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CPM Media Fact Pack by dfhercbml


CPM Media Fact Pack

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									                             CPM Media Fact Pack

This fact pack has been compiled to provide journalists with an up-to-date source of
reference on CPM, including key facts & contact details

About CPM
CPM is Europe’s number one field marketing company & a leading telemarketing
company. Operating globally, we specialise in ensuring customers are contacted in the
right place, at the right time, via the most appropriate channels. Established in 1936
we design & deliver effective customer contact strategies for some of the worlds most
forward-thinking successful & admired companies.

Our services include:
          Designing & delivery of ‘effective customer contact’ strategies offering
           our clients real value across the supply chain
          Specialist brand growth, powered by people – our ability to find, recruit &
           retain the right people is key to our success
          Using innovative systems enabling us to turn information into insight for
           clients, including PRISM, our unique web-based reporting tool that
           facilitates next-day field reporting over a dedicated CPM-client extranet
          Delivering over 100,000 face-to-face contacts, 20,000 phone contacts &
           5,000 web contacts each week

CPM offers five customer contact services of which any can be delivered as a stand-
alone solution or blended with another customer contact function on either a one-off
or on-going basis.

I       Sales
CPM’s sales teams undertake everything from key account selling through to van / car
sales in the independent retail sector

II      Merchandising
Our management team advises clients on a range on merchandising strategies
including planagrams compliance, point-of-sale placement, eliminating out-of-stocks &
effective execution of product launches.

III     Auditing
Working in the field, over the phone or on the internet, CPM offers clients real-time
information on their brand performance. Results are collected by hand-held computers
& delivered by our own web portal allowing clients to see up-to-the-minute
information on product availability, promotional & planogram compliance, competitor
activity & pricing.

IV     Sampling
CPM creates unique sampling experiences designed to maximise product trial &
entertainment within a client’s targeted audience. W advise clients on the best venue,
time & technique to optimise customer interaction & have experience in sampling
everywhere from mountain-top ski resorts to corporate office environments.
VII Consulting
We recognise that not all clients want to outsource & that many sales force activities
will remain in-house. CPM’s consulting business provides clients with advice on
designing & executing customer contact solutions regardless of whether these are in-
house or out-sourced.

CPM Spokespeople
CPM spokespeople can provide comment on:
         Current market conditions
         Trends within the sales & tele-business industries
         Predictions on future sales strategies of clients
         Field marketing strategy
         The work CPM does for clients, including case studies for feature writing

                                Martin Ryan, Managing Director, is CPM Ireland’s
                                principal spokesperson. He has expertise in all of the
                              above areas & he can be contacted to discuss any of the

                              Other CPM directors & Managers including Alan Peyton,
                               Caroline Conroy & Emma Barrett are also available for
                                      consultation on more specialist subjects.

       Alan Peyton                  Caroline Conroy               Emma Barrett
  Client Service Director       Client Service Director      Client Service Manager
For more Information
Morrow Communications manages CPM’s media relations. The team can provide
answers to queries, company information, CPM Ireland’s spokespeople, photography
& co-operation on feature writing.

If you have any questions on anything in this fact pack, or have any needs regarding
the services listed above, please contact:

Gareth Colhoun
Morrow Communications
Pavilions Office Park
Kinnegar Drive
Co. Down
BT18 9JQ

Tel: +44 (0) 28 9039 3837


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