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         By Benjamin Zephania


Spider Diagram
    Gangs
      Peer Pressure
      Discrimination against disfigurement

Diagramatic portrayal of major plot points

NB Page Numbers         FIRST number refers to PAPERBACK
                        SECOND number refers to HARD COVER

Chapter 1

Bullet points of what we learn of each character – supported by quotations.

Chapter 2

1)     How does Martin show his “cool” to Mark and Matthew at the funfair?

2)     What do the different reactions of Mark and Matthew reveal about their

Chapter 3

p20 – 23 (p.13 – 14)
1)   What do you learn about Martin from this passage?

2)     What is special about the way Martin speaks?

3)     What do we learn about Natalie?

English/sample essays/FACE questions
p24 – 27 (p.14 – 16)
1)   What is the relationship like between Mark, Matthew, Martin and Natalie?

2)    What thoughts and feelings does Natalie have when she encounters the three

3)    What do the three girls really want?

4)    Who is „The Gang of Three‟? (p27) (p.16)

5)    What does Martin say about the girls?

p28 – 31 (p.17 – 19)
1)   What does Martin think about Green Street? What does this tell us about the
     East End of London?

2)    What do „The Gang of Three‟ think of the police?

3)    What is the Unity Club? Why don‟t the teenagers want to go there?

4)    Where do you think they‟ll end up?

p32 – 24 (p.20 – 21)
1)   Read the leaflet on p32. (p.20)
     How does it make you want to go to Dancemania?
        Think about
         Layout
         Font
         Vocabulary

2)    What is Martin‟s reaction to going to the club?
      Why do you think he reacts this way? Why does he change his mind?

3)    What do you think will happen next?

Chapter 4

1)    Story board the major plot developments of this chapter.

Chapter 5

1)    p47 (p.32) “In the 1970‟s it used to be a good-looking estate where people
      wanted to be but now it needed some attention”.
      What other comments show that this area is rundown?

English/sample essays/FACE questions
2)    How does this chapter show the problems of peer pressure with the „Gang of

3)    What conflict arises between the three friends over the offer of a lift in the car?
      How is it resolved?

4)    What warning does this chapter leave you with? How does what happens to
      Martin reinforce this?

Chapter 6 – 8

1)    How does the reaction of Martin‟s parents let him know that his condition is

2)    Describe Martin‟s feelings as the doctor talks to him about his injuries –
      particularly when the doctor says “Firstly, sooner or later you will see the
      severity of your burns. You must prepare yourself for this.” p63 (p43).

3)    Describe the internal conflict Martin experiences when he asks for a mirror to
      see his face.

4)    Read p71 (p.49) following. Why would Martin have “suffered a silent shock”?
      p71 (p49)

5)    Chapter 8 is called “The Other Pain”. Explain in detail what this pain is.

Chapters 9 – 10

      Copy these quotations down. What do these show us about the way Martin is
      feeling. Detail.

      “… but he would never venture out into the ward, he wasn‟t ready to meet
      strangers” p81 (p69)

      “Martin tried to tell himself that, despite all that had happened, he was still the
      same person he had been before, but deep down he knew it was going to be
      hard”. p81 (p69)

      “Martin noticed that none of the three had looked him in the face while he was
      looking at them but the moment his eyes were off them, he could feel them
      staring. p85 – 86 (p69)

2)    What decision does Martin have to make about plastic surgery on his face.
      What decision does he make? Why?

3)    What decision would you have made? Why?

English/sample essays/FACE questions
Chapters 11 – 12

1)    Describe Martin‟s reaction when he first sees Anthony. How does Anthony
      respond to it?

2)    What is wrong with Anthony? Why does he stay on the Burns ward?

3)    How does Martin feel after Anthony leaves? Why?

4)    How does Martin feel when he sees his face after the operation? Why?

5)    Why do the police officers come to see Martin?

6)    Why is Martin given a caution? How strongly do you take this as a warning to

Chapters 13 – 14

1)    What decision did Martin make about future surgery? Why did he make it? Do
      you agree with him? Why?

2)    What was Mr Lincoln‟s reaction when Martin told him he wanted to return to
      school? Why did he react this way?

3)    What was Natalie‟s reaction when Martin told her he was returning to school?
      Do you agree with her reaction? Why?

4)    Copy quotations.
      What changes have occurred? Why?

      “Martin could sense many things had changed. He realised that he was no
      longer leader of the gang” p 121 (p85)

      “… there were none of the usual wisecracks from Martin. His jokes were
      conspicuous by their absence, and the sound of laughter and Mr Lincoln‟s
      bellowing voice was replaced by uncharacteristic laughter.” p122 (p86 – 87)

5)    Why did Martin have the fight with Simon?

6)    How did Martin react to the card he received? Explain why he reacted this way.

Chapters 15 – 16

1)    How does the beginning of Chapter 15 show a change in Martin‟s attitude?

2)    What does Martin‟s reaction to Margaret show about his change in behaviour.
      Why does Martin call her a facialist?

English/sample essays/FACE questions
3)    What exciting news does Natalie have for the three boys?

4)    What conflict arises between Martin and Natalie over the Nulocks ad?

5)    “Martin also began to wonder about his relationship with Matthew and Mark.”
      p142 (p. 101)
      Discuss the changes Martin feels are occurring? Why would this be happening?

6)    What happens when Martin suggests they all go out on the weekend?

7)    Why did Martin and Matthew end up at the Unity Club?

8)    What does Martin have an argument with Tony? Why does he say
      “This is part of my role in life – you see, some people may think I‟ve got some
      disease that they can catch, or that the way I look makes me disabled, so I have
      to tell people to look beneath my face and see me, the real me. This is deep”
      pp150 – 152 (p107)

9)    Do you agree with Martin when he says “It isn‟t just about me and how I cope
      with it, it‟s me learning to deal with other people‟s prejudices, he thought.”
      p151 (p108)

Chapters 17 – 18

1)    What does the newspaper report say was the sentence handed to Graham Fisher
      (Apache). What were the sentences given for?

2)    What two things does Mr Hewitt ask of Martin that makes him really happy?

3)    Explain what “The team became his new gang and their success was his new
      ambition” p160 (p115) means.

4)    What unusual suggestion about the routine does Martin make to Mr Hewitt?

5)    What was Natalie‟s reaction when Martin asks her to go to Dancemania with
      him? Why do you think she did this? How does this make Martin feel?

6)    What change does Martin‟s decision to go to Dancemania by himself show?

7)    What are Teen and Naz‟s and Martin‟s invitations to each other? What does
      their acceptance show about their relationship?

Chapter 19

Story board five major plot points of Chapter 19.

English/sample essays/FACE questions
Chapter 20

1)    Why do you think the chapter is called „Face Value‟?

2)    How is Martin behaving? Why is he behaving this way? Is it understandable?

3)    “The only thing that‟s keeping me alive is my music” p188 (p136) What does
      Martin mean by that?

4)    How does Anthony‟s running into Martin at the hospital change Martin‟s
      attitude? Find THREE sentences that show this.

5)    What does Martin say at the end of the chapter that shows he‟s “recovered”
      form his previous depression. Why do you think this change of attitude has
      come about?

Chapter 21

1)    Martin pleads with his mother to let him stay home “What I want to do is stroll
      into school on Monday morning victorious” p194 (p140). Would Martin have
      done this on Monday? Explain why.

2)    What incidents in this chapter show the theme friendship?

3)    What was the difference between the styles of Eastmorelands (Martin‟s school)
      and the other competitors in the Freestyle Section?

4)    How did Mr Hewitt and Martin react to the news that Eastmoreland had come
      third in the gymnastics competition?

5)    Why was Martin‟s team disqualified from the freestyle section of the
      competition? How did Martin and the crowd react to this?

6)    How significant was the decision Martin made to have his photo taken?

7)    “Today I‟m the winner” p207 (p149). In what ways is Martin a winner?

English/sample essays/FACE questions

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