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									          End of Year Performance Ratings
The end of year pay ratings will be upon us again            Remember your rating should not come
and Unite C&G would like to remind you on how you
should be assessed against your performance.
                                                             as a surprise.
The one important thing to remember is that a
person’s performance extends beyond the Balanced             Following on from the half-year review you should
Scorecard measurements and the achievement of                have been appraised and given your objectives for
set objectives.                                              the second half of the year.
                                                             If you were given less than a ‘Met expectations’ you
The performance ratings should reflect the ‘whole            should have been given a coaching plan to clarify the
job’ contribution of individuals. This means when            nature of your performance issue with a recovery
arriving at a final assessment, your line manager            plan put in place. It is not acceptable to be given a
should:                                                      ‘Partially met’ and be told you could have done
                                                             nothing more and you will be looked after at the end
                                                             of the year.
      Provide feedback on each individual on
                                                             If you have been given a pay rating to simply fit a
       behaviours, skills and achievement against
                                                             distribution model rather than a rating that is
       your balanced scorecard and on the overall
                                                             appropriate to your performance, you should
                                                             challenge it.
    Identify areas of improvement/development
       and agree how these will be addressed in the
                                                             In the first instance you should discuss this with your
       New Year
                                                             line manager and if it cannot be resolved then you
    Help individuals to understand how your                 should seek redress through C&G’s grievance
       contribution has supported the achievement            procedure.
       of business goals
    Base ratings upon analysis of your                          1. Remember, a ‘Partially met’ or ‘Not met’
       contribution over the year                                   rating may mean no pay rise!
    Support       individuals   who   are   under               2. Remember, Improving Performance may
       performing by implementing a coaching plan                   lead to you losing your job!
       or formal performance process
What you need to do
    Staff should seek feedback from line
                                                             Unite C&G local representatives have received
       managers, customers and colleagues on
                                                             training from the union on how to deal effectively with
       your whole job performances
                                                             performance management issues.
    Identify outstanding developments needs                 If you need advice or representation, or would like to
    Gather specific data to demonstrate                     tell us about your performance management stories,
       achievement of objectives                             please call our helpline on 01452 375420. Calls are
    Ensure your scorecard is up to date by                  confidential and your feedback will help Unite C&G to
       evidencing achievement of objectives                  help you.

For further information on performance management in C&G,                  visit   the   following   interchange   site
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Geraint Francis Unite C&G National Secretary                                                29 November 2007

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