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									Know Your IBM

Know Your IBM (KYI) is an exclusive loyalty programme that will reward you and your team
for working with IBM.

Join KYI and you will receive instant access to high quality e-learning modules that have been
developed specifically with the busy sales person in mind. Short and concise modules will
help you and your sales teams better understand the unique features, selling points and client
benefits of specific IBM products offerings and solutions.

You will receive KYI points for every e-learning module you complete and for every qualifying
product you sell - the points can then be redeemed.

You will also have the opportunity to qualify for a place on a study tour or promotional event -
last year's trips were to Rio de Janeiro and the Versace Resort in New Zealand!

For more information and to join the KYI programme click here

For further information and assistance please contact your DNS Arrow IBM Account Manager
on 01423 519219

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