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									                                                              Web site management
A few choice words . . .
"Everything you know is             "Web publishing depends on an
wrong."                             understanding of Internet science, the
Inside Macintosh, 1984              same way that cooking requires an
                                    understanding of food science. But when
"Web publishing is no more          gourmets meet, they discuss the great
about HTML than book                chefs, not the great food scientists."
publishing is about type fonts."    Henri de Toulouse-LaTech
Henri de Toulouse-LaTech
                                    "People don't go to the FedEx web site to
"Coloured or textured
                                    be entertained any more than they go to a
backgrounds, weirdly coloured
                                    FedEx office to be entertained."
text or links, and a                Henri de Toulouse-LaTech
preoccupation with appearance
over content are sure signs of a
'first generation' web site."       "If you really believe that it's okay to
Pablo PigCasso                      change the meaning of interface
                                    elements, then it's a good thing you're
"Although art can be created        designing web pages and not airplane
with a chainsaw, this is hardly     cockpits."
a justification for giving every    Vincent Van Gui
would-be artist a chainsaw."
Vincent van Gui, - commenting       "For those of you who feel that it's all
on some of the newer                right to change the meaning of that little
"extensions" to HTML
                                    red indicator: May your car's gas gauge
                                    stop working tomorrow."
"In a successful advertisement      Vincent Van Gui
it's the graphics that grab you,
but it's the text that does the
selling."                           "The first browser was too narrow and the
Pablo PigCasso                      page looked all scrunched up. The second
                                    browser was too wide and the page was
"Before you put a really dark       all spread out and funny looking. But the
background on your web page,        third browser was just wide enough."
ask yourself this:                  From 'Goldilocks and the three browsers'
Why is it so much harder to
drive at night than in the          “I’ve heard many leading-edge, technical
daytime?"                           reasons for using interlaced GIFs, but not
Henri de Toulouse-LaTech            a single person said they used them
                                    because it actually looked better. Another
"Hyperlinks are the GOTOs of        victory of technology over aesthetics."
the '90s."                          Henri de Toulouse-LaTech
Vincent van Gui

                                    "Text may be a very rich medium, but it
"Use the defaults, Luke. Use
                                    looks boring on the screen. It doesn't
the defaults."
Obi-Web Kenobi
                                    flash and hop about, so it had to give way
                                    to things that did."
                                    Douglas Adams
"Where were you when the
page was blank?"
Truman Capote

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                                                              Web site management
A few choice words . . .
"If Netscape or Microsoft could     "The journey of a thousand sites begins
find a way to make web pages        with but a single click."
twirl in the browser, the next      Obi-Web Kenobi
day the web would be full of
twirling pages. No one would
ask why. The fact that it's the
latest thing would be reason
Pablo PigCasso

"If HTML is a standard, how
come my page looks different
in every browser?"
Vincent Van Gui

"Whose web site is this,
Henri de Toulouse-LaTech,
(On viewing a page with three
animated web ads, two
"download me now" browser
buttons, and six meaningless
web awards.)

"It's amazing. According to
these awards, 95% of the web
sites are in the top 5%."
Vincent Van Gui

"I'm more interested in new
ideas than I am in new
Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

Try holding your breath for as
long as it takes your home page
to load.

"When the bandwidth of the
web increases by a factor of 10,
web page sizes will increase by
a factor of 15."
Henri de Toulouse-LaTech

"What's the difference between
the Boy Scouts and the web?
The Boy Scouts have adult
Vincent Van Gui

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