Ethics Seminar Five – Just War and Pacifism by sdfsb346f


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									           Ethics Seminar Six – Just War, Violence, and Pacifism

In the light of last week’s seminar on judgment and punishment and the
lecture on Jesus and ethics, this week examines the question of justification
for war.

We shall Christian grounds to justify or reject war and perhaps relate them
to recent conflicts – Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

In preparation please read at least one of the following two short articles
in McGrath (ed), The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Modern Christian Thought:

   Just war by J.T. Johnson, pp287-9.
   War and peace by Oliver O’Donovan, pp652-6

If you want to look at a pacifist perspective see
 ‘Pacifism: some philosophical considerations’ by Stanley Hauerwas in
    Gill, A Textbook of Christian Ethics (Revised edn, Green cover), pp339-

You may also be interested in looking at either my Grove booklet – When is
War Justified? – or the shorter similar discussion which is a chapter in my
Lion Pocketbook of Ethical Issues

Andrew Goddard, Nov 06.

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