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RM Integris Year End Procedure

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									                                         RM Integris ‘Year End’ Procedure

Please see below for the order of operations which must be carried out in ‘Integris’ before
new data is added for the 2006/2007 academic year. It is recommended that you perform the
initial stages (1.-5.) well in advance of the end of the summer term as this will allow you to
print off your new class lists as one of the ‘Year-End Reports’. You should then carry out
step 6. on or after the last day of term but in any case before you add any new intake from
September 2006 onwards. Tick the box when each stage is completed:

1. Ensure that all new entrants for the past academic year 2005/2006 have been entered in
   ‘student details’ and that all pupils who left before 20/07/2006 have been moved to the
   former roll.

2. Create a new back-up copy of your datafiles on CD.

3. Enter a ‘leave date’ (20/07/2006), ‘reason for leaving’ and ‘destination’ for all children
   leaving the school at the end of the summer term through the ‘speed-edit’ function. You
   will find all Powys secondary schools are available as destinations but if you have out of
   county destinations and children leaving to go to another Powys primary school you will
   have to add these through ‘parameters’ first. For children leaving to go to a school
   outside of the maintained sector in England & Wales you should select ‘Out of scope’ for
   the destination unless their destination is ‘Unknown’. You may already have done this as
   part of the Common Transfer File generation process which precedes ‘Year End’.

4. Assign new ‘proposed’ year-groups and classes for all pupils remaining in the school.
   This must be done by accessing the ‘Year End’ functions from the ‘Admin’ menu
   and not through individual pupil records or speed-edit. Select the ‘assign by
   year/class’ option and work through each of your classes allocating the new values. If you
   have individual pupils who are not following the normal route they can then be dealt with
   using the ‘assign individuals to year/class’ function.

5. Once you have completed all the proposed changes print off a selection of the ‘reports
   showing proposed year/class’ for manual checking. Re-visit the functions above to
   correct any errors or make final adjustments.

6. After the end of the summer term and providing you are happy that all the proposed
   changes are correct, select the ‘process end of year’ function and follow the on-screen
   instructions to a conclusion, making sure that the UPN year is advanced to
   2006/07. Check that a CTF has been produced & dispatched for all leavers.

7. Once your year-end process has been successfully completed you can add your new
   admissions to the current roll either from the admissions roll by adding a start date
   (06/09/2006), checking the acceptance indicator and accessing ‘admissions transfer’ from
   administration utilities, or directly through student details and ‘add a student’ if the child
   is starting school for the first time. Please remember that pupil data should normally
   arrive via a CTF from a previous school and be imported into the admissions roll within
   Integris unless the new child has not previously been to a maintained school in Wales or

8. Although not essential, if you wish to continue to use the school diary function you will
   need to set-up the new academic year by ‘creating a new year-structure’ through school
   details / school diary.

Please note that if at any time you have edited or deleted the ‘not specified’ entry in your class descriptions the year-end process will
fail. In this instance contact Virginia Evans at County Hall (01597-826284) for further advice. Further guidance on ‘Year-End’ is
also available in the ‘How Do I’ guide already supplied to schools, or by phone at the number given above.

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