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									> What we want to know is:

> what you'd like to see more coverage of/>      what education series you
think should be covered

I think the articles that are most practically    useful in the sBMJ
are the 'How to...' type features. Such as How    to read a CXR,
how to use an opthalmoscope etc. Concentrating    on basic clinical skills
like this is an efficient use of the education    series.

In this vein, other series to cover could be -
- a summary of key systems examination skills to master
- medical pharmacology series, e.g. hypertension, heart failure
- How to read an ECG

> what you think we give too much attention to

I think there is a fair balance in the journal but sometimes
some of teh articles don't quite work. For example, in the
current issue, the A-Z feature should have been very good,
it is certainly a topic with the potential for humour and or
useful content, but the article does not quite deliver.

> any additional features you'd like to see

I know this may not be possible given teh international restraints
on teh journal, but a focused careers section article about the
new UK MMC and 'run through' grades would be of interest.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes


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