The Great Wall Challenge Trek

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					The Great Wall Challenge Trek – Registration Information
26th May – 6th June 2007

   ‘Treks by their very nature are challenging and there is nothing                      Costs
   better than pushing yourself both physically and mentally to
   achieve a personal goal or ambition. It is even more satisfying                       Your total contribution of £3,050 will cover the inclusive costs of this 12
   when that goal benefits such a worthwhile charity as Hope and                         day trek and includes a donation to Hope and Homes for Children.
   Homes for Children’                                                                   However, you will need to cover any inoculation or insurance costs and
                                                                                         provide your own personal trekking equipment including a sleeping bag
Clive Mantle, Actor in the Vicar of Dibley and Holby City, took part in a previous HHC
                                                                                         and roll mat.
trek to Everest Base Camp which raised almost £200,000

The Challenge                                                                            What next?
The Great Wall spanning 4,163 miles and steeped in over 2000 years of                    To register for your place on this ‘once in a lifetime’ trip send:
history glides like a gigantic dragon across China’s magnificent                          Your completed Registration form (included in this pack)
landscape. Many have been tempted by its mystery but few westerners
have truly experienced the ancient ways of Inner Mongolia where                           Your completed ‘self declaration medical form’
China’s ancient cultural history merges with the vast rural landscape and                  or
life.                                                                                     If you are over 50 or have a pre-existing medical condition, your
Our journey combines 2 days trekking the Great Wall in Hebei Province                      ‘officially signed medical form’ completed and signed by your doctor.
with 4.5 days in Inner Mongolia, trekking approximately 15Km a day.                        *It may take some time to arrange an appointment for this with your
                                                                                           doctor. So send in all other registration information to Hope and
This trip is not for the faint hearted ~ the wall’s enormous ramparts prove                Homes for Children to reserve a place if you wish, we will not cash
a worthy challenge and you will need determination to navigate the                         your deposit until we have received and cleared your medical form
breathtaking landscape around the wall.
                                                                                          £150 non-refundable cheque deposit made payable to ‘Hope and
                                                                                           Homes for Children’
                                                                                          A passport photograph
The fitter you are the more easily you will adjust and enjoy the trip.
However, if in good health with some pre trip training, most individuals                 To Hope and Homes for Children, East Clyffe, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP3
have the potential to go the Great Wall distance. On registration we                     4LZ
recommend that participants start a training regime that includes three to
four 30-minute exercise session per week no less than 4 months before
departure.                                                                               If you would like further information or to speak to someone about Hope
                                                                                         and Homes for Children or the trek contact Abi Thatcher on
To complete the registration process all participants must submit a
                                                                                         01722 792 916 or email
medical form.

                                           Hope and Homes for Children is a registered charity no. 1089490
                                                            Great Wall Trek is organised by World Expeditions
                                                     ATOL bonded tour operator (no. 4491)
Hope and Homes for Children is a registered charity no. 1089490
                 Great Wall Trek is organised by World Expeditions
          ATOL bonded tour operator (no. 4491)

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