Just then the bell goes to let the dinner ladies know its time for by sdfsb346f


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Mr Allen                      As Jordan                     Jack
Mrs Hussain                   As Kayleigh                   Chelsea
Mrs McNally                   As Louise                     Sophie
Jordan                        As Mr Allen                   Lee
Kayleigh                      As Mrs Hussain                Kathleen
Louise                        As Mrs McNally                Sophie
Mr Hogg                                                     Alan
Mr Wozbanger                                                Kristian
Miss Newt                                                   Chelsea

(Just then the bell goes to let the dinner ladies know its time for the children to leave
the dining hall and go out for play.)

JACK Mr Allen: Right we’ll sort this out after lunch. I need a cup of tea and a sit

Lee Jordan: Where do you think you’re going? You won’t get into the staff room
looking like that. You will have to go out onto the yard and we can talk about this
after lunch now off you go. Remember toilets, coat and out!

JACK Mr Allen: Toilets coat and out! That’s what I normally say.

LEE Jordan: (Laughing) I know, but now I can say it.

CHELSEA Mrs Hussain: come on lets go, otherwise we’ll get into trouble.

SOPHIE Mrs McNally: Yeah, I mean who’s going to believe us.

(Teachers head out to the yard and Children head towards the staff room. Footsteps
can be heard.)

ALAN Mr Hogg: Hi Alan, how are you?

Alan, cooey. Are you with us?

LEE Jordan: oh no, I think he’s talking to me.
Oh hi, er, sorry I was in a world of my own

ALAN Mr Hogg: you certainly were. So how’s it going? Get up to anything
interesting last night?

LEE Jordan: No not really, my mum put me to bed early because I was cheeky to
her at tea time.

ALAN Mr Hogg: WHAT!!! Your mum put you to bed early! What are you talking
about Alan?
LEE Jordan: Oh no what have I just said!? (Laughing nervously) Only kidding
ALAN Mr Hogg: (Giving him a quizzical look) HMM ok listen, I’ve got to go. See
you later.

LEE Jordan: This is harder than I thought. I’m just going to sit down and wait for
the end of lunch. (Sits down in a corner with a newspaper covering his face)

KRISTIAN Mr Wozbanger: OOH Mrs Hussain, while your over there can you
make me a cup of tea please?

Mrs Hussain, are you listening?

KATHLEEN Mrs. Huassain: Oh sorry Mr Wozbanger, what was that? I was miles

KRISTIAN Mr Wozbanger: It’s ok. Can you make me a cup of tea while your
over there please? I want to get these books marked.

KATHLEEN Mrs Hussain: Yeah of course I can. Sorry I was just thinking about
this afternoon.
Oh no. I don’t know where anything is, or even how to make a cup of tea Mum
always does that. Quick, quick,quick, think of something.

OW, ow, ow!!!!! (Sucking in breath) I’ve just burnt myself, on the kettle. Can you
do it please?

KRISTIAN Mr Wozbanger: Let me see, quick run it under the cold tap. Yeah I’ll
do it, you go and sit down. What do you want to drink?

KATHLEEN Mrs Hussain: Juice please, Mr Wozbanger.

KRISTIAN Mr Wozbanger: Juice?

KATHLEEN Mrs Hussain: Yeah, just some juice please.

KRISTIAN Mr Wozbanger: I don’t think we’ve got any juice. I was thinking more
about tea or coffee.

KATHLEEN Mrs Hussain: Oh yeah, er tea please.

CHELSEA Miss Newt: So Mrs. McNally have you got any plans for the weekend?

SOPHIE Mrs McNally: I’m not sure really. I’ll probably just hang out with my
friends. I might see if I can have a few stay over for a pyjama party or something.

CHELSEA Miss Newt: Oh right, you mean you’ll just check with your husband?

SOPHIE Mrs McNally: Oops, I forgot I’m Mrs McNally.          What would she say?
What did I say that for? Oh er, better answer yes.
Yes, I think he said he was going er fishing, fishing yes that‘s right, so I’ just need to

SOPHIE Narrator: Meanwhile, what none of the children or the teachers who were
coated in magic cracker dust knew was that there were still two pieces of dust floating
around the school. These dust particles appeared to be just aimlessly floating.
However, they definitely seemed to be moving in the direction of the Head Teacher’s

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