With just six weeks available to harvest and dry all the grain

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					Immediate Release                                                          5 February 2007

Rural fuel experts and leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier, Calor, is advising
farmers to plan ahead and think about their grain drying facilities well in advance of the
                                     drying season.

Kevin Houlden, Calor national account manager says: “We typically get an influx of requests for
LPG installations to power grain drying facilities in the summer as the drying season
approaches. However, we are able to work with manufacturers and distributors to install LPG
tanks and equipment any time of the year.”

The most important factor in drying the crops is accurate and reliable control of heat making
Calor LPG the ideal solution. LPG offers precise moisture control and an even heat, ensuring
optimum drying temperatures are easily maintained and crops are dried evenly to the correct
moisture content. Crops such as wheat, maize, barley, rape, peas, potatoes, bulbs and onions
can all be dried economically and efficiently with Calor LPG.

Calor ensures Providence Farm is not left High and Dry
Calor recently worked with farming equipment dealers Peacock & Binnington to assess the crop
drying requirements at the Wharram & Kay Providence Farm in Yorkshire. With the facility to
store crops on the farm, a system was needed that would enable the crops to be taken through
the drying process and be transported to the 1,000 tonne storage area.

Together, Calor and Peacock & Binnington were able to suggest a specific solution which
included the installation of an LPG powered Brice Baker Farm Fans Automatic Batch Dryer,
coupled with an elevator and conveyor system to take the grain from the intake area through to
storage where it is kept until it is sold months later.

The grain harvested on Providence Farm is sold with between 14 and 15 per cent moisture
content where it is used as milling wheat for the production of bread, biscuits and animal feed.
However, at the time it is gathered, the grain has variable moisture.

The farm’s batch dryer will dry wheat, barley, pulses, oil seed rape and linseed. Holding 9.5
tonnes of wheat per batch, it can process 200 tonnes in 24 hours when working at 5 per cent
moisture extraction rate.

Calor sales specialist Wayne Marshall oversaw the installation and advised Wharram & Kay on
the size and ideal location of the bulk LPG tanks. He says: “The farm has varying fuel
requirements, so it is difficult for them to predict how much LPG they are going to use. For this
reason they needed the stability and reassurance of a large supplier who can determine the
best delivery arrangements.

“Calor offers the largest LPG delivery network in the country and a comparative rental cost for
the tank covers regular maintenance checks, a 24 hour, 365 day emergency call out service
and visual inspections every time the tank is refilled giving customers complete peace of mind.”
The grain drying system has been very successful and there are now opportunities for Wharram
& Kay to dry crops from other farms in the area increasing the profit potential of the farm.

The Considerate Solution
Compared with oil, LPG is a cleaner burning fuel producing fewer carbon emissions and less
smoke meaning it can be used in more sensitive of areas.

Farmers can also take advantage of The Think Tank® telemetry system, which automatically
alerts Calor when a delivery is due meaning farms should never run out of gas.

Calor has a 70-year relationship with the farming community, supplying fuel to power equipment
on farms and to bring gas to rural communities who do not have access to a mains supply.

Offering the complete fuel solution for the UK’s farmers, LPG can be used not only for crop
drying, but also for animal rearing, weedburning, heating and to fuel ATVs or other farming
equipment needed to make businesses a success. For further information log on to www.lpg- or call 0845 603 9325.

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Issued on behalf of Calor by Connect PR.

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