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					                          Raising Quality: Early Years Education
           (To include training for SENCO’s across Early Years and Childcare)
                                 Action Plan for 2002-03

       Target/Action                           Activity                      Responsibility             Timescale
Target 13:
4 days training per year by
2004 for all practitioners
delivering Foundation Stage
    Audit of future foundation       Through Consultant support         Early Years Manager      On-going 2002-03
     stage curriculum delivery         visits and ongoing monitoring of   Consultants
     training requirements.            Ofsted reports.                    Curriculum Sub-group

   Introduce professional            Through planned training           Early Years Manager      On-going 2002-03
    development files                  programme delivered by the         Consultants
                                       consultants, to reach all          Curriculum Sub-group

   To provide a minimum of 2         Consultants support visits and     Early Years Manager      Ongoing 2002-03
    development days to private        in-house training                  Consultants
    and voluntary settings            System established to monitor      Curriculum Sub-group
                                       consultant in-house                (Monitoring Role)
                                       development and support to

   To develop a rolling              Planned Foundation Stage           Early Years Manager      Training plan in place
    programme of training to           Curriculum delivery consultant     Consultants              by March 2002 and
    reach all practitioners            courses and training identified    Curriculum Sub-group     ongoing 2002-03
                                       through consultation and need
                                   -   Continuation of Communication,
                                       language and literacy training
                                   -   Repeat training on planning and
                                       assessment for groups new to
                                       the plan
                                   -   Look to buying in trainers for     In consultation with
                                       specialist area                    Training and
                                                                          Recruitment Sub-group
                                   -   See Target 15 for Maintained

   To disseminate curriculum         Inclusion /SEN section of file     SEN Early Years          Completed March 2002
    support materials                  completed and disseminated         Consultant/Early Years
    (Foundation Stage                  through SENCO Training.            Ed. Psychologist
    Curriculum File)
                                      Other sections of file             Early Years Manager      Ongoing 2002-03
                                       incorporated in to Consultants     Consultants
                                       training programme as              Curriculum Sub-group
                                       appropriate for dissemination.

   To Market above outside           Ongoing consultation with          Senior Adviser-Early     Materials marketed by
    EYDCP area                         marketing consultant               Years                    September 2002
                                                                          Early Years Manager

   To evaluate the training and      Evaluation of training ongoing     Senior Adviser-Early     Ongoing 2002-03
    services provided to inform       Evaluation of Support to           Years                    Annually
    future planning                    individual settings devised and    Early Years Manager
                                       implemented                        Consultants
   To provide opportunities            Continue to develop the good        Consultants              Ongoing 2002-03
    for QT development days              practice log
                                        Pilot Project: To look to funding   Senior Advise – Early    Plans in place by March
                                         to release QT’s to observe good     Years                    2002
                                         early years practice as part of     Early Years Manager
                                         their professional development

Target 14
Target ratio of 1: 10 for
qualified teacher involvement in
non-maintained settings
    To use Foundation Stage            Funding strategy to support         Senior Adviser – Early   Funding agreed by
     Training budget &                   increase in number of               Years (LEA)              March 2002
     Standards fund to increase          consultants agreed.                 Early Years Manager
     the number of consultants
     (QTS) in 2002-03,
     progressing to 1: 10 ratio by

   To implement effective and          Audit of teacher involvement in     Consultants              Posts advertised March
    efficient policy to release          non-maintained settings other                                2002
    QTS practitioners to                 than consultants                                             Plan implemented
    support EY education                Pilot Project: Release of Early     Senior Adviser – Early   September 2002 –
    providers in the private and         Years Teachers from schools to      Years (LEA)              ongoing 2002-03
    voluntary sector                     manage a cluster of providers       Early Years Manager
                                         with replacement costs built in.
                                        Posts advertised and
                                         appointments made to begin
                                         September 2002

Target 15
To ensure that by 2004, all
qualified teachers involved in
delivering the Foundation Stage
have undertaken appropriate
training and development to
improve their specialist
Knowledge of early education.

   To plan to meet the training        Audit of qualifications and         Research Assistant       By March 2002
    needs of all QT’s delivering         training needs collated to          Senior Adviser – Early
    the Foundation Stage                 inform training plans.              Years (LEA)
    (giving priority to those           Collated information stored to      Early Years Manager
    most in immediate need of            be updated annually                 Consultants
    early education training.)

   To introduce Professional           Through planned training            Early Years Manager      Ongoing 2002-03
    Development Files                    programme delivered by the          Consultants
                                         consultants, to reach all           Curriculum Sub-group

   To develop and implement a           Proposed training:-                Early Years Manager      Continuation of training
    rolling programme of             Communication, Language and             Consultants              programme established
    training, marketed through       Literacy                                                         January 2002
    the LEA training directory       Knowledge and Understanding of the                               Ongoing 2002-03
    and existing Cluster groups.     World (Early Science and ICT)
                                     Learning Environments-indoors and
                                     outdoors (See Training Plan)

   To research existing                Liaison with local and regional     Early Years Manager      Ongoing 20002-03
    ‘Quality Training’ packages          consultants to identify quality     Consultants
    and look to buying in                trainers/training programmes        Curriculum Sub-group
    trainers to deliver
    specialist area

   To network and liase with         Joint training sessions with        Senior Adviser – Early   Ongoing 20002-03
    other QTS consultants              EAD advisory teachers and           Years
                                       consultants                         Early Years Manager
                                      Literacy Conference                 Consultants              July 2002
                                      To investigate possibility of       Early Years Manager      March 2002
                                       swapping training/trainers          Consultants
                                       across authorities.

   To provide opportunities
    for QT development days           Continue to develop the good        Consultants              Ongoing 20002-03
                                       practice log
                                      Pilot Project: To look to funding   Senior Advise – Early    Plans in place March
                                       to release QT’s to observe good     Years                    2002
                                       early years practice as part of     Early Years Manager
                                       their professional development

   Ongoing delivery of
    Services Direct to Schools        Market the Consultant team          Senior Advise – Early    By March 2002
    according to demand                through Early Years Road            Years
                                       Shows and Flyers to schools         Early Years Manager
                                      Individual schools receive          Consultants
                                       requested inservice training for
                                       early years
                                      Attached EAD Adviser reports
                                       completed to keep LEA
                                       informed of consultant input

   To evaluate the training and      Ongoing use of established          Senior Advise – Early    Ongoing 20002-03
    services provided to inform        evaluation system                   Years
    future planning                                                        Early Years Manager
Target 16
To ensure that at least 40% of
providers nationally have been
accredited by a quality
assurance scheme by 2004
    To support Quality               Consultant support and                Consultants              Ongoing 20002-03
     Assurance schemes                 encouragement to attached             Training and
                                       settings                              Recruitment Sub-group
                                      Liaison with Training and
                                       Recruitment Sub-group
Target 17
To ensure that 94% of early
years settings, inspected by
Ofsted, are making
satisfactory or better progress
in delivering the Early Learning
Goals, by September 2004
    To provide pre and post          Ongoing monitoring of Ofsted          Early Years Manager      Ongoing 20002-03
     Ofsted support                    reports and recommendations           Consultants

                                      Ongoing attached consultant           Consultants              Ongoing 20002-03
                                       support to support with
                                       recommendations and action

                                      Establish system to monitor           Early Years Manager      Back dated to
                                       consultant support time to            Consultants              September 2001-11-21
                                       ensure more intensive support
                                       is given to priority groups

   To ensure that parents and        To review criteria for joining        Curriculum Sub-group     By April 2002
    children receive quality           and remaining in the plan             Implementation and
    provision                         To monitor improvement                Monitoring Sub-group
                                       towards quality provision in          Consultants and Early
                                       those groups on a recurring 1-2       Years Manager
                                       Ofsted recommendation
                                      To re-register groups annually        Consultants in liaison   Annually – Summer
                                       in the plan                           with EYDCP planning      Term 2002

   To continue to develop            Guidance developed and                Early Years Assistant    Ongoing 20002-03
    supportive guidance for 0-3        schemes piloted                       Manager
    year olds in childcare to                                                Early Years officers
    encourage quality provision       Schemes evaluated and best            Curriculum Sub-group     By 2004
    and transition to the              practice collected to produce         Consultant
    foundation stage.                  ‘Fluid’ file of quality, innovative
                                       practice with Newcastle
Target 18
To ensure that, by 2001-02,
all settings delivering the
Foundation stage have
identified and trained a
SENCO, responsible for
establishing and implementing
the setting’s SEN policy, with
a target that setting-based
SENCO’s should have benefited
from an average of 3 days
relevant training by 2004

   To provide a minimum of 1         To produce training plan(rolling      Early Years Manager      Training plan in place
    days training to all SENCO’s       programme), aiming for 2 days         EY consultant            April 2002 and ongoing
    in the non-maintained           SENCO training on                EY Ed. Psychologist    2002-03
    sector                          identification and appropriate
                                    intervention of SEN.

                                   To disseminate curriculum file   EY consultant          Through 2002-03
                                    guidance on inclusion through    EY Ed. Psychologist    training plan

                                   To disseminate 0-3 guidance to   EY consultant          By 2004
                                    support practitioners working
                                    with SEN
Target 19
To put in place a network of
area SENCO’s, with a target
ratio of 1 area SENCO to 20
non-maintained settings
delivering funded early
education, by 2004

   To develop a strategy          Research how other               Senior Adviser-Early   March 2002
    improve the current ratio       LEA’s/EYDCP’s are addressing     Years
    of 1 area SENCO to 70           the target                       Early Years Manager
    settings.                      Look to funding strategy to
                                    increase number of SENCO

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