Current Roll and finally
    Setting up the school diary for the new year.

   June/July: The Year end process starts with the importing of CTF files or entering data into the
    Admissions Roll relating to the new September intake. Schools have time to collect the information
    required about their new students before they start in September and provide class lists for teachers

   July: The Setup Preparation allows you to propose the year and classes the existing current roll
    pupils are moving into in the next academic year - you will be able to print 'proposed' class lists for
    your teachers without interfering with the current status of the Current Roll

   First week of new term: The Year End Process involves the pupils in the leavers year moving into
    the Former Roll and the remaining pupils moving into their assigned new years and classes - this
    actually changes your Current Roll

   Finally, the Transfer of accepted Admissions into the Current Roll moves the September new
    starters into the Current Roll

   Stage 5 relates to Housekeeping tasks following the end of the Year End procedures

   Stage 6 details how to set up the new school year in the school diary

It is important that the steps overleaf are followed in the order they are written.

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                                                                               NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

STAGE 1 - Preparation of new classes and admissions in the Admission
June/July - adding new classes for new academic year (if relevant)                                           Done?

1.      Go to General > Parameters > Class Description. Add any new classes for the next
        academic year. Do NOT delete any classes that won't be valid in the new term at this
        stage! This should be done at the end of the Year End procedure in September

June/July - preparing admissions information in the Admissions Roll

     All new intakes for September should now be manually entered into the Admissions Roll
     either via a Batch(es) [use Admin > Admissions] (this requires only entering in surname,
     first name, dob, gender and year group for each child. Additional details (eg: address,
     contacts, classes etc) can be entered at school's own convenience - preferably before
     September - by going to General > Student Details > Admissions > Edit) OR direct into the
     Admissions Roll. Ensure that pupils due to start in September have their correct
     anticipated start date entered in the Entry date box on the Additional screen.

     Important note! If a pupil is transferring to your school from another school, tick the
     'Awaiting Notification of UPN' box when you are adding a new pupil to the Admission Roll
     if you do not have the UPN at this time. This action will prevent another UPN being
     generated by your system when the pupil is transferred to the Current Roll later.

Final preparations:

All schools - when all the statutory information relating to the new September intake is in the
Admissions Roll AND the data has been edited and/or updated and checked:

Use Admin > Speed Edit to assign the following fields of information:
Entry Date
and Student Acceptance Status of Yes.

Revised instructions (June 2005) on handling CTF files and action required following imports are available from the
Integris Manual link on the RM Integris web site.

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                                                                         NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

There are some standard reports and additional ad-hoc reports that can be run for the
new pupils in the Admissions Roll:
Go to Admin > Reports:

   (In the Class Lists folder) Student Information Sheet - to print off current details held - to
    send to parents for checking/completing

   (In the Roll Reports folder) Admissions - complete list of all admissions in surname order
    (can be separated by Admission batch names)

   (In the General Reports folder) Students with no addresses - this report lists pupils in
    your Admissions Roll where addresses are missing

Further useful ad-hoc reports are available from the Keys Website - click on the 'Integris
Reports' link in the Index. A copy of the download instructions is also available from this
link. We recommend you use any of the following reports for Year/Class lists and more.

When you run the report, select the students from the Admissions Roll in the Student Search
window after clicking the 'New Query' button:

   Report 7: Year List for Admissions Roll - replica of standard Year List report which you
    can run for your Admissions Roll

   Report 8: Standard Class List for Admissions Roll - replica of the standard Class List
    report which you can run for your Admissions Roll provided you have assigned their classes

   Report 9: Student Address details by Class - useful for teachers of new classes!

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                                                                        NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

STAGE 2 - Setup Preparation - proposing the new years and classes
July - preparing proposed changes to year groups and classes for the new academic year

Make sure that you are the only 'Admin' user logged into Integris while you are performing this Stage.

1.     We recommend that you take a normal routine backup of Integris before you
       commence this stage.

2.     Go to General > School Details - check that the 'Leavers' box has the correct year
       group showing as your leavers year. (this will be either N2 or Reception
       depending on your pupils' dates of birth). Edit the screen if it needs to be changed.

3.     Using Admin >Speed Edit - CHECK that all students in the leavers year have a
       leave date (17/07/09) and a destination school - this should have already been done
       by Nurseries as part of the CTF transfers process to Lower schools.

4.     Go to Admin > Year End. In the Year End menu, double-click ‘Automatic Increment
       of Year Groups’. The Note that appears on screen confirms that this action will
       propose that all the non-leavers move up a year keeping the same class/form groups
       (eg: Yr N1 Class Red moves up to Yr N2 Class Red; Yr N2 Green moves up to
       Reception Green). Click OK. (This step MUST be done to move all pupils UP one year
       regardless of whether there will be any class changes - the following steps cover
       situations where class names are to change and/or not all the pupils will remain in the
       same classes)

5.     At the 'Automatic increment is complete' message prompt, click OK.

       Before proceeding, it is recommended at this point to click on “Reports showing
       Proposed Year/Class” to check proposed changes so far and identify any alterations
       that need to be made. See Reports table overleaf for an explanation of what these
       reports do. Use this report function to produce class lists for staff

6.     Then in Admin > Year End, double-click 'Assign by Year/Class'.

       Here, you will need to select the current year and class and then select the proposed
       year and class it will change to [ i.e Year N1 & current class to Year N2 and new class;
       Year N2 & current class to Year Reception and new class OR to Year Leaver and
       unspecified class].

        (N.b - if the proposed class is a new class, you will need to add the new class in
       Parameters first if you have not already done so as per instructions in Stage 1 step 1

       Before proceeding it is recommended again to click on “Reports showing Proposed
       Year/Class” again to check proposed changes so far. These changes can be amended
       at any time up until the actual Year End procedure is run in September. Use this report
       function to produce class lists for staff

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                                                                             NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

7.      If individual children are moving to different classes, then in Admin > Year End,
        double-click ‘Assign Individuals to Year/Class’ .

        Here, you can assign individual students to a different class and/or year group from that
        proposed for the rest of the pupils in the class.

        Select the current year and class/registration group.
        Then select the modified proposed Year and Class.
        Select student name(s) (holding CTRL after clicking on the first name when selecting
        more than one name) and click on Update Line(s).
        Click on SAVE Modifications before selecting another year/registration group to edit.

        Again, it is recommended that you click on “Reports showing Proposed
        Year/Class” to check proposed changes so far. These changes can be amended at any
        time up until the actual Year End procedure is run in September. Use this report
        function to produce class lists for staff.

NOTE: Steps 6 & 7 above can be repeated as many times as necessary until all the proposed
classes are correct.

7.      When the proposed changes are complete, take a backup of the datafile and name
        it as 'ProposedSept2009' and save it in your C:\Keydata\Integris folder. This means
        that if the 'Process End of Year' procedure undertaken in September is unsuccessful
        for any reason you can restore this backup and avoid having to assign pupils to
        proposed years and classes again.

Reports showing Proposed Updates
Current Class Lists Showing Proposed Changes to Each Student
This report will show the pupils current year and class, and also the year and class they will be in next
year. The pupils will be listed by their current class on this report.

Class Lists of Proposed Year/Class Groups
This report will show the class list of pupils in the Year/Reg Groups as they would appear in the new
school year – enter their existing year & class to print report

List of Students by Surname Showing Proposed Year/Class Changes
This report will show a list of pupils in alphabetical order with their proposed Year and Class.

List of students without a proposed Year or Class, or without a Leave Date or Destination
It is important that you act on the results of this report – pupils without proposed changes will prevent
you from completing the Year End process.

List of Students where the NC Year does not match their current year.
Use this report as a check to ensure that where a pupil’s NC Year does not match their current year is a
correct representation

The Preparation for proposed changes for Year End is now complete (but the
Current Roll itself has not yet changed - all pupils are still in their original class and year until you action
the proposed changes through the Process End of Year procedure in September.

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                                                                       NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

STAGE 3 - perform the 'Process End of Year'

Please ensure you have upgraded to Integris 6.91 before proceeding.

September - running Process End of Year           to be completed during the first week of the Autumn
Please note: once 'Process End of Year' has been run, it cannot be reversed! (– which is why taking a
backup is important!)
1. Take a backup of the datafile BEFORE making any of the changes below - name the backup
      as 'PRE-YearEnd2009' and save it in your C:\Keydata\Integris folder.

2. Move the top year (leavers) into the Former Pupils list: Go to Admin>Utilities.
     Double-click “Current Roll >Former Roll”
     N.B The leavers year MUST have a leave date and destination school allocated.

3. At the next prompt 'Transfer Students with leaving dates up to and including'
       Enter the last date of term - 17 July 2009 - this must be the same as the leave date
       already allocated for the leavers year

4. At the prompt 'Are you sure you want to move all students with a leaving date on or before 17
       July 2009 into the former roll?', click Yes

5. At the next prompt 'Do you want to remove these students from their teaching sets?', click

6. At the next prompt, 'Do you want to remove these students from their groups?’, click Yes

7. Watch the progress count for the number of pupils transferred from the Current Roll to the
     Former Pupils that appears on screen. When complete, check that the number of pupils
     transferred (leavers) is correct.
     Click OK.

8.     (Optional) At the next 'Family Representatives' prompt, click OK (this ensures that
       remaining eldest siblings in the Current Roll will now be assigned Family Representative).

       The transfer into the former roll is now complete.

9. Now check the leavers year using Admin > Speed Edit - select year N2 or Reception
     whichever appropriate from the Find button - NO students should remain in that year
     (unless specifically assigned to stay in year N2 or Reception).

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                                                                          NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

10. Now move the other years to their proposed years and classes in the Current Roll
    Go to Admin > Year End > double-click 'Process End of Year'

               If you see this message ‘Not all students in the Current Roll have been given a
               Year/Class or Leavers are missing a leaving date and/or destination. Do you want
               an exception list?’ Say YES. The report will show the missing information required
               before it can run properly. Note: this report will include any errors in the existing
               Current Roll. Sort out any problems by going back to Admin >Year End and use
               'Assign by Year/Class' or 'Assign Individuals…' options to make any required
               changes to year, class or individual details OR check destination in Speed Edit.
               Then double-click on Process End of Year to run the utility again

               If you have any pupils where their NC year does not match their Year group, you
               will see this message: ‘Students exist whose ‘NC Year’ does not match their ‘Year’
               value….’ This is to warn you that you will need to update these NC values
               manually yourself after the Year End process is complete as they won’t change
               Click OK and then say No to the next prompt to halt the process.
               Select the Reports showing proposed Year/Class option in the menu, and
               select the 'List of students where NC Year does not match Current Year' -
               click Print (to screen) - print a copy of this as a record of changes you will need to
               make later.
               Now go back to double-click Process End of Year
               Click OK – then this time click YES.

11. The Process End of Year window now appears
       Click OK

12. At the prompt 'Any figures entered into the 'Current Attendance Details' fields will be stored in
        the Attendance History. Have you ensured that these figures are up-to-date?' - if you say
        No, the Year End process will stop - click Yes (even if you have not manually entered any
        or completed all of the Attendance details for each pupil for 2008/2009).

13. At the next prompt, 'The UPN Year should match the academic year. The current UPN year is
    set to 2008/2009. Do you wish to advance this? Click Yes

14. When the process is complete, you will then be asked ‘Do you wish to remove students that
    have been moved to the former roll from their teaching sets? ‘
    Click YES

15. You will see a brief ‘Updating Attendance history’ window appear before the 'Update
    Complete' message appears.
    Click OK.
    The screen returns to the Year End menu.
    Close the Year End menu.

16. Now perform the following checks:
     Go to Help > UPN System Status > the 'UPN Academic Year' should now show as
     Check the Current Roll using Admin > Speed Edit – the bottom year group should not
      contain any students unless specifically assigned to remain in the same year group. All
      the Current Roll pupils should be in their new Year and Class
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                                                                   NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

17. Close Integris and now take a BACKUP and name it as 'POST-YearEnd2009' and save
    the backup in your C:\Keydata\Integris folder.

   You are now ready for Stage 4 - transfer the new intake from the Admissions Roll to the Current
   Roll. DO THIS IN THE FIRST/SECOND WEEK of the new Autumn term when you are certain which
   children have started at your school and which have not.

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                                                                         NURSERY Schools Admin Year End

STAGE 4 - transfer the Accepted Admissions into the Current Roll
The year, class and entry date should have already been allocated to your new intake records in the
Admissions Roll.

The last task to perform on the Admissions Roll is to confirm which children have started at the school
by checking that they have a 'Student Acceptance Status' field of 'yes', and those pupils who have not
started with a 'Student Acceptance Status' of 'no'. The children flagged with 'No' will remain in the
Admissions Roll. These can be manually deleted or left in the Admission Roll if expected to start the
school at a later date.

Perform the following steps:
1. Using Admin >Speed Edit , click on the Find button to select the Admissions Roll and enter
    03/09/09 in the Entry Date field found on the 'Dates' tab to select only those Admissions
    pupils expected to start in September. Under Area, select 'Student Acceptance Status'.
    Check that only the pupils who have started at the school are marked as 'Yes'. These pupils
    will be regarded as 'accepted' admissions. Those pupils that have not started at the school
    should be flagged as 'No' - these pupils will remain in the Admissions Roll.

2. Go to Admin >Utilities and select “Admissions transfer -> Current Roll”

3. On the next screen select ‘Transfer students with Acceptance status of Yes and Entry Date
   (overtype to) 03/09/09’ and click Next - the Entry Date that automatically appears will
   reflect the current day on which this option is run

4. You will now see a window confirming the list of pupils that have the selected entry date and
   are ticked for transfer into the current roll.
   You have the chance of changing the tick to the red cross (by selecting the pupil and then
   clicking on the red cross button) so that the pupil remains in the Admissions roll after the
   transfer is complete.

5. If you are happy with the list, click Finish to start the process of transferring all the
    accepted pupils into the Current Roll into their proposed year groups and classes. - you will
    not be able to cancel it once started! All the accepted pupils transferred to the Current Roll
    will also be assigned a new UPN unless they have the 'Awaiting notification of UPN' box

6. Once the 'Transfer is Complete' message appears, click OK

7. At the 'Do you wish to check for empty batches?' prompt, click Yes. If the system informs
   you that a batch is empty, say 'Yes' to delete it. Any batches that remain will contain pupils
   that are flagged with 'No' against their 'Student Acceptance Status' field.

8. Now check that this action has performed properly - use Admin >Speed Edit to check
   the new intake year.

9. Now take a NEW BACKUP - this is the first backup of the datafile with the complete
   NEW Current Roll for the new academic year! - name it as 'NewCRSept2009' and save
   it to a secure location (i.e network drive that is backed up; memory stick etc.)

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                                                                       NURSERY Schools Admin Year End
Admin Year End process is now complete!

Follow on with Stage 5 - Housekeeping to tidy up your datafile.

STAGE 5 - Housekeeping tasks after Year End
1. Using Admin > Speed Edit - check the remaining students left in the Admissions

Students remaining in the Admissions Roll should be pupils in the batch for the September
intake who did NOT start at your school and pupils in other batches relating to future intakes.
Pupils in the September batch who did not start and are likely not to attend your school in the
future can be deleted from the Admissions Roll. Go to General > Student Details > change to
the Admissions Roll > Find pupils with Entry Date of 01 Sept 2008 to 01 Sept 2009 and
select them as your browse set > Scroll through the individual student records deleting
those records no longer required by clicking on the Bin toolbutton to delete them.
By the time you have finished this process, your Admissions Roll will only contain pupils
expected as future termly/yearly intakes.

2. Delete unused classes

     Go to General > Parameters > Class Description - remove any classes no longer
     required - class names for deletion cannot have any pupils assigned to them.

3.   Take a normal routine backup

4. Go to your C:\Keydata\Integris folder and delete the ‘ProposedSept2009’, ‘Pre-
YearEnd2009’ & ‘POST-YearEnd2009’ backup files as these are no longer required.

STAGE 6 - Create new year 2009-10 (New for Nurseries)
6.1 Set up the School Calendar for 2009 - 2010

1) Go to General > School Details > Display School Diary

If you are taken to the current date in the school diary, select Setup School Year
from the toolbar and continue with point 2 below

2) Select Setup/Create new year structure and click OK

3)   In the School Year window, enter 2009 in the first School Year box and press the
     <TAB> key on the keyboard – if you see a prompt ‘Do you wish to discard the
     unsaved data?’ click Yes

     You should now see 2010 appear in the second box

4. IGNORE the Closure codes – these will be the correct ones to use

5. Now add in the term dates - click on the Add Term button – enter ‘Autumn Term’ in

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                                                                        NURSERY Schools Admin Year End
   the Term name box – then click on the ‘Activity Calendar’ button for the Start Date
   box to access the calendar > scroll to the correct year and month > double click
   the first day of term > repeat for the End Date. See dates below
   Repeat this step for the Spring & Summer Terms for 2009-2010.
   For Bedfordshire schools: Autumn Term 02/09/09 - 18/12/09; Spring Term 04/01/10
   - 01/04/10: Summer Term 19/04/10 - 21/07/10

6. When the Closure codes have been edited and the term dates entered, click OK to
   create the new calendar

   When complete, the School Diary displays the current day

7. Now enter the half-term holidays and Inset days into the calendar.

   Use the Toggle Paintbrush toolbutton - select a code colour - click on the date to
   assign the code selected.
   Use the scroll button to move back and forward a month at a time
   OR use scroll bar to move up and down in the month displayed.
   (For Bedfordshire schools: Half term weeks - w/b 26/10/09: w/b 15/02/10: w/b
   31/05/10: May Day 03/05/10)

    When complete, click Paintbrush off. Then click Close

Well Done - you have completed Year End!

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