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In Attendance                                                                                        Action
Presiding over the meeting Cllr H Piggins
Cllr J Piggins      Cllr D Sones
Cllr R Roscher
Cllr W Webb         Cllr D Wilson
Cllr M Hutchison
Also present: PCSO B Harrington, 1 member of the public, a member of the Press & Mrs
J Ripley, Parish Clerk.

The Chairman welcomed all present. A short public forum followed, Items from this were
noted, advice given and passed to necessary authorities.

ITEM No 1 – APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE                                                                     1/09
District Cllr Marthews gave his apologies.

ITEM No 2 – DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST                                                                  2/09

ITEM No 3 – SIGNING OF THE MINUTES                                                                    3/09
Notes from the last meeting held on 9th December 2008 were read, approved by the
council and signed by the chairman.

ITEM No 4 – POLICE MATTERS                                                                            4/09
Cllr Hutchison informed Council and Police of parked vehicles along Roman Bank,
Gedney Dyke, on the bend opposite the shop, which was causing a big hazard. Council
RESOLVED for the clerk to contact Highways and request a double yellow line for this
stretch of road.
Cllr J Piggins raised the subject of parked cars without lights at night in Marsh Road
Gedney Drove End and requested another letter drop from the police, which has been
most effective in the past.
Cllr Sones reported on yet more complaints about the mud on Dawsmere Road adjacent
to the Wind farm from farm contactors. He also reported an increase in under age drinking
in the area of Wildfowlers Way, which is causing a disturbance to residents.
PCSO Harrington will pass information received to colleges and all will be followed up.

ITEM No 5 – TO DISCUSS APPLICATIONS FOR CO- OPTION TO COUNCIL                                        5/09

ITEM No 6 – QUESTIONS ON DISTRICT COUNCILORS REPORT                                                  6/09

ITEM No 7 – CLERKS REPORT                                                                            7/09

The Clerk is still awaiting a reply from Gedney Drove End Village Hall with regards Parish
Council meetings and the setting up of tables.
All requested replies to correspondence from the December meeting have been sent.
The notice boards have been delivered and will be put up shortly by Eastview Services, it has been

1                              Gedney Parish Council Minutes January 2009
suggested that some paving slabs be put in front of the board on Gedney Green for people to stand
on. Council RESOLVED to have this work done.
The Clerk has been in contact with Social Services and OFSTED with regards to the property:
Topsgate House, a letter has been sent to the complaints manager of OFSTED for the Midlands
Region and we are awaiting a reply.
The Clerk gave the council a short talk on the Power to promote well-being and the requirements
needed to be in place for the council to use the power. With this in mind council RESOLVED to
apply to SHDC for two of the vacant seats on the council to be removed at the next election.

ITEM NO 8- FINANCIAL MATTERS                                                                            8/09
   a. Accounts for payment
     Date        Payee                    Item             Chq No           Net    VAT       Gross

    13/1/09   Mrs J Ripley           Salary Dec 08         101617     £633.03               £633.03
 13/1/09      Meridian Print      Cemetery Stationary      101618     £115.00     £17.25    £132.25
 13/1/09         SLCC                Cemetery CD           101619      £14.00                £14.00
 13/1/09       Mrs Ripley              Expenses            101620     £147.25               £147.25
 13/1/09       H Stebbing            Notice Boards         101621     £1822.00    £273.30   £2095.30
    13/1/09      SLCC                 Membership           101622      £99.75                £99.75
Money In: e-on Wayleave £55.16

ITEM No 9 – CORRESPONDENCE                                                                             9/09
   a. SHDC – Copies of meeting agendas and minutes
   b. LCC – School Admission Consultation
   c. National Probation Service – Info
   d. Wash Estuary Strategy Group – Newsletter
   e. LCC- Highway Officers Areas
   f. Coastline – Newsletter
   g. Nalc Journal – January
   h. Communities & Local Government – Consultation
   i. SHDC – Land at Batemans Close
   j. Lincolnshire Police – Neighbourhood panel info
   k. Playsafety – price list
   l. SLCC – membership renewal
   m. Lincs Playing Fields Ass – request for financial support
   Council RESOLVED for clerk to send letter explaining that 2009/10 precept has been
   set so are unable to give donation.
   n. LALC – opening for representative for RAZ
   Clerk read letter to Council offering position on RAZ`
   o. Mr A G Bruce – complaints on Highways
   a. Update on outstanding matters
   Cllr Web reported on his site visit to Gedney Drove End, Main Rd and Dawsmere Rd
   with Highways officer and Cllr H Piggins with regards to both ends of the footpath and
   the accessibility for disabled and pushchairs etc plus the installing of a safety barrier
   at the Main road end:
   There is insufficient room to install a safety barrier of any form nor is there sufficient
   room to install a slope at the Dawsmere Rd end due to how steep the drop is.
   However in the light of the access problem the existing footway down Main Rd and
   along Dawsmere Rd to the entrance to Village hall will be greatly improved to allow
   disabled access.

2                              Gedney Parish Council Minutes January 2009
     The request for passing points for traffic on Topsgate, Gedney is under review by
     Mr S Willis of Highways
     Clerk informed Council of new Highway officers for Parish.
     Clerk informed Council of the relocation of Salt bin to Gedney Drove End Village hall,
      And was advised that it was bein topped up with salt.
     Cllr Sones informed council of the instalation of the Dog bin in Main Road Gedney
     Drove End.
     b. To report new matters:
     Clerk read a letter from Mr Bruce to the Council, his concerns will be passed to
     Highways and Clerk will reply to letter.
     Concern over the piece of road from A17 (Lowgate) running past the food depot, Pooh
     corner and into Gedney Dyke not being on primary gritting route, due to the amount of
     HGV traffic use. Clerk to request inclusion in next years list.
     Cllr Sones requested a letter of thanks be sent to Lovedons Farms for their fast and
     thorough response to a request to clear mud off the road outside their land. Clerk to
     do so.

ITEM No 11 – PLANNING MATTERS                                                                    11/09

3/1/09 H06/1298/08 Mr P Neatherway, Angels Keep, Kingsgate, Gedney Dyke
       Proposed extension to rear of bungalow
Council supported this application
5/1/09 H06/1114/08 Blazegate Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Blazegate, Lutton
          Proposed replacement kennels

ITEM No 12 – TO DISCUSS CEMETERY MATTERS                                                         12/09

     a. Cemetery Clerks Report
     New stationary has arrived.
     Bad Mole infestation reported, Council RESOLVED to get Ground Maintenance
     company into sort problem.
     b. Installation of hedge around Garden of Remembrance.
     Hedge is to be collected at end of week and installation will follow.


     a. Football nets for Walker Memorial Park, Gedney Drove End:                                13/09
     Cllr Sones informed council of the supply of football nets for the goals at Gedney
     Drove End playing field by SHDC.
     Cllr Roscher drew the councils attention to the latest play area check list reports which
     highlight the need for one of the goal posts to be concreted in. Council RESOLVED
     for the Clerk to arrange this with Eastview Services. Following the completion of this
     Cllr Sones will kindly install the nets.
     It was also reported that there is a bad mole infestation at the playing field, council
     RESOLVED for Clerk to arrange the Ground maintenance team to add this to their list.

     b. Land at Batemans Close

3                             Gedney Parish Council Minutes January 2009
    The Clerk read a letter from SHDC confirming the costs of applying for a new or
    extended lease on the land at Batemans Close to be used as a play area.Council
    RESOLVED not to proceed as costs were prohibitive and to continue their search

    ITEM No 14 –DATE OF NEXT MEETING                                                  14/09

    The next meeting will be at Gedney Dyke Village Hall on the 10th February2009.

There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 9.00pm

Signed:                                                          Date:


4                           Gedney Parish Council Minutes January 2009

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