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10 things to know about cycling

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									                    10 things to know about cycling
It’s great for your love life (and 9 other things you didn’t know about

   Cycling is great for your love life: Not only will your body be honed, but
    your strength, stamina and aerobic fitness will all be improved.

   Cycling doesn’t only tone your legs – it’s great for your bum, too

   Turn back the clock without resorting to surgery – cycling gives a level
    of fitness equivalent to being 10 years younger

   Why diet during the barbecue season? Riding a bike burns about 300
    calories per hour

   Cycling will make you rich! Okay not rich, but bicycles don’t need road
    tax, MOT, insurance, fuel or to pay for parking

   Feel a glow of self satisfaction as you tell your friends that your cycling
    is helping to reduce noise and air pollution as well as traffic congestion

   Cycling can even help you stop smoking. It’s true; regular physical
    activity encourages other healthy behaviour

   Never again wipe down a piece of sweaty gym equipment – cycling is
    exercise in the fresh air

   You’ll share a bond with Madonna – she is one of a growing band of
    celebrity cyclists

   It’s really easy to get started: CTC – the national cyclists’ organisation,
    can help you start. Visit www.ctc.org.uk/cycletraining for details on how
    you can get on your bike to a better lifestyle.

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