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									     Just Learning – Ipswich
           May 2007

    Welcome to my first Just
Learning newsletter for Pinewood.
 I would like to say a big thank
 you to everyone for making me
 feel so welcome and supporting
   me in my new role as your

   I am sorry this newsletter is a
    little later than normal, but a
   I am sorry this newsletter is I
         later is worth the wait
littlehope itthan normal but I hope
   you find it worth the wait.
        We have lots of staffing news

  Firstly I would like to congratulate Crystal on
 her promotion to Senior which took place earlier
                     this year.
 I would also like to formally welcome our new
 staff members who have started since the last
  news letter. Jo Harris joined our 3-5 team in
  Oct 06. Melissa Cocksedge - Deputy Manager
  started in Oct 06. Debbie Lucock joined us as
 lunch cover in Nov 06. Lesley Lamb who joined
  our 2-3 team in Nov 06. Clare King who joined
    the baby unit in Dec 06 and finally Rosalyn
       Manning who joined our supply staff.
 I would like to welcome back Emma Humphrey,
      Fiona Blake and Chantelle Bak who have
       returned back from maternity leave.
  I would also like to welcome two new staff
    members starting in the next few months,
         Laura Jones and Chloe Cashburn.
                          All About Us

All the rooms have been very busy over the past
few months, read below to find out more of what
             they have been up to!!!

                        Kanga’s and Roo’s Room

 In Kanga’s and Roo’s we have lots of activities out during the day and
                      our favourite is messy play.
We would also like to take this time to remind you that as the weather
is now changing we need sun hats and cream so we can go out and enjoy
                              the garden..
    We are also doing a strong child display of family, pets and our
 favourite toys. So please could you bring in any photos that we could
                    use on the wall for our display.

                              Thank you

                             Piglets Room
          In Piglets we provide a wide range of toys for the
              children to play with. These include shape
             sorters, Inter-stars, building with the mega
           blocks and wooden bricks and a cosy corner for
           the children to relax in. We enjoy doing messy
          play which includes free painting, finger and foot
            painting and sticking. Our favourite is playing
           with crazy foam. We also play with corn flour,
                        flour, beans and pasta.
                             Rabbits Room
  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the new
 children to Rabbit’s room, and say good luck and have fun to those
                 who have recently moved to Tiggers.
We have been very busy just lately doing lots of ‘crafty’ things to put
 up on our walls in both Rabbit’s rooms. We have also been enjoying
  picnic type snack times by sitting outside on a blanket to eat our
                      snack. We love doing this!!
Our favourite activities at the moment are messy play-especially with
 water in the garden! We also love our new mark making area where
 we are free to use felt tips, crayons and pencils whenever we like –
                             it’s great fun!
   In our home corner area we are trying to make a display of the
     children’s favourite things from home. We would therefore
 appreciate it if you have any spare photos of your child with family
 members, pets or favourite toys, if you could bring them in for our
                          display. Thank you.

                                         Tiggers Room

             We have been having a wonderful time so far this year. We have made
           ladybirds, frogs, flowers, ducks and some fluffy clouds which we have put
                                      up on our spring display.
          All of our Tiggers would like to welcome the new children that have started
             over the past few months. It’s been great for everyone to have more
            children to play with, especially with the beautiful weather we have been
              having. We have been having lots of fun in the garden with the sand,
          water, balls and puzzles. We really like taking our babies for walks as well.
          In the next few weeks we are going to be having lots of fun with different
             types of messy play and making a big rainbow to hang from our ceiling.
            We are going to learn about all the different colours of the rainbow and
            make lots of different coloured pictures to hang up to make our rainbow.
                             Eeyores Room

We would like to welcome our new children and those who have come up
 from Tiggers. We also had to say goodbye to our children who have
 now gone up to Pooh Bears room, and we hope they enjoy their time
   We have had fun trying to get the children ready for pre-school.
 This includes using our circle time to look at our colours, shapes and
  numbers, supervised scissor use and pencil use. We extend on the
          children’s interests and focus on things they enjoy.
We are also doing a display of people and things that are important to
  the children, such as family, friends, pets and favourite toys etc.
 These are for our cosy corner to make them even more cosy for the
 children. Any photos to add to this would be very much appreciated.

                            Pooh Bear’s Room
In Pooh Bear’s room we have said goodbye to some of our children who
have left to go to ‘big’ school, we wish them well. We are very pleased
                      to welcome our new children.
   We have introduced free flow between the garden and Pooh Bear’s
  room. This means that activities are set up both inside and outside.
  During periods of the day, the door is left open for the children to
choose where they would like to play, with both areas being supervised.
This is working very well. We have also introduced a rolling snack time,
where the children can choose when to have snack, rather than leaving
                  the activity that they are enjoying.
 Last month’s topic was ‘People who help us’. This month’s topic is ‘Food
                              of the world’.
                                     Owl’s Room

       Firstly we would like to welcome the new children who have joined us in
         Owl’s Room and a sad goodbye to the children who have gone to big
       This month the children have enjoyed learning about people who help us
        and recently enjoyed a visit from PC Gary Austin, where the children
        tried on his helmet, listened to his radio and played in the police car.
         We would like to start a display about the children’s lives outside of
       the nursery to establish a link between home and nursery. If possible
           we would like photo’s of your child at home and pictures of their
           If you have any queries or questions please feel free to speak to
                                  either Emma or Jo.

                                      Thank youi

 I hope you enjoyed reading about all the exciting
 things everyone has been up to over the past few
If you have any suggestions about your child’s care
   please speak to a member of staff or use the
        suggestion box in the entrance area.
      Events and Dates for your Diary

 We have lots of exciting things planned over the
                next few months.
     See the table below for more details.

   Dates             Events                      Comments
  17th May           Photos         Please fill in the attached form
                                     if you would like your child to
                                         have their photo taken.
                                        Unfortunately without this
                                       permission form filled in we
                                      can’t take your child’s photo.
  28th May        Bank Holiday                 Nursery Shut
28th May – 1st     Half Term        Non attendance of funded only
     June                                        children.
   3 July        Parents Evening     More information will be given
                                           out nearer the time.
  20th July       End of Term        Last day of Term for funding.
  July/Aug        Summer Fete              Date to be arranged
  July/Aug       Nursery Outing      Date to be arranged, but any
                                       suggestions of places to go
                                     would be greatly appreciated.
  18th June      Baby Massage      If you would like to book a place
                 Course Starts       on the course please speak to
                   Other Information

 Please can I remind you that for Health and Safety reasons please
can you let us know if your child will not be attending nursery due to
                          any circumstance.

Also now the weather is warmer we would very much appreciate it if
you could provide your child with sun cream and a clearly named sun

   Also attached to this newsletter is an updated registration form,
please could you check the details and return the form. We need this
 information so to keep your contact details up to date, which we use
           in case of an emergency so it is really important.

 Also a few weeks ago we handed out Asthma, Allergies and Medical
   Forms, if you did receive one and you have not returned it yet,
                    please could you do so ASAP.

 As you may have noticed in the nursery we have made lots of cosy
areas in each room, these are there for the children so they can go
  and snuggle down when they would like, so if you have any spare
 pillows or cushions at home they you are going to throw away, we
                        would really like them.

   We are introducing new menus. Copies will be displayed in the
                          entrance hall.

  Again I would just like to thank everyone for welcoming me and I
               hope you have enjoyed this newsletter.

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